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SilverSoul -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (5/27/2018 5:16:35)

Acc: Beat both Big and Small and the Primordial challenges on my level 80 secondary! (Not sure if anyone else won Primordials pre-85)
Dis: Weird Duo refuses to go down :(

BluuHorseOfficial -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (5/27/2018 5:27:21)

@above, Try one of these :)

SilverSoul -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (5/27/2018 16:56:26)

@above Yeah I've been attempting with Erosion's strategy but I keep consistently not getting heals for 3+ turns in a row

EDIT -- ACC: Took down the Duo with Paladin cheese strats! As a bonus, my weapon healed me on the last hit, giving me a HPPK! Chimera at level 80, time to figure out the scaling.

Fire alandry -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (6/2/2018 17:28:34)

Acc: Finally, after years upon years of playing DF, I reached the top! Lvl 85!
My last missions:
Goal: lvl 20 pvp (currently 12)
Goal: lvl 1000 tog-invasion (currently 200Ī)
And, of course..
Goal: lvl 85 Inn equipment.

Dis: after so many challanges and quests and farming and boss-slaying with the OP BSW, I'm not sure I want FW anymore..
Dis: Farming DC via Ballyhoo is annoying.

Shiny_Underpants -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (6/14/2018 5:06:14)

ACC: Level 85
ACC: Necro Paragon Soulblade IV
ACC: Elite Axe, Knife, and Wand of the Sunken Rose III, non-DMK. It took a while. Would've finished sooner, but the axe dropped last.
ACC: Maxed character with Inn equipment (44 All resist).
ACC: Having so many good weapons means the Scythe of Elementals isn't really beneficial. So I spent my DCs on the SWoT Visage, and do not regret it!
ACC: Vanilla Ice Katana level 80 (dropped first try while I was hunting for Easter Eggs-- I didn't even mean to farm it...)
ACC: Can beat most bosses, and many equal level PVP opponents by only hitting the attack button, using default PVP build (no weapon specials).

DIS: Destiny and Doom are somewhat lacking from my arsenal.
DIS: Everything is so easy now. Except the things that aren't. They're still tricky.
DIS: Cannot beat Ash at PVP, still, though I can come close with VIK and RNG shining upon me. Maybe I should've held on to some DCs for Hamstergeddon...

andybaum005 -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (6/25/2018 18:13:55)

ACC: Finally beat 1000 floors in The Endless Invasion.

BluuHorseOfficial -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (6/26/2018 8:44:24)

ACC: 800 Togs done! Finally!
GOAL: 1000 Floors in the Endless Togpocalypse Invasion Challenge thingie and get the Dreaming Togslayer Armor.
GOAL: Find reliable Yllmar Strategy that hopefully doesnít involve Rares or Cheeses.
GOAL: At least one Elite Weapon of the Sunken Rose III.
GOAL: Eventually be able to open my Time Chest Thingamajig and get the pride Epoch Class.
DIS: Canít wait for the above because the Animations are sooooooooooo lit!?!?!?

Shiny_Underpants -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (6/26/2018 10:43:48)

DIS: DC purchases just before the level cap was raised.

So I spent my DCs on the SWoT Visage, and do not regret it! I regret it.

ACC: Winner's circle in screenshot competition-thingy, and was able to purchase an Ancient Scythe of Elementals, and possibly Hamstergeddon if it ever becomes desirable/necessary. Especially since it might be nerfed...
ACC: Can beat Falwynn by just hitting the Attack! button with PVP build/Necro Paragon cape. As Riftwalker
ACC: Two reliable Yllmar strategies for (maxed) DA-only players.

GOAL: Acquire enough Artix Points so I can actually afford to buy the Doomknight package some time when the exchange rates are low.

benjamin890 -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (6/30/2018 22:13:49)

Acc: I got the peculiar visor
Dis: Since i got the level 60 version of baltael's aventail and there is no merge to make the level 60 to a level 80 version, I have to grind for the visor again

TFS -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (7/1/2018 0:42:11)

ACC: Got Dreaming Togslayer
DIS: It took two months

Theis4321 -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (7/6/2018 22:19:09)

ACC: Fully upgraded my Doom weapon!
DIS: I accidentally deleted my Ultimate Blinding Light of Destiny...Time to start over from scratch...

