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RMC -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 5:33:15)

This one would be best:
Moglord Tortress for Big Dictionary <=> Check
Cometfall for Pixel Ether <=> Check
Moglord Crown for Headless Horseman <=> Check

Thanks in advance :)

Seth Hydra -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 6:17:06)


@bu kek
I have both Hasu-Horimono and Golden Dragon Spear if you want them.

Hasu Horimono for Hydro Blood BLADE?

@Vander: Bat-tle Axe of Steel, would you be willing to trade it?

Bolter -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 9:48:50)

I probably won't be able to get all of them but I'm just going to post anyway

Giant Killer
Heatwave Spadroon
Timeslayer Axe (Zeldax?)(AlohaBank?)
Ultimate Krieger Blade (Zeldax?)
Golden Quindent
Gorilla Wolf Dom 'n' Ash 'n'(*multiple clients)
Thunderstone Axe(Battlesiege15)
Stratus Cleaver
Vex Blade(vander)
Eternity Spear
Infinity Lance
Midnight Dragon Blade
Ultimate Dragonlord Scythe
Ornate Dragon Blades(Energy, Light, Wind)
Ruler Buster Blade
Nilak’s Frostbite
Frigid Reaper
Grand Tenderizer
Shadowalker Scythe of Time(AlextheUnbeatable)
Voltaic Battleaxe
KeyBlade of Passion
Amazonian Ruler
Circus Hammer
Mime Axe
Twig's Swordfish
Infernal Djinn (Pet)(Bu Kek Siansu)
Pixel Ether
Snow Angel(Weapon)

there are more that I may have missed out and will add them when I do remember.

What I can trade:


Omni Knight Blade
Akriloth's Hatred
Sentari Edge
Sentari Katana
Beachmancer Blade
Sinmaw's Mastermind
Tera Suul's Drive
Amethyst Sunder
Heart's Crusher
Crystalpyre Weapons
Brackish Blade
Gambler's Blade
Airenal's Lance
Zealot's Wrath
Samukematsuri Bow
Antarctic Athame
Abyssal Drowning Depths


Savage Werewolf Form(Zeldax)
Demonmancer Plate
Loco Costume G
Pyromancer Bloodmage(AlextheUnbeatable)(AlohaBank)
Reigndragon Rider
Chaos Armor
Moglord Tortress
Tyrannochicken Rex Rider
Champion of Sinmaw
Everglade Troll
Hand of Tera' Suul
Dragonhide Armor(vander)


Ninja Lawyer Assasin Contract
Miraculous Pumpkin Patch
Deck of Hearts
Necromantic WAHHH!!!!
Angelic Light
Drop the MOAP
Fleashreaver Strike


Amethyst Guard
Zombie Axe Master Shield
Hydro Blaze Shield
Transmorpher Shield
Moglord Shield
Heart's Defender
Tera' Suul's Scales
Arthurian Shield
Broken Ornament
Sentari Guard
Schoolbell Bulwark

Psychedelic Dinosaur
Mana Golem


Troofle Fur
Taladosian Tart
Troofle Fur
Green Dragon Guardian Ocarina
Moglord Crown(Andlu?)

there may be some more that I may have missed out, I will update them if I do remember. These are just only the rare(both perm and seasonal) and package stuff, I also have numerous non-rare stuff but I didn't list them cos I believe hardly anyone would want to trade for non-rare stuff although you can pm me after seeing my char pages for those if you'd like though.

Those in red means that they are already reserved or likely to be taken either way.
I'm not sure if all of them could be traded too, at such it is subject to change of course, those in blue are the ones I’m not sure if they will be tradable at such since most of them have a shop in which they can always be re-bought from(usually package items), as for those in purple, well you get the point.
Note that for z-token priced items, I only accept top-tiered(lv143Z) versions.

Seth Hydra -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 10:03:26)

A friendly reminder that we most certainly may not have Package trading (It wont make sense)

Aura Knight -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 13:45:21)

Why can't package items be traded? The person who doesn't have the package can get the item while the one that does gets an item they want while also still having access to the package shop. Both players get what they want and one doesn't lose anything. The choice of giving an item should be up to the person that has the item and I don't think there should be restrictions except with z-token items as they have to do with real money.

OverLordOfDeath -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 13:47:53)

The makers of AQ lose out on money because you're supposed to buy the package and it can be easily manipulated to share package items for free.

Aura Knight -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 13:52:22)

Loss of potential profit is a problem I hadn't considered.

Seth Hydra -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 14:01:31)

You have a paywall w/o which you cant access any package and introducing them to trades would not only take away the exclusivity factor of the items themselves but also prove detrimental to whatever AQ makes off selling them. Heck, its gonna take what little incentive people have off supporting the game if they can readily get premium items simply off other players who've spent hard earned money to get it.

