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Temple of the E-Damed

Location: Falconreach Inn (Books 1 and 2) -> San Robin and Roblos -> The Temple
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: April 29th, 2016

Objective: Help San Robin by finding the ancient power-source he needs!
Objective completed: So San Robin can't use magic. Why would he keep it a secret? And that Vurrman looked like he had something to do with cheese...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Archeonaut
(2) OogaBooga
(4) Vurrman Hoarder
(1) The Big Cheese - Boss

San Robin

Esrom Ring
Danablu Ring
Fynbo Ring
Rokpol Ring
Brunost Ring
Piave Ring
Orda Ring
Kasseri Ring
Herve Ring

San Robin: I'd rather discuss this with you alone... Here, I'll mark on your map somewhere where we can talk.
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    San Robin: <Character>! What a coincidence to see you here!
    <Character>: Not really, you called for me...
    San Robin: All those pesky details...
    <Character>: So what do you need?
    San Robin: Right to the point then... I need you to get me an ancient item!
    <Character>: Let me guess... it has something to do with cheese?
    San Robin: Wha-no... Nooo why would you think that?!
    <Character>: Well... with you it's always cheese.
    San Robin: I see your point... but I promise it doesn't have anything to do with cheese.
    <Character>: Really now? Do tell?
    San Robin: I need this ancient artifact to have one of my weapons enhanced by someone.
    <Character>: Enhanced? By someone? Why not just do it yourself?
    San Robin: Hmm... I thought you knew.
    <Character>: Knew what?
    San Robin: About my dark secret...
    <Character>: Dark secret? You? You must be joking!
    San Robin: No, I'm afraid it's true... you see... I... I'm... mana-impaired. I can't use magic.
    <Character>: O...k... not what I expected, but why are you keeping that a secret.
    San Robin: Because I... I'd rather not talk about it...
    <Character>: Fair enough... so where's this artifact?
    San Robin: It's just at the end of these ruins. Good luck!

    *Approaching the chest next to The Big Cheese completes the quest.*

    Thanks to Raven God for Rokpol Ring drop info.

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