Silver Sky Magician -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (7/13/2018 22:48:58)

ACC: Got a DA after 11 years of playing
ACC: Level 50!
ACC: Farmed near top-tier stuff for my level
ACC: Loving Cryptic and Dragon Rogue

List of Inn Challenges beaten, all without using HeroDiet or guests

1. Every individual dragon and dragonoid, and the triple challenge
2. Theano and Siofra individually, havenít tried both at once but should be easy
3. Sporca and Meowphant individually
4. Groundhog Dave individually
5. Cauldron Sisters and Jack Crescent
6. Legion Crawler and Centaur Abomination individually
7. Leorilla and Sir Bearington!!! individually

Not bad at all given that they were designed for 80+ DA players

The ErosionSeeker -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (7/27/2018 21:14:59)
Chickencheeselord wins again

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (8/10/2018 12:24:28)

Beated Leorilla Using Dimensional Transphaser

Mega Acc : Finally beated Dominion 3 times with Ascendant

Chaosweaver Amon -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (8/22/2018 13:30:14)

ACC: Peculiar Visor obtained!

The ErosionSeeker -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (8/25/2018 0:16:26)

I have seen the throne of the Gods... and it was empty...

G Man -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (8/26/2018 13:38:07)

Acc: Peculiar Visor. Finally!

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (9/5/2018 10:01:43)

Acc : Got "Ooo R U" and "Not-So-Tiny-Bubbles" After 87 tries at Questions - Wanderland quest, got them while playing on Smartphone using Puffin Web Browser

Necromencer -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (9/7/2018 3:35:02)

Acc: finally got my Baltael's Aventail and leveled up to 80
Acc: beat a bunch of inn challenges
Dis: both the crawler and centaur and Sinnocence took over an hour each

Flamerider345 -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (9/8/2018 21:09:18)

Acc: got peculior visor (15 min on treasure hunter)
Acc: beat all inn challenges except those in dream space dominion
Acc: reached the level cap (first time ever)
Acc: unlocked nd fully trained all non-dc armors
Acc: bought both dragons patience nd rage using gold(i had to farm voldabolt for hrs)
Acc: beat seachicken god on mi first try using crpytic (just went in to check him out nd plan a strategy.....didnt think he would go down tat fast)

Goal:get sunken elite knife nd antipode edge for mi level
Goal:complete all inn challenges
Goal:get pvp rank 20(at 9 rite now)
Goal:fully train dragon(365/600)
Goal:get "Not-So-Tiny-Bubbles"

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (9/10/2018 14:32:57)

@FlameRider Is Much better to farm Gold at Ninja Arena. Voltabolt robots is just for Experience.

BluuHorseOfficial -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (9/13/2018 8:58:03)

Holy moly MAJOR ACC: Not-So Tiny Bubbles + Soulforged Ring (Red).
Being the slob I am I never really have money except when I want to spend it. I'm always broke, so it means a lot to me.

Edit @below!

ACC: Finally got the Baltael's Aventail--Defensive. Until now I've been using Baltael's Aventail--Beastmaster (the one with +25 CHA/LUK, yes it was amazing too)
MAJOR ACC: Was listening to Say Amen (Saturday Night) (and it's Saturday night here, too) and I got the Visor as the "Oh, it's Saturday night!" Part played.
GOAL: Farm for all Baltael's Aventails and Soulforged Jewelry, but meh, I'll do it later.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (9/20/2018 13:25:08)

Mega Acc : Took out "Emperor Extreme" and "Unraveler Extreme" 2 times each. Without DC itens, Rares or DmK

Kurtz96 -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (9/21/2018 1:20:15)

Didn't you use EPL OHK? That should be an automatic disqualification.

The only accomplishment is the patience to sit there for hours and proc the 1% effect 4 times.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (10/11/2018 8:51:02)

Haha Nice Try But i Used BSW on Both before Unraveler EX beign Buffed to K.O Soulweaver.

ACC : Finished All 3 Corrupt Doom Weapons Farm
ACC : Brought Hamstergeddon with my New 1000 DC Package (885 Left)
ACC : Get ChickenCow Armor as Drop
ACC : Get All DA Weapons Lv 80 from Candy Merge from Mogloween Chapter
ACC : Got Gnarly Guitar of Doom IV on 3rd Try on "The Show musn't go on"
ACC : Vile Infused Rose Spear IX
ACC : Gathered Gold For All 4 King Staff of Spades/Hearts/Diamonds/Clubs
ACC : Conquered All Inn Challenges, Even the Extreme ones.
ACC : Brought another CCL armor with 45 DCs to Have all 3 CCL-Type Classes

DIS : Had To sell my Eye of The Void to stay with exactly 800 DCs. But was worth.

Goal : Buy another 1000 DC Package to Buy Chaosweaver (I think will be 1800 DCs).

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