I seriously hope that the staff dont get persuaded to make packages tradeable.

battlesiege15 -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 14:15:07)

Yeah, I agree that packages should not be tradeable. However, I'd like to be able to somehow merge accounts. I have my secondary who is on my original account separate from my 3 other characters :(

Xonuss7 -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 14:17:51)

I agree wholeheartedly, package items should NOT be tradeable.

nightshade229 -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 14:24:11)

Ooooo this looks fun

What I can trade/give:


Angelic robes
Beachmancer garb
Spirit protector
Headless Horseman
Frozen Dragonslayer
Twilly form
Cyclone guardian dragon form


Ultimate Dragon scythe of the elements
Big dictionary
Titan's triumph
Cleaving Dragon buster
Eternity Key


Pixel either


Summon poelala



Items that I'm looking for


Savage werewolf form
Which hunter
Predatory vamp form
Hydro/fire guardian dragon form
Moglord tortress
Frostval merc
White knight

Giant killer/Giant butcher
Any ornate dragonblade
cometfall (yeah right lul)
End of graves

Warlic oblivion sphere

Call Dunamis


If anyone is interested please let me know

Seth Hydra -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 14:29:55)

@Nightshade: End of Graves for either FDS or Twilly Form?

vander -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 14:32:47)

Hey nightshade,

Interested in your beachmancer and twilly form. I have butcherer and end of graves

Klyde Beowulf -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 14:35:36)

Wow...this sounds fun!!

What I'm really looking

Witch Waster

Moglord Tortress

Zeldax -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 14:40:09)

There are only a few items that first pop into my mind that I want, but if I see anything interesting, I might make a request for it. List of items I can trade are in the first page of this thread.

Deals I currently have:
•Angelic Robes for Call Thernda (Rayimika)
•Crimson Crusader for Thrale's Scorn (Kay Oh)
•My Way Helm for Nulgath's Wrath (Andlu)
•TimeSlayer Axe or UKB for Savage Werewolf Form (Atomos)
•Enchanted Pixel Blade and Frostval Merc's Kris for Warlord of Nulgath (I Overlord I)
•Big Dictionary for Frozen Dragonslayer (*FAINTS*....)
•Zeruphantom's Fruitcake Fury

If anyone wants anything from my list, feel free to PM me. You might have something I find interesting even if it's not in the list of things I want in my first post [:)]

Aura Knight -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 14:44:29)

Twilly Form and Savage Werewolf Form are two things I now want.

On page 1 of this thread I made a list of items I'd be willing to part with.

And if an offer's good enough I may even consider adding some other items to the list.

Cobra -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 14:46:14)

List of my Wants/Giving Away (PM me with Trade Offers)

Juvenile Void Dragon
Pyromancer Bloodmage
Full Metal Santa
Big Dictionary
Moglord Tortress
Star Sabre Of Balance
Pixel Ether
Moglord Crown
Lightning rod

Giving Away:
Ice Cometfall
Gemini Shield
Fireworks Shield
Hydromancer Bloodmage
Hydromancer Bloodblade
Full Windter Set or Separately
Human Fisher
Headless Horseman
Thrales Scorn
Eternity Key
Gorilla Wolf Dom n Ash n

CH4OT1C! -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 15:32:08)

- Anything from Frostval 14, 15 and 16 quests

- undead cleric arm
- Tamer
- Thrale's Scorn
- Curse of legion
- Blade of thornful rose
- Nulgaths Wrath
- Beachmancer Blade
- Solar Flair Staff
- Status Ward of Energy
- Mystic Long Talon (can be swapped)
- Ultra Krieger Blade

- Zombie Tested Axe Master
- StarSlayer
- Headless Horseman
- Human Fisher
- Spirit Protector

- Gemini
- Father time
- Zombie Tested Axe Master
- Farzhad Mogloo

- Moglord War Party
- Pscyho Candy Hearts
- Eggsplosion

- Rose-in-full-bloom
- Keyote
- Mini Nulgath
- Legendary pygmy zombie Groupies
- mana golem

- Moglord Crown
- Amish Hat
- Scuba Mask
- Mother's Charm Earrings
- Azamay Egg [Battlesiege]
- Mana trap
- Discount mogloween candy bag

- Cometfall (Ice or rainbow, doesn't matter to me)
- Ebilcorp Logo [Battlesiege]
- Golden paragon armor and shield [taeyang]
- golden paragon weapon
If you haven't got any of these, do PM me anyway with your offers and I'll consider them. With that in mind however, hopefully I'll be already receiving the following items:
-heatwave spadroon
-thunderstone axe
- golden paragon armor and shield

Caecus -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 16:03:04)

I'll edit my post as I think of anything or agree on deals. Feel free to PM me!

Looking for:

Golem Summoner Robes

Inferno Scepter

Ebilcorp Logo

Willing to trade:

Not sure really, make an offer :)

Some specifics though include:

Windter Gear (any piece)

Hydromancer bloodblade

Undead clerics arm

Mini Nulgath

pihilliplopoph -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 16:29:22)

That's not confirmed yet, from what it seems like captain is going to try and have all items except for currently available gold items and maybe seasonal items tradeable.

kaziboca -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 16:48:02)

(some goodgood in shared vault too)

giant killer
star sabre of balance
My Way Helm VII
White Knight (upgrade version)

Andlu -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 17:39:10)

Looking for

Mini carnax
Any old rare from 2012 and before
Baby void dragon
Depending on the item, I can offer anything from my inventory

astherzx -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 18:56:41)

vibrant living armour(pihilliplopoph)
twilly form (Andlu)
zombie texted axe master armour
infernal djinn(ss2195)
looking for:
white knight lvl 150 or 143z
summon poelala
inferno scepter
warlic oblivion sphere

Andlu -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 19:02:57)

^ trade WoS or poelala for twilly form?

weatherseed -> RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist (6/1/2017 19:30:19)

Forgot to mention another want. Monster Smasher.

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