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LigerBeard -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (2/10/2017 20:08:35)

Got the SnuggleBear Helm.


lastspartan -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (2/14/2017 5:29:08)

ACC: gotten all artifacts currently available
ACC: all armours except calendar armour's
ACC: fought in a war for once and got over 1600 wave kills
ACC: probably the highest health in dragonfable except staff (3240 HP)
ACC: max upgrades on doom and destiny
DIS: Been playing since 09 and haven't reached rank 20 in PVP
DIS: not at 1 million gold yet

GOAL: Reach level 100 (to far right)
GOAL: see what our dragons look like when in human form

Keridan -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (2/16/2017 11:43:53)

ACC: Defeated Alina and Rolith on Extreme Hard Mode. Screenshot of the final blow (It was the Foe Annihilated finisher.)

DIS: Took three tries, over an hour to accomplish.

The ErosionSeeker -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (2/16/2017 21:08:19)

Dis: 100+ run-throughs of the Drakonnan fight, still no VIK

Keridan -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (2/21/2017 9:02:59)

Major ACC: Got the Baltael's Aventail that gives a huge boost to defenses! Feels awesome man.

Jet Silver -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (2/28/2017 21:45:38)

I'm pretty proud of this, given how it took me all week
ACC: Bought and fully upgraded all 3 Doom AND Destiny Weapons, gaining about 12 levels and finally reaching level 81. That's 249 Haunted Castle quests, 144 Saving Moonridge battles (plus a few dark crystals here or there), 312 various Braughlmurk quests, and about 150 Serenity Before the Storm quests, for a total of 855 or so quests. I hope to never see another Haunted Castle, until the next 24 times I beat it for those Unhallowed Deathknight items. [8D]
ACC: Also beat the Moocluckles challenge and got the Ascended Chickencow armor. That's pretty sweet.

EDIT: Now speaking of Deathknight,

ACC: Got all the level 80 Unhallowed Deathknight items, reaching level 82 in the process. Now if you excuse me, I never wish to see an undead crypt again of any sort.

Luckyjazzt -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (3/9/2017 16:48:57)

Level 85
Have Ascended Chickencow
Defeated Ran Al Ghoul with 3 different classes(Kathool, Ascended Chickencow, and Riftwalker)
Finished Tomix Saga in book 3
UPDATE: Got all The Unhallowed Deathknight Items, and Baltaels Aventail.

Running out of things to do
MP potions are absolute crap
Don't have a weapon of every element yet (Still missing Evil and a better Good weapon)

Jay -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (3/20/2017 10:02:47)

ACC: Reached Level 85 at last. [:D] It's been fun getting back into the swing of things. Now I have lots of new shinies to play with!

Alm Nullamors -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (4/5/2017 19:15:44)

ACC: Survived 26 rounds of combat with Akira. Is this good? I'm not sure how the number stacks up in comparison to others here, it's just a new personal best for me.

DIS: Don't have enough DCs to change my main's name nor do I have any DC items I could really afford to part with. Bleh, I'm stuck with that name I chose at the age of 14 for the time being.

Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (4/5/2017 22:08:10)

ACC: got the free chickencow armor after two tries hunting for it
ACC: got clyde the stats moglin, which further reduces my reliance on the town of falconreach.
ACC: fully caught up to the story and all the updates again, finally!

DIS: still only level 53, despite having been playing with this account since 2007.
DIS: can't get a second chickencow armor to be able to unlock the ascended chickencow armor
DIS: only artifact i have is the cloak scrap
DIS: messed up the doomknight purchases, so now i have to get them one at a time, and still only have the first purchase.

huh..... i seem to have more dis-accomplishments than accomplishments.... i REALLY should fix that.....

Fire alandry -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (4/6/2017 8:54:19)

Baltael's Aventail, defender cannon, best doom weapon
All non DC badges except pvp (15-20)
Ascended CC
Defeated Razen Al Ghoul with ninja
8 years of playing and havn't reached the cap.. currently at 72.

MarchingToApril -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (4/6/2017 23:51:59)

ACC: Finally got around to decorating my main's house.
DIS: Decorating burnt through somewhere around a thousand DCs...
ACC: In all honesty, the house looks really nice and I didn't really need the DCs so... worth it.

ACC: Levelled up. Main is now at level 84.
ACC: Managed to plan exp gain so that main levelled up exactly after the second Caitiff fight at the Calamity quest.

DIS: I honestly wanted to save her last levels for future footwave-grinding...

ACC: All dragons across all my primary characters have maxed out at least one stat.

mattho911 -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (6/10/2017 19:47:36)

ACC: I obtained not one, but TWO peculiar visors within minutes of each other. Treasure hunter quest is indeed OP.
ACC: Discovered a way to beat Akira indefinitely.
ACC: Rank 14 PvP, going to get that Grandmaster Staff someday....
ACC: Beat All 3 dragon bosses on "The Inn at the Edge of Time" using Dragonlord ending at full health (theoretically possible on Hard Mode, but takes 6x longer).

Cherubic Card -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (6/19/2017 2:32:56)

ACC: Just got my fastest ever Doom weapon, level 14 Twin Blades baby!

Sumbrosus -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (6/19/2017 12:00:53)

ACC: Battled a Doomknight in Aeris battlespire in Ascendant mode and won.

ACC: My four main characters are all over level 40.

ACC: Merged Baltael's Aventail.

DIS: Am not nearly high-level enough to use Baltael's Aventail....

DIS: Got lost in Deep Neverglades. Resolved to just fight until I dropped and take home the exp and gp.... and my system froze up. Had to refresh. :'(

Luma -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (6/25/2017 7:32:52)

ACC: 100k gold!
???: A little under 220k gold to go for DL's Rage...

Update: 162.5k!

2nd Update:
ACC: Now at 209k, went up 6 levels, and now time to call it a day.
DIS: Still a few underleveled equipment.

Luckyjazzt -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (6/29/2017 12:30:26)

@Mattho Indefinitely? You gonna share?

andybaum005 -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (7/1/2017 16:26:30)

ACC: Beat all three dragon challenges on hard-mode. (Seriously though, PDL + Poelala + weapon with on-hit healing = practically unstoppable against almost everything.)
ACC: Also recently got DDASoE, which looks really awesome btw AND is an incredibly strong weapon that covers 8 elements rather well. (Though it does seem to cause the game pretty significantly, unfortunately.)

Han Draco Rokan -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (7/2/2017 8:51:54)

-5 years without Dragon Amulets. How's that for professional! Aknile#1337 for the win!
-Managed to catch up with the latest content in about a week after being out for a year. Caitiff Saga was hard, but I persevered!
-Drew a Master Soulweaver in my own style. (It was difficult, especially when you only have a side image [and Magenta] as reference. The result was... furry.)
-Stalked for Book 3 Tomix Saga content since it was teased by, well, Tomix into the end of the saga.
-Dragon Amulet bought for Aknile!

Rest in peace, wherever you are. (The Tomix in the game, not the one the posts design notes.)

-Knocked out 3 times by Oratath and once by Trigoras.
-Knocked out by the final Caitiff countless times as an Evolved ChickenCow.
-I got knocked out so many times in Amityvale I sort of gave until I got that healing silver weapon.
-Oh and 5 years and still not level capped? That's not professional!

-I thought Piotr was Tomix like the countless of people that did.

Zykrath -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (7/3/2017 15:18:51)

ACC: Reached Level 85
ACC: Broke 2 million gold (Most gold I've ever had at once is 2.5 mil.)
ACC: Account almost 10 years old (May 2008)
ACC: Top percentile of players
ACC: Have several rare limited edition items
ACC: All current quests completed
ACC: Went from level 80 to level 85 in the span of a couple hours (Critical hits + Voltabolt's challenge = EXP overload)
MAJOR ACC: Beat Sepulchure in the battle where you're supposed to lose. I defeated him before the second or third buff I believe.
EVEN MORE MAJOR DIS: I didn't record myself beating Sepulchure in aforementioned battle you're supposed to lose.
DIS: Not maxed out in PVP

Rafiq von den Vielen -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (7/7/2017 12:11:35)

???: Got my main from a bit past level 80 straight to level 83, 80% off levelling. But I think I capped my EXP. First time I've ever done that in DF. :/ I wanted to pull through and level straight to 85.

Acc: Finally. Level 85. And I managed to scrape up just enough DC to buy DDASoE.

Luma -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (8/22/2017 8:48:02)

ACC: Got my 4th Peculiar Visor in total.

ACC list:
Got the 1st one after hooouuurs of farming.
2nd took me around just 30 minutes.
3rd one was 10-15 minutes
and the 4th one took me a little over 20 minutes.

littlenessie2 -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (8/24/2017 12:25:26)

Finally won a Peculiar Visor from the Servant's Hallway quest. Was starting to think it didn't exist :)

Zippleclopper -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (9/1/2017 4:23:21)

ACC: Finally fully trained Pet Dragon using the Normal Dragon Chow only.

Rafiq von den Vielen -> RE: =DF= (Dis)Accomplishments (9/10/2017 13:09:16)

???: Made a 4th character, getting Advanced CorDemi Codex from Bandit Camp in my first run. Yay?

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