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The Mirage

Location: Friday the 13th Invasion - Black Winter -> The Mirage
Level/Quest/Items required: 66% War Meter Completion of Friday the 13th Interlude
Release Date: January 14th, 2017

Objective: Caitiff has conjured something...
Objective completed: Your resolve is stronger than ever!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Valtrith Mirage - Boss
(1) Serenity Mirage - Boss




*Caitiff stops wandering in the black snow-covered forest near Falconreach and decides to set another plan to weaken your morale in motion. A black cloud is released from Jaysun Valtrith's mask and is sent after you to Falconreach. The cloud is a mirage of the Baron himself. Still, Caitiff is unconvinced that the illusion will break you.*

Caitiff: No...
Caitiff: That's not enough...

*Another dark cloud is released from the mask. It follows the mirage of Jaysun to Falconreach through the black snow-covered forest. Meanwhile, you previously kept yourself busy defeating the skeletons and rekilling those who had been reanimated by the Doom Weapons. The tough ordeal leaves you exhausted.*

<Character>: *pant*
<Character>: *pant*
<Character>: Ugh...
<Character>: These... are only shells...
<Character>: These are... not my people anymore...

*In between deep breathing, you regain your composure by truly understanding that those who had fallen and had been brought back through reanimation are just like any other pawn of darkness you faced thus far in the war.*

<Character>: Phew... I got a tad winded there.
<Character>: Need to just... take a breather-

*Just before you could, you hear the sound of the first dark cloud approaching. This annoys you.*

<Character>: What now...

*The dark cloud materializes onto the ground next to you, revealing Jaysun's mirage before your eyes. His presence surprises you briefly.*

<Character>: Va- Valtrith... ?

*After an instant look at the mirage, you turn your head and look up the sky, feeling further annoyed.*

<Character>: Valtrith?! REALLY?!
<Character>: I mean... really, Caitiff?!
<Character>: Is that all y-

*Before you could finish, you turn around and your eyes widen not only in surprise, but in great horror.*

<Character>: No...
<Character>: You wouldn't...

*Through the second dark cloud, an illusion of Serenity is briefly seen, but you have no time to take a closer look. You must first confront the mirage of Jaysun. After the mirage breaks down, Serenity's own mirage is revealed completely. You proceed to battle it, but you make an effort not to let it break you down. After the mirage vanishes upon defeated, you felt distraught over the loss but it is quickly overridden by your determination.*

<Character>: Come.
<Character>: I'll be waiting...

*Fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other Information
  • This quest counts as a rare wave in the war.

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