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Zeldax -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (9/14/2017 12:18:18)

ACC: Beat Elemental Chaos with TimeKiller (With full HP and MP too). Clicky

Jet Silver -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (9/14/2017 22:15:44)

Oh boy, now in order these past 2 days:
ACC: Reached level 85! First time I've hit the level cap I think. And I can finally use that Doom Dragon Scythe!
ACC: Beat Theano with Avatar of Time. He isn't too bad on his own.
ACC: Beat Siofra the first time 1v1 with Ancient Shadow Warrior. Shadowheart Bracer is honestly great.
ACC: Got all the Penultimate Destiny Weapons! Thank goodness beating a challenge once lets me use the V1 DoomKnight armor. Siofra is tough.
ACC: Beat Elemental Chaos! Mritha and Sir Leon earn my thanks, as well as Verlyrus for letting me use the current DoomKnight armor.
ACC: Beat Triple Trouble! Thank you TT for making me realize how disgustingly overpowered Dragon Slayer is against dragons, as it should be I suppose.
ACC: Got all 3 Ultimate Destiny Weapons! Elemental Chaos gave me some trouble, but I'm really proud of this.

And last, and honestly probably least.

ACC: I got all the IV Doom items from True Mortal's Ignis Gem shop! They aren't level 80 or anything, but I had to add them to my collection of Doom items, and by god was it work.
DIS: I did 255 of True Mortal's random quests for items that are 15 levels below me and can't be upgraded any higher. Though honestly if anyone does decide to add upgrades to those items I pray they just upgrade in intervals of 10 Ignis Gems from here on. 100+ quests for any max level non-doom/destiny or non-optimal item is excessive.

And that's everything I got done. Now to wait for Friday the 13th and hope for the next Doom upgrade. [:D]

Zeldax -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (9/15/2017 0:49:45)

ACC: Beat Elemental Chaos with Master Soulweaver, with so many close calls. Clicky

andybaum005 -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (10/26/2017 17:08:48)

ACC: Beat Theano on Hard Mode.

Alm Nullamors -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (10/27/2017 18:03:43)

ACC: Returned. Again. I just can't stay away from this game and community.
ACC: Promply went from level 81 to 85 in a week thanks to the good old Voltabolt's Challenge quest, putting me at the level cap for only the second time.
ACC: During that madness, I bought Dragon's Patience after saving up the approx. 200k gold I was short on. The name perfectly suits what I needed for this.
ACC: Said artifact then helped me beat Oratath, but I'm not looking forward to upgrading that new weapon.

Super personal upcoming ACC: June 20th 2018 will mark my 10 year anniversary with DF and AE as a whole, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I really, really want to do something big to commemorate this.

Keridan -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (10/29/2017 14:45:40)

ACC/DIS (I have no idea how to label this): I just remembered now why I was able to win the challenges with my preferred classes, after hours of struggles and ruining my builds/wasting all my gold. It was with the two, full heal items in Drowned Fortress. I feel right dumb.

Da Awesomancer -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (10/29/2017 18:22:45)

ACC: I reached level 85!
ACC: Defeated 1000+ waves and am now technically a (Fresh) Warmonger!
ACC: Beat Triple Trouble with Aegis and my dragon as my two guests. Not as much of an accomplishment since I had DragonSlayer, but whatever.
ACC: Beat Elemental Chaos without any healing or stat buffing items! Aegis and Mritha make an extremely overpowered duo, almost nothing touched me while they were both standing. Combine that with a Pet Dragon with 200 Protection, and Evolved DragonLord (Patience) and I didn't even need to worry about potions until Siofra was already at half health!
ACC: Finally got my mits on the level 85 Destiny Weapon upgrade, boy was that fulfilling.

DIS: I very well could have beaten the 5000+ wave mark had I not lazed around
DIS: Lost to Theano and Siofra like two dozen times with my Elemental Chaos set-up before RNG finally let Aegis and Mritha survive the first half of the battle.

Chaosweaver Amon -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (11/3/2017 19:28:29)

ACC: Finally sucked it up, bought some DC's, and now my character's name is actually Amon!
Acc: I've also got enough DC's for a class, if/when Chaosweaver comes out and is costs DC's...

andybaum005 -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (11/5/2017 19:25:23)

ACC: Beat Jack Crescent (EoT version) on Hard Mode.
ACC: Also got the revamped Hide Behind cape, and wow. So. Much. Blocking. PDL now has 103 in all defenses, with Poelala bumping one of them to 134. Even DMK, which is relatively weak in defense (Compared to its tier, that is) is now wiping out some of the most damage-heavy multi-bosses on Hard Mode without that much trouble. Not only that, but its -40 All resistance gives healing a HUGE boost. Between that and my 200-protection dragon, and I'm pretty much golden in every single area imaginable.
Edit - ACC: Beat the Caulron Groupies (EoT version) on Hard Mode.

