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Loremaster Maya -> =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/15/2017 17:30:07)

Hello guys, Alina here (on my Loremaster Maya account) with a question for all you mech fans.

I've seen in the past posts where you guys have mentioned wanting some past content returned in more permanent forms. I am looking into how feasible that is, and what it would take, but I'd love to hear what you guys would like to see.

So... please reply with a list of what you'd like to see brought back and why (to help me gauge priority). Please note -- no "rare" mechs/rewards will return, but some "rare" events MAY return (just not their rewards).

Right now, I'm in the investigation phase -- no concrete plans -- but I'd like to get your thoughts on the idea.

FAQ'd and stickied! ~golden

ChronoEye -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/15/2017 17:47:12)

* The Doom War where we fought the Doom Lord.
* All of the Seasonal Events of the past times.
* GEARS Games.
* Soluna City Wars. Especially the EbilCorp War.

Those are ones I seek to replay. ;)

Loremaster Maya -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/15/2017 17:49:15)

I'll add these to my list of events to investigate, thank you!

Sanani -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/15/2017 17:55:39)

Yes old events would be great even as this game is stale (unluckily as it was my second favourite) more permament content would bring even a little life back. Even if rewards wont return that is ok.
I would love to play again Friday 13th being best seasonal event in game. As for rare ones Ebilcorp takeover idk why but i have so fond memory of this event.
Edit:@ChronoEye yeah Gear games!Completly forgot about school wars where Wolfblade always won. (Expect of last year where Runehawk won by just nick of points. Ahh memories.)
Edit2:Tpyos fix.

ChronoEye -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/15/2017 17:55:40)

You are the most welcome! I'm glad this was asked. :)

Bnouze -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/15/2017 19:09:04)

Personally, what I would like to do is "start all over again from the beginning," but with my character who has already completed all Mechquest quests, and keeping my current overpowered mecha ans equipment.

A small wormhole to the past, for example?

It would even be a great idea to allow players who "start again" to go above level 50 (allowing FINALLY to reach level 100)!

No need to add new equipment of a higher level, players should get along with equipment level 50 maximum to continue to progress ...
Since the level of the opponents and their characteristics automatically adapt to the level of the mecha used by the player, it would not change much for most players .... But to climb levels and reach the mythical level 100 would give a very Big challenge to former players, and a reason to come back to play Mechquest.

Tmae3114 -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/15/2017 19:39:34)

I think it'd be great to see past things return in more permanent forms! Especially as some of the events might have gone rare before some players found the game, so those people would get the chance to play those for the first time!

Off the top of my head, I'd definitely second the return of past GEARS Games and the Soluna City Wars (though my personal reasoning for those is that they tend to have interesting bits of information story or lore-wise in the dialogue)

It's quite late at night my time and I'll need to sleep soon, so nothing else is coming to mind immediately, but if anything does, I'll come by to mention it.

Thanks a lot for considering this! :D

Aura Knight -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/15/2017 19:53:13)

GEARS games would be nice to have since that allows switching between houses. I'd love to try the Mystraven mechs. The Friday the 13th events should be playable on any Friday the 13th. Same for the Frostval events during winter. Basically any seasonal event should return at their proper times even if there may not be new content.

Plank -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/15/2017 20:57:34)

The GEARS game is very important because it allows the players to switch houses, which is a functionality that can't be found anywhere else. Other than that, it'd be great for the Easter, Mogloween, Thanksgiving, and St. Patrick's Day seasonal releases to come back as well. The method I would think would be great would be updating one of the NPC's in Soluna City, or just adding a button somewhere that allows you to travel to these seasonal areas

PD -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/15/2017 22:34:38)

Forgive me for saying this, but define feasible.

In the past you guys tried to pull this but too many of the suggestions were deemed "infeasible" to bring back.

Edit: I see now that nothing has really changed, and that I have mis-understood the point of this thread. I do have to ask out in the open, why is the staff so reluctant to re-release old equipment? What harm does it even bring anymore? I think we all know the pink elephant in the room, which is that very few, if any people play this game anymore. I've never understood this policy, and see even less reason for it to still stand.

123456aq -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/15/2017 22:55:58)

The fact that your even looking into the whole bringing back things is a huge thing and i would rather not have it die. However If i wanted anything back it would be gears games (possibly without the whole limit on switching houses) because i could try different mechs and different things and then switch back when im done playing with that mech it would be really fun. idk what fesable is but i hope that some cool past wars can come back into the limelight.

DFT321 -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/15/2017 23:35:01)

GEARS Games, please!

LurkBlackSmith -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/16/2017 2:19:06)

GEARS Games, please without the no limit of switching houses. I would be fine with the rewards being gone. While for the past Soluna City Wars to become permanent with no rewards also. I'm with Plank on updating a NPC to get these or a button to travel to those seasonal areas.

Death snake1 -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/16/2017 2:44:45)

I would like to second the removal of the limit of house switching! If Gears Games are going to become a permanent feature, then those of us should be able to switch houses as often as we would like, to add a level of replay-ability to things, from a different strategies perspective.

Peachii -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/16/2017 12:12:59)

Seasonal events (I made a list on this link) returning will be fantastic; other past contents like Gears Games made permanent is welcome if it's feasible.

Aura Knight -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/16/2017 12:43:09)

Why wouldn't the GEARS games be a possibility to bring back as permament content? Think of it like a variation of the Assault Mech game. Only with the GEARS games we're restricted to using house mechs. If it's brought back it would allow for players to switch houses. And since this should be permanent content, allowing us to switch houses many times is something that should happen as well. I don't expect permanent content to bring back every player the game lost since it stopped getting updates but I know I'd appreciate it if I had another chance to switch houses.

Alina -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/16/2017 14:19:38)

Hi guys --

So, good news is, we WILL be able to bring back a lot of these older events. Feasible meant making sure I had someone with the ability and time available at some point this year.
Next I'll be making a list so that when the time comes, I'll have a set plan for the coder to follow.

And yes, right now I'm thinking either a specific NPC or a portal/ship with a travel menu that'll take us through wormholes in time BACK to those events you all love. (Though we've had requests from players to exclude any event which has an NG portal option).

I'm glad to see you're all so excited! :)

Plank -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/16/2017 17:30:51)

That's great news :D what about re releasing the NG portals with their original prices?

Sun Wukong -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/17/2017 9:56:11)

Just trying both to help and break the law. I would like if all rewards including RARE would be available so people can still have it. This game might become Pokemon-like that you'll "catch em all" that encourage people to play. Not only I would like to have Rares but... You can earn money if people are willing to buy Nova Gems for some of the rare stuff! They might buy upgrades, and contribute to this paralyzed game. Best of luck y'all!

Shiny_Underpants -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/17/2017 12:27:49)

I believe not releasing items marketed as rare is AE policy now. It extends to AQW- AE's signature game- whose playerbase appears very particular about perceived loyalty.
There was considerable discussion about it on the DF forums a short time ago. But this is not the place to debate that...

I stopped playing before most of the non-permanent areas were added, and @Chronoeye has already listed the one that was the most memorable for me:

The Doom War where we fought the Doom Lord.

Plank -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/17/2017 13:21:49)

Unless I'm mistaken, the NG portals for the seasonal events (Planet Mortis [Mogloween] especially) came back every year with the same price, so it wouldn't necessarily be "returning rares" if the portals were just added to a shop with their original prices.

golden1231 -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/17/2017 22:17:09)

I too would support adding Nova Gem portals for holiday events to the permanent Starship Items shop in Soluna. Ideally, seasonal events would rotate automatically, though I understand if that's not feasible. That way, players who have already purchased the portals won't feel like the content has suddenly been made accessible to everyone for free. Thanks for doing this!

Bionic Bear -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/18/2017 18:41:13)

I seem to remember Ash saying something about making a rotating holiday town, so that throughout the year, the seasonal events would come in and leave by themselves. Something like that would be fantastic. Have the seasonal gear come with it too, why not.

Glais -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/20/2017 18:46:43)

The most important that comes to my mind is the Arthurian War.
From what I remember, a large chunk of it is inaccessible (or at the very least completely non-revisitable, one of if not THE only story places in the game like that).
It encompasses and wraps up a great deal of that storyline, so for it to be gone (or even if it's only not returnable) is a bit confusing. I could be wrong here but I remember there being a lot twisted up with this section of events.

I know you guys are against it but I'm with PD, not against old content returning at all. If anything, it'd make the game more fun as a long term player as it would give me more things to play with. I'd love for the entirety of it to be back in the game. I've amassed a fair amount of rare equipment and wouldn't mind in the least if it were available for all players, but I realize I'm just one perspective and that's a very non-AE policy.

That said, all past GEARS games returning would be a nice as others mentioned, there's a specific enemy that only showed up in the first one iirc (Sea Dragon) and they contribute a bit to the overall story as well.

kim346 -> RE: =MQ= Adding permanent content to MQ (6/21/2017 13:52:24)

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted here, hasn't it? ^^:;

But yeah, I definitely appreciate the effort to increase the amount of permanent content back into this game; I'm pretty sure the majority of players weren't here when the game was first made, having this content being released will really breath some life back into this game for all players. Glais makes a good point about the fact that there's a lot of storyline content that's locked behind old temporary content, so inclusion of that would be really nice. Nice to see the game still being worked on :)

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