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pihilliplopoph -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 17:37:09)

@Andlu yup
@Battlesiege definitely, you can have either for the items you listed
@both Seeing as captain is saying he will only allow rare items to be traded he might not include seasonals or GGB items. If that's the case I won't have much to trade.

RMC -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 17:53:15)

@Bu kek I have a Big Dictionary, wanna trade it for a Moglord tortress ?

Also would wish to trade a Hydromancer bloodmage & pixel ether for a Cometfall.

aang195 -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 18:07:07)

@BSK. I have a pixel Either. I would trade it for a cometfall.

Aryes Twin -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 18:09:16)

I'm willing to trade Hydromancer Bloodblade, Hydromancer Bloodmage, Nulgath or Dragonhide Armour (any of your choice) for Kibbles Coffee Mug.

Andlu -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 18:27:00)

@Bu kek I offer hydromancer bloodmage for moglord crown

Kalle29 -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 18:29:17)

Well since everyone else is doing it I'll join in.

Full list of wanted items:

Gogg pet trading with PUREvil
four-leafed clover axe <-- if you have any info at all on how to contact an owner, PM me. I've found a few but they're all inactive.
discounted mogloween candy bag getting from bu kek
Logos deal made
Lesser Glamdrung
Ming tree staff
Bee Arthur Katana
Bludrunt Blade
Reaper's Toothpick
Golden set of legacy
Sleestak got it
Flame Guardian Dragon Form Z
Pyromacer Bloodmage deal made with Bu Kek Siansu
Gemini shield trading with bu kek

CH4OT1C! -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 18:42:37)

@Bu Kek I'd do a big dictionary for thunderstone axe :)

Shiba -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 18:52:18)

Guess I can't let you all make deals without entering my rare items!


Omni Knight Blade
Heatwave Spadroon
Onyxx Wartexx
Curse of the Legion
Greenguard Avenger
Throwing Halo
Electric Yoyo
Monolith Mace
Caladbolg (gift to Rafiq von der Vielen)
Knuckle Duster
Cozy Spear/Warhammer
(Mystic) Long Talon (Glaive)

Sweater Dragon Mount 2x
Pixel Hero 2x
Frostval Mercenary Garb (RMC)
Fat and Tacky Santa 2x
Radiant Guardian Dragon Form (Snakeyear)
Savage Werewolf Form (Vander)
Reigndragon Rider
Fruitcake Berserker 2x
Spirit Protector

HydroBlaze Shield
Cozy Farzhad Mogloo 2x
Greenguard Defender

Fruitcake Fury
Cozy Firebat Swarm

Pixel Stalker 2x
Moglord Warboar
Baby Salamancer G
Snow Angel
Cozy Goblin 2x
Legendary Pygmy Zombie Groupies
Mini Nulgath (Battlesiege15)
Dire Wolf

Frostval Merc's Grenade
Lightning Rod 2x
Amish Hat
Moglord Crown


Frostval Spear-It (Snakeyear)
Star Journey Laser
Moglord Bow

Vibrant Living Armour
Chaos Armour (RMC)

Lt. Lore's Gleaming Shield

Ebilcorp Logo (Battlesiege15)
Zombie Heart
Guardian Megalodon Jaw
Mother's Charm Necklace (140Z)

Thernda + Call Thernda

Conjure Shadows (Vander)

RMC -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 18:59:13)

@Shiba Chaos armor for Frostval Merc's Garb ?

Shiba -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 19:00:19)

Sure :)

Battlesiege: hell yes!

(Really hoping this system will not be too restricted... Loving the idea)

battlesiege15 -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 19:03:06)

@Shiba: Mini Nulgath for EbilCorp Logo?

pihilliplopoph -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 19:16:10)

In case I'm unable to make the trade with andlu due to seasonals not being allowed would you do Headless Horseman for Halloween Bag BKS?

AlexTheUnbeatable -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 19:22:06)

I have:
Moglord Tortress
Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
Zombie Axe Master Shield
Moglord Warboar
Star Slayer
And unlimited access to the Shadowwalker shop

What I want:
Predatory Vampire Form
Bard of War
Pyromancer Bloodmage
Call Fruitcake Zard
Witch Hunter Z

I may add more that I want/will give away, but make sure to reply if you are interested

AlexTheUnbeatable -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 19:25:26)

@pihilliplopoph I can give you Cozy Farzhad Mogloo for WKZ

Legendario -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 19:35:20)

I'll trade almost anything in my character page for:
Predatory vampire armor, radiant Guardian Dragon Lvl 143/150, energy guardian dragon lvl 143/150 or full metal Santa and any good Token/Rare Darkness armor. If you don't have any of these, make an offer if you want an item.

