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Location: Castle Valtrith (Town) -> Symone -> Calamity Saga -> Caitiff -> Madness
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Ashes
Release Date: May 6th, 2016

Objective: Caitiff faces off against Kathool Achoo... can you find all four flashbacks in the madness of Kathool's darkness?
Objective completed: Even Caitiff is subject to Kathool's twisting darkness... after witnessing four flashbacks the water is boiling around it. The Hero needs to be warned...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Adept
(2) Bottom Feeder
(2) Eel
(1) Galeocerda
(1) No-Beard the Pirate
(2) SeaMonkey
(2) Undead Bonny Lass
(2) Undead Buccaneer
(2) Unicoral


Shadowheart Bracer

Depths of Madness (IV-VI)
Dream Hedron (IV-VI)
Euclid's Nightmare (IV-VI)

Access to Vivify and Madness Shop.

*Loads Caitiff*

*The sky is a blanket of grey. Mist has covered the surrounding ocean, and a mountainous island can be seen nearby. Caitiff aboard a boat, travelling towards the direction of The Locker. She then jumps off the boat and plunge into the water after reaching some point. As she slowly descends into the depths of the ocean, Kathool appears in front of her.*

Kathool: Who dares to awake Kathool Achoo?
Caitiff: ............
Kathool: All you know... has already ended.

*When Caitiff is about to cast a spell from her chest in front of Kathool, her body starts to spin and she is taken into an underwater cavern.*

Take Caitiff throughout the map and attempt to escape Kathool's corruption.

During the walk-around, corrupted tentacles are seen lying on the ground. Clicking on them will take you through one of the cutscenes in monochrome, showing:

- Serenity in Valtrith's castle, holding onto a potion and a glass on the other hand.
- A man in the background sitting at his desk filled with books. Serenity is beside him serving with a plate of food and a glass filled with liquid. Portrait on the wall depicts a young-looking man and Serenity.
- A ShadowReaper of Doom axe in an unlocked chest.
- Caitiff's spirit, and several minions walking into a portal.

After reaching the end of the map:

*Caitiff casts several spells from her chest but to no avail. Cuts to an enclosed area showing Caitiff in the center; it seems as though she is trapped inside. As she gazed at her surroundings, a pair of glowing eyes look on. Fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Drops - opens Madness Shop.
  • Vivify - opens Vivify.

    Pop-up headlines throughout the quest:

    "You failed."
    "You fail to recognize your true enemies."
    "Even among the Dark you were small."
    "You cannot escape your fate."
    "The shell you use has already brought the Darkness to ruin."
    "You gathed dust while those stronger than you fought."
    "You think the blood of your shell has any trust for you now?"

    Thanks to
  • Verlyrus for walk-around map.
  • Azan for correction.

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