Zeldax -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (11/10/2017 8:34:06)

ACC: Beat Elemental Chaos with ShadowWalker of Time. Clicky

Phantasmia -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (11/11/2017 1:22:13)

ACC: Beaten the 1000 Timetorn challenge in only 3.5 hours. Clicky 1 Clicky 2
DIS: Did this before the badge was added ;_;


ACC: Completed the 500 Rooms in 75 minutes. Clicky
ACC: Got meh Caladbolg. Clicky

Da Awesomancer -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (11/11/2017 17:05:56)

ACC: I beat the 1000 room (actually 1024 room) Timetorn Matrix, and got the badge.
DIS: I can't feel my hand after drawing nearly the entire dungeon map, and it took me a good 8+ hours of playing to find the end of it.

[Edit] I can't believe I wrote it as the "100 room" Matrix originally.
DIS: I'm apparently bad at typing.

KoibatlupeSnowager -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (11/12/2017 20:20:41)

Acc: Gets 7 Copies of the Royal Vault Dagger V on my first character from the quest 'Are Rocks Evil?' in my first 14 attempts
Dis: I don't need the dagger, I need the Sword V so my first character can get an Imbued BLOD.

Phantasmia -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (11/14/2017 17:25:38)

ACC: Maxed Out my Health Potion Level =D
ACC: Maxed Out my Mana Potion Level =D

LouisCyphere -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (11/22/2017 23:16:50)

Been a long time since I posted here:
ACC: Beat Trigoras with Dimensional Transphaser
ACC: Beat Gelunguis with Dimensional Transphaser
ACC: Beat Oratath with Dimensional Transphaser

Alm Nullamors -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (11/26/2017 20:37:26)

The above makes me even more embarrassed to admit this, but...

DIS: After several days of trying to get the level 80 Nightlocke Animated Axe pet, I have only just discovered that you can equip items with the Dimensional Transphaser. +1 facepalm.

H port -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (1/15/2018 23:38:50)

ACC: My account turns 10 years old in just a few days!
ACC: Maxed out all classes (except for TogSlayer).
ACC: Beat every challenge at the Inn, including the Giant Maze, except for Crawler & Centaur.
ACC: Collected 500,000 gold before buying Dragon's Patience.
ACC: Hit max level after farming from 81 to 85 in one night.
ACC: Owned Dragon Amulet for 9 1/2 years.
ACC: Maxed out health potions.
ACC: Obtained best Destiny and Doom Weapons for my class.
ACC: Fully trained my dragon.
ACC: Own all of the DC Classes (I think?).
ACC: Farmed my way to max level Unhallowed DeathKnight gear.
ACC: Farmed the best versions of the Antipode Broadsword and Hidebehind Cape.
ACC: Bought Armor Closet, Akriloth Statue, Storybook Collection, and Clyde the Stats Moglin.
ACC: Bought DoomKnight.
ACC: Bought 10 Unlimited X-Boosts (unfortunately they're a bit useless for me now until the level cap is raised).
ACC: Bought the first 10 backpack and bank slots.
ACC: Got both Dragon's Rage and Dragon's Patience.

That's all the accomplishments I can think of for now, as for disaccomplishments...

DIS: I haven't participated in wars nearly as much as I would've liked, I think the most I've done was 60 or so waves during the Bloodmoon War.
DIS: My Mana Potions are completely un-upgraded.
DIS: I'm only Rank 3 in the Arena.
DIS: Even with the Story Book Collection, I haven't completed all the quests through the Frostval and Mogloween story lines.
DIS: I haven't built up the patience to farm for the Peculiar Visor yet.
DIS: I didn't buy DoomKnight soon enough to have access to DmK V1, which is too bad because its game-breaking Life Carve sounds like a lot of fun to play with.
DIS: The current version of DoomKnight is still super overpowered, and that means I use it for almost everything. I still have fun with the game, but I think I'd enjoy it a bit more if I was a bit more varied.
DIS: I've blown through almost all of the 40,000 Dragon Coins I got when I purchased the Doom Knight Package.
DIS: I haven't played through Book 3 yet, and I'd like to replay Book 1 & 2 to regain context for the story in Book 3.
DIS: Perhaps my biggest disaccomplishment, I didn't play the game during its prime. I forgot my login info and lost interest in DF from about 2010 or so until 2015. I missed out on so much and trying to catch up after all that time was tough.