MOST of my Melee weapons I am willing to trade. Got a few rares. Most of the weapons I own are Rare I think. Check in Char. Page

Armors most willing to trade are:
Frostval Merc Garb
Sweater Dragon Mount
Chaos armor
Human Fisher
Zombie Tested Axe Armor
Star Salyer
Pixel armor
Cleric of Carnafex
Fat and Tacky Santa
Pyromancer Bloodmage (You'll just have to upgrade it for gold)

Vampoglin (as I see many people want it)
Legendary Soluna

Call Dunamis
Drop the MOAP

These are just ones I'd most likely trade. I have more

You'll have to PM me at this point.

liquiscale -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 19:53:45)

For Trade:

Newer Rares:

Cozy Fire Orb
Headless Horseman
Cozy Warhammer
Cozy Goblin
Fruitcake Berserker
Fruitcake Wreath
Sweater Dragon Mount
Blade of the Briar
Lightning Rod
Monstercide Squad
Ken Boseki
Greater Dark Blade of Victory
Greater Bright Blade of Victory

Older Rares (2010-):

Stone Sign
Bronze Sign
Frostval Tree Topper (2009 Gift Box)
Frostval Spirit Armor (2009 Gift Box)
Guardian NPC in a Box VI (2010 Gift Box)
Damnation IV


Pixel Ether (my priority)
Moglord Tortress
Moglord Boar
Angelic Robes
Predatory Vampire Form
Vampoglin Lord
Any useful mage thing that I do not have (Creation Burst, Artic Torndao, etc. - I don't own many Z-token package items)
Any useful pets I don't have (Void damaging pet)

Pretty flexible on trades, I don't buy a lot of Z-tokens or own many z-token/ultra GGB items so if there's anything you want and you have something I don't have that a Beastmaster Mage would use, I will definitely consider it.

I also don't really care much for the newer rares barring Headless Horseman. Willing to trade multiple of them for something better.

sobodobo -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 20:02:50)

I recently sold most of my rares as I found them useless... oh how wrong I was.

Anyway I will trade anything I have on my inventory except those which are off limits:

off limits
Savage werewolf form

My wants

EbilCorp Logo

I more then happy to get rid of items that don't belong on my top 8 slots of any item category

alchim -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 20:09:00)


i have a pixel ether, angelic robes and could get you the peolala pet and a void magic weapon.

interested in this
Stone Sign
Bronze Sign
Frostval Tree Topper (2009 Gift Box)
Frostval Spirit Armor (2009 Gift Box)

@bu kek i can give you nulgath, a big dictionary

thedarkened -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 20:58:12)

I'm willing to trade anything on my char page for:

-dragonfire sword
-savage werewolf form
-radiant guardian dragon
-djinn pet

So long as it's reasonable for me

battlesiege15 -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 21:15:36)

I tweaked my inventory list a bit so feel free to check it out. Some high demand items I have currently include: Thunderstone Axe, Predatory Vampire Form, Savage Werewolf Form, Gemini shield, Call Death Flair, Ebil Corp Logos, and Firing Toupee.

EDIT: Does anyone have an Atrea Dream Rod they would be willing to trade?

@Below: Thunderstone Axe for Chronomancer sounds good!

Bolter -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 21:28:16)

@ battlesiege: Chronomancer for Thunderstone Axe?
@Andlu: what you give for Moglord Crown? I am eyeing the Gorilla Wolf Dom 'n' Ash 'n'
@Zelda: I could trade Savage Werewolf for either UKB or Timeslayer Axe
@alchim: I have Demonmancer for Ultimate Dragonlord Scythe though.
@Kalle: what weapons are available for trade?
@Bu Kek: How many more Thunderstone Axes do you have?

* Sigh, how I wish we could retrieve the items we sold, otherwise I would have way more to trade.

Andlu -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 21:51:39)

@atomos Sure that can do, anything else in case it's not tradeable?

This too, not that I mind two

By the way atomos, I wanna trade my UKB for your savage(if that's what you mean)

*FAINTS*.... -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 21:53:31)

Looking for:
Inferno Scepter
Big Dictionary

Will trade:
Pixel Hero
Pixel Guard
Frostval Mercenary Garb
Frostval Mercenary's Reflexes
Frostval Mercenary's Regen Factor
(open to suggestion)

Kalle29 -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 22:06:51)

@Atomos, pretty much everything in my inventory is up for trade if the offer is good enough. But as most of my stuff is quite desirable I'd need something comparabe in return.

Andlu -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (5/31/2017 22:30:51)

I wanna mention here, that if anyone have baby void dragon and sleestak, do PM me

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