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Location: Falconreach Libraseum -> 2 Left

Quests given
The Spear of Lumina
Dwarf Culture

Shops owned

Teka: Hello, <Character>, welcome to the Falconreach Archival Collection.

Teka: I am Loremaster Teka.

  • Book Collection!
    Teka: I've need of some assistance locating rare tomes for our collection. Think you could help me out?
    • Paladin Lore
      Before completion of The Spear of Lumina:
      Teka: I would like to add a book on one of the Paladin Orders to the existing inventory. Think you could help me?

      Teka: I was thinking of acquiring something on one or more of the well-known female members of the Orders throughout their history
      Teka: If you could find something on Trčsjoli Louveteau, Mooncalled, or Lumina, I would be exceedingly pleased.
      Teka: I would love to have something about Trčsjoli in my Libraseum, but I know to temper my expectations.
      Teka: Most sources close to the old origins of the Paladin Orders are rare or preciously kept by its members, after all.
      Teka: And Trčsjoli saddles both fact and fiction: there is little that is truly known about the First Lady of the Paladin Orders.
      Teka: But then anything you would find would be quite valuable.
      Teka: Valorous Mooncalled is more well-known. You would have an easier time finding material about her-
      Teka: -especially as she was both a paladin and a member of the Guardians of Willowshire at the same time.
      Teka: I am sure you have seen one of the many replicas of her lauded Mooncalling Staff which she used fiercely in battle.
      Teka: -or, at the least, you must have heard of it as a weapon sought after by aspiring adventurers.
      Teka: And lastly, Lumina may only be apocryphal, but she plays an undeniable part in the quintessential history and mythos of the Paladin Orders.

      Teka: Hmm... Perhaps the Braughlmurk Ruins. Have you been there before? I believe the Orders kept records there. Oh, I can't wait to see what you find!

      • Quest! - begins The Spear of Lumina quest.
      • Actually, I just remembered I have something else to do.

      After completion of The Spear of Lumina:
      Teka: I... I can't believe you found a book referencing Lumina! Thank you so much! I've made a copy and added it to our library if you'd like to take a look!
      Teka: However, if you'd like to go back to Braughlmurk to see if there's anything you may have missed, please, let me know!

    • Dwarf Lore - requires completion of The Spear of Lumina.
      Teka: Thank you so much for that book about Lumina. It's a welcomed addition to the Libraseum.
      Teka: I have a different kind of book I am looking to find now, <Character>.
      Teka: I seek a book about dwarf culture... not written by humans or another race, but written about dwarves by dwarves themselves!
      Teka: I used to know several myself in the South, notably when I was at the Kaer.
      Teka: One of them, named Iago, was a good friend and showed me much about dwarves and their own ways.
      Teka: Which is why I would like a book from their own hands.
      Teka: Not many people around here get the chance to even meet a dwarf so a book from them should certainly help expand their horizons.

      Teka: Oh, I don't think that's a sensible idea. We aren't on the best of terms anymore.

      Teka: Have you met any dwarves in your own travels that could help?

      Teka: Thank you. Good luck, <Character>!

    • Voyna's Journal - requires Tattered Pages (Voyna) in inventory, or already turned in.
      Before turning in Tattered Pages (Voyna) to Teka:
      Teka: What do you have there, <Character>?

      Teka: Wow, how old is this paper? I can try to transcribe some writing from this, but it looks like a lot is damaged beyond recovery.
      Teka: You would have to leave them here with me, though. Don't worry, I'll take great care of them!

      After turning in Tattered Pages (Voyna) to Teka:
      Teka: Thanks so much for the pages, <Character>. You'll be able to find the transcription on the shelf behind me.
  • Talk
    Teka: I've traveled far to help curate this collection, <Character>. I come from a tribe of Dusk Elves in the lands south of your Doomwood.
    Teka: My fate as a Loremaster is to collect and share the hopes, dreams, and stories of those that make their home in Falconreach.
    Teka: Only a few books are ready to be checked out now but, as time goes on, I will add more stories and translations to the shelves.

  • Artifacts?
    Teka: As you find artifacts on your adventures, they'll go on display in the museum hall.
    Teka: Well... most of them will. Any artifact that is too dangerous for display can't be kept here.


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