King Lathas -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (1/30/2018 5:54:10)

ACC: Got Baltael's Aventail, and SoulSynch is a beautifully animated ability that cements Aegis as best boy. Also super useful for blasting Challenge for farming. Huge props to Tomix (or is it Dove now?), well done.
ACC: I decided two days ago that I will level my character to max... because why not. Exactly same thing happened with AdventureQuest.

DIS: Whoo boy, did my DoomKnight package coins disappear super hard back in the day due to frivolous spending. Now I'm strapped for that, lol.
DIS: DoomKnight V1 is super OP, so I feel like I rely too much on it if I just wanna get something done... like all the Inn challenges. Hey, don't judge me.

creepy gy -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (2/11/2018 4:01:55)

ACC: Got doomknight few days ago
ACC: Got the best weapons for each element
ACC: All DC classes
ACC: Got almost all seasonal classes thanks to Storybook house item
???: Still have to get SnuggleBear helm for that class and Guardian on AQ to get Guardian class
DIS: Found out that SnugglePanda is actually a Heromart class this makes 4 classes that i won't be able to get my hands on (and however many Calendar classes there are)
???: Not sure if it is worth spending 1,8k DC's on Ascendant Chickencow class right now as it is a duplicate to my DA class but it is the only left for all duplicates

Digital X -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (2/15/2018 21:03:53)

ACC: Reached Level 79
ACC: Upgrade the Electroshock Mace

Lordvladek97 -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (3/16/2018 21:34:15)

My first post on this thread... circumstances called for it:)

ACC: Lvl82
ACC: Lvl83
ACC: Lvl84
MEGAACC: LVL85!!!! 7 years, and I have never hit the cap... until now! (Hit the daily xp max literally with the last You Need More Iron In Your Diet kill I needed to hit 85... what are the chances)
ACC: Dragonslayer fully trained
ACC: Triple Trouble defeated
ACC: Elemental Chaos defeated
MEGAACC: All 7 Memory Fragments!!!
ACC: Max Doomed Dragon Scythe
ACC: Discovered info on Seppy I've been waiting years for
ACC: All 4 weapons from Dragon Challenges
ACC: Beat Medium Timetorn Matrix
ACC: NecroParagon Soulblade (already had Armor, Helm, and Cape)

And yes, I did all of this in the past 24 hours..

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (3/19/2018 19:21:31)

ACC - Make The Ultimate Destiny Dagger And Staff
GOAL - Get the Royal Sword V (Drop) to farm Ultimate D. Axe
ACC - Get all 7 Memory Fragments From First Weaver Saga
ACC - Finished all 3 Destiny Weapons Full Upgrades

@Creepy_GP of course is not worth spending 1800 DCs on Ascendant Chikencow, why not just use 90 DCs, To buy 2 Chickencows Armors, combine 1 with Chickencow Teeth, To Make Evolved Chickencow armor, and merge them to unlock Ascendant Chickencow?

Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (3/19/2018 19:43:16)

ACC: Beat Elemental Chaos, Dragonoid, and Crawler and Abomination Duo at the Inn
ACC: Finally got Ascended Chickencow armor
DIS: Blew all of my gold on the Ascended Chickencow Armor and related gear......

@Shadow X Ascendant alternatively, you could spend 0 DC's, and just farm two Chickencow armors and merge one into an Evolved Chickencow. Or farm one, merge it, and spend 45 DC's to get the second one(like I did).

@V Yeah, that was my point entirely. There are better alternatives than putting 1800 DC's into getting Ascended Chickencow.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (3/20/2018 20:05:24)

@Greyor_42 True, But Paying 90 For 2 CCA, Paying 45 For 1 CCA and Farming 1 , or Farming the 2, anyway will be better than paying 1800 DCs, don't you agreed? :)

TFS -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (3/20/2018 20:14:34)

ACC: Upgraded all the Otherworldly Challenges gear and got the Baby Chimera pet.
DIS: Sold one of my three Baltael's Aventail for bag space. Kind of regret that, even though I didn't use it it took a while to get.

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