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Location: Snowfang the Dragon, What REALLY Happened, Trouble in the Woods

Quests given

Shops owned

Frostval 2016

Snowfang the Dragon

Snowfang: ROAR!

Snowfang: SNARL!

Snowfang: Nobody will be able to stop me! I fear no man! I only EAT them!

Snowfang: So you have come to die, have you?

Snowfang: You? A lone Moglin? What army did you bring?

Snowfang: *Snort* I'll show you true terror!

Snowfang: I'll start with you...

Snowfang: Impossible! How could I lose to a mere Moglin?!

Snowfang: But you're just a mortal...

What REALLY Happened

???: ... I know you. You're the little floof that brought me to life.

???: What business do you have here with me?

???: And what happens if I refuse?

???: Okay.

???: You can have it back.

???: No. That would be boring. Plus, you can't hurt me. I'm made of snow.

???: Because I owe you a debt. You created me, after all.

???: Yes. But I'm still not finished yet.

???: Yes. Unless some other Moglins pour their magic into me-
???: -and you can stop hugging me, little one-

???: -I won't be alive for much longer. And even then, I would only last until the new year.

???: Something a little more potent than that.

Snowfang: That sounds perfect.

Snowfang: Well, I must admit, they were both very interesting stories.
Snowfang (thinking): Even though I was a villain in all of them...

Snowfang: Yes, and your magic ensures that I'll return again every year.

Frostval 2017

Trouble in the Woods

Snowfang: Mind if I tag along?
Snowfang: Not that I am entirely curious, but I could stretch my wings out a bit after my nap...

Snowfang: If I may interject...
Snowfang: I would be willing to accompany them to keep an eye out on these two.

Snowfang: Of course. I do have a bit of debt to you two, after all.

Snowfang: You're welcomed, floofy one.

Snowfang: *dragonsnort* All right.

Holly's Imagination Appearance
Chilly's Snow Sculpture Appearance

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