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Location: Trouble in the Woods, Jack and Lumberjack, Hide and Snowseek, Into the Snowpeak Woods, Frallmar's Lair

Quests given

Shops owned

Frostval 2017

Trouble in the Woods

???: ... What business have you trespassing on Moroz's land?

Moroz: My name is Moroz. Moroz lives and dwells here...
Moroz: Now speak. What is the reason of your coming here?
Moroz: If you are bandits who want to pilfer and ransack Moroz's belongings, you have chosen a poor target.
Moroz: Moroz has nothing valuable! But what Moroz does have he will defend to his last breath with this axe!

Moroz: Yes?

Moroz: I see. You are saying Moroz should give those trees back...

Moroz: those strangers, when Moroz has worked his sweat and blood to timber and bring them here.

Moroz: And that Moroz should give up all his hard work and the funds selling them at Dragevard would have earned him!

Moroz: Moroz should stop trying to earn a living as lumberjack and Moroz should just starve and freeze in his cabin!!

Moroz: Moroz does not deal with strangers' gold!!
Moroz: Moroz is a lumberjack. He earns an honest living cutting and trading with trustworthy merchants enough to get by...

Moroz: Is Moroz supposed to laugh?

Moroz: This is more lumber than I can carry down the mountains in one shipment!!
Moroz: What is Moroz to do if Ikea will not take a second shipment and the trees he does bring are worth less th-

Moroz: ...Why?

Moroz: ...
Moroz: Help Moroz deliver these trees to Dragesvard... and then we shall talk.

Jack and Lumberjack

Moroz: Hmph...

Moroz: Moroz... has?

Moroz: Is... Is Ikea certain she counted it properly?

Moroz: ...

Moroz: And... and a merry Frostval to you too...

Moroz: ...

Moroz: We... did.

Moroz: Moroz... Moroz supposed he should...

Moroz: ...Jacek.

Moroz: JACEK!!

Moroz: This was your plan all along!


Moroz: Six and a half of years. Why?

Moroz: ...Frostvale?

Moroz: ...My son was kidnapped by the moglins of Frostvale?


Moroz: Jacek!!
Moroz: JACEK!!

Moroz: Jacek! Moroz is so relieved you are safe...
Moroz: ...And worry not. We are leaving this village immediately!

Moroz: Lost? What do you mean?

Moroz: ...Jacek, prepare yourself. We must run!
Moroz: Jacek?

Moroz: ...Hide and Dragons Seek?

Moroz: My little pochemuchka... I do not understand. You were kidnapped by these fiends while I was off to Dragesvard!

Moroz: Rainbow Ice... Snow Cones?

Moroz: I...

Moroz: ...

Moroz: Jacek is smiling... and laughing so much...
Moroz: ...
Moroz: Sledding on the mogsleds... the ice cones... the hot cocoaberry... the snowfights.
Moroz: Jacek has... never been happier. Moroz is... glad.

Moroz: Jacek... Jacek is a special child.
Moroz: Where we come from, we say he is a child born under Snow Prince's star.
Moroz: When he was born... all of his hair was white snow and has always struggled to stay long outside under the bright sun.
Moroz: As such, we have lived in places where the winter is long and the sun is less biting for him.
Moroz: We have also had to flee our homeland for being a child of the Snow Prince is the portent of a great mage...
Moroz: ...and in our homeland, the potential to be a mage can lead to... complications.
Moroz: Thus Moroz brought Jacek and his mother here to live in peace...
<Character>: Mother? So if Jack came here on his own then...
Moroz: ...She died in the last bitter cold winter.

Moroz: That is why Moroz has been so afraid...
Moroz: Jacek might spend his life alone with Moroz, far from home and may never even get the chance to smile or laugh very much....
Moroz: ....But losing Jacek would be far worse for Moroz than anything else.
Moroz: Moglins....
Moroz: Moroz hopes you have all enjoyed the trees Moroz took the pains to have cut down....

Moroz: ...because as thankful as Moroz is for the wood your friends have provided as trade, they do not quite settle things...

Moroz: Then Moroz would ask....

Moroz: ....would you accept to let my Jacek celebrate Frostval with you all in return and each Frostval following in exchange for my trees?

Frostval 2018

Hide and Snowseek

Moroz: No...

Moroz: Snegurka...
Moroz: ...Jacek.
Moroz: ...Vile monsters.
Moroz: No.
Moroz: NO!

Into the Snowpeak Woods

Moroz: ...
Moroz: No. Moroz was the one chasing after these fiendish beasts.
Moroz: Moroz took care of several with his axe as he chased, but then the rest turned on him all at once.
Moroz: Moroz fought them all, but... Moroz had not the skill to fight them all himself. Beasts hurt Moroz and as last beast fall Moroz did also.

Moroz: ...
Moroz: Moroz already knows he is weak like this.
Moroz: After all, the only thing he could do to protect Jacek and Snegurka was to flee...

Moroz: Yes. That is the name of my beloved kruszynka...
Moroz: Until she...

Moroz: ... This place?

Moroz: It was, I suppose... a story.

Moroz: Yes. Moroz is from a village of mountain lumberjacks, back in Azaveyr, originally...
Moroz: Our tradition is long. Long enough that neither Moroz nor anyone in the village truly knows how it came to be.
Moroz: But what we did have were tales about the founders of our village...

Moroz: That our village was founded by the children of the... How do you say? Star of the Snow Prince's... whose blood runs in us.
Moroz: Or perhaps even the Snow Prince himself, whoever he might be, brought the first family to the village...
Moroz: Because of this blood of the Snow Prince, the people of our village have a difficult life in warm places.

Moroz: The cold, the forests, and the mountains. They remind Moroz of home.
Moroz: After our... arrival in the Land of Dragons, Moroz thought perhaps...
Moroz: ... this would be the best place for Jacek and Snegurka to go... They would suffer in the southern climates.
Moroz: ... And that is how Moroz came here.

Moroz: We talk, but there are other things to do...
Moroz: Let Moroz be clear to you, <Character>. Moroz... very much appreciates your help.
Moroz: Had Jacek not still been there when Snegurka died, Moroz would surely have lost his mind.
Moroz: So Moroz implores you...
Moroz: Help Moroz find the slimy, icy snake who dares take Jacek from me!

Frallmar's Lair

Moroz: Hero... do you truly believe you have the strength to fell the mighty tree, this ancient Frallmar?
Moroz: Moroz trusts you. Take care of Frallmar. We will hold off the kindling branches, the wyrmