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Location: Tournament of Champions / (Easy), Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy), The Gala

Quests given

Shops owned

Tournament of Champions / (Easy)

Announcer: Hear ye, hear ye! Come one and all!
Announcer: Welcome to Swordhaven's annual...
Announcer: Are you all excited? Good!
Announcer: Newcomers and familiar faces alike have gathered here today...
Announcer: ...but only ONE will emerge as the grand tournament champion!
Announcer: This year's winner will receive a hefty sum of gold...
Announcer: well as an audience with His Majesty, King Alteon himself!

Announcer: As you may have... *ahem* ...noticed today, the Rose will be providing us with security during this event.
Announcer: The amount of soldiers have been increased tenfold in order to prevent any potential mishaps from happening.
Announcer: So rest assured—your safety is our top concern!
Announcer: Now then...let's get this tournament underway!
Announcer: We have an interesting lineup here today...

Announcer: Including...hmm...
Announcer: Oho! Now here's a treat!
Announcer: With us today is a four-time tournament champion...
Announcer: A man who has recently returned from a five-year journey across the seas!
Announcer: The undefeated legend himself!
Announcer: Will he take the championship once more?
Announcer: Please give a warm welcome to...

Announcer: And with that, contestants, please follow me!
Announcer: You'll be sorted into these brackets—

Announcer: All contestants! If you have not been sorted into the east or west divisions yet, please come forward NOW!

Announcer: Now then...let the tournament begin!
Announcer: In this corner...
Announcer: A veteran contender...and one of Oaklore's finest!
Announcer: Will he dazzle us once more with his expert swordsmanship?
Announcer: Give it up for...
Announcer: And on this side...
Announcer: . . .
Announcer: ...this can't be right...
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, I don't believe this!
Announcer: I don't think there's anyone here who doesn't know who this person is!
Announcer: Is it really her/him?
Announcer: The famed <Class> her/himself... <Character>!

Announcer: What an unexpected turn of events!
Announcer: This tournament may end up being the greatest one yet!
Announcer: Now...are the contestants ready?

Announcer: Then you may BEGIN!

Announcer: Now up is another familiar face!
Announcer: A warrior from Swordhaven's very own court!
Announcer: What surprises will he bring today?

Announcer: Introducing...

Announcer: Amazing!
Announcer: She may be a new face at this tournament, but she's doing a great job so far!
Announcer: Can anyone stop her?
Announcer: Let's find out! Next up...
Announcer: the man of the hour himself! The tyrant of the arena!
Announcer: Are you ready?!
Announcer: Give it up for...
Announcer: She may be proficient with that crossbow, but let's see how Falwynn fares against the best!
Announcer: BEGIN!

Announcer: Ooh, that looked like it hurt!
Announcer: Now what's this—?

Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy)

Announcer: Hey there— are you okay?

Announcer: Looks like you're hurt pretty badly...
Announcer: Our medical team should take a look at you.

Announcer: Miss, you're welcome to join me up in the stands once you're ready.
Announcer: You can watch the rest of the tournament from there.

Announcer: Sorry about that, folks! A minor mishap!
Announcer: But rest assured, contestant Falwynn is going to be just fine!

Announcer: Now then... will contestant Melchior please come forward?
Announcer: The east division finals are about to begin!

Announcer: Now then... it's the moment you've been waiting for!
Announcer: Who will emerge victorious?

Announcer: Will <Character>'s strength prevail?
Announcer: Or will the four-time champion prove worthy of the title once more?
Announcer: We're about to find out! Are you ready?
Announcer: BEGIN!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen!

Announcer: After a furious battle, the mighty Fangblade... has fallen!

Announcer: What a shocking turn of events!

Announcer: And now! It's time...

Announcer: ...for the final event!

Announcer: It's true that Fangblade is a "four-time" tournament champion...
Announcer: ...but he's not the current one!

Announcer: In fact, last year's champion isn't even here today!

Announcer: ...And Melchior falls! The tournament finalists have been decided!
Announcer: The winner of the west bracket, the fabled <Class> hero who has saved the day countless times... <Character>!

Announcer: And the winner of the east bracket...
Announcer: A newcomer...clad in the strangest garb I've ever seen!

Announcer: The rookie contender... FAUST!

Announcer: ... Yes?

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! I'm... not sure how to say this...
Announcer: It appears as though the challenger Faust has...

Announcer: ...well, conceded his shot at the title!
Announcer: Therefore... it seems we have a WINNER!
Announcer: May I present to you... your new tournament champion...
Announcer: <Character>!

The Gala

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests, may I have your attention, please!
Announcer: The one we've all been waiting for, has finally arrived... fashionably late!

Announcer: Scandalous!
Announcer: Now, may I present to you...
Announcer: Tamer of dragons!

Announcer: Collector of powerful artifacts!

Announcer: Slayer of titans!
Announcer: Master of the Elements!
Announcer: Mayor of a small town by the ocean!

Announcer: Chickencow Wrestler!

Announcer: Bringer of the sun!
Announcer: The Hero of Falconreach!
Announcer: Defender of the oppressed!
Announcer: Everyone's object of desire!
Announcer: Saviour of Lore!
Announcer: And a terrible cook!

Announcer: The one and onlyyyyy...
Announcer: Lady/Lord <Character>!

Other information
  • Announcer previously appeared in the retired quests Tournament of Champions / (Easy), Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy), and The Gala; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    The Gala Appearance

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  • DemonicDarkwraith for images, updated dialogue, and other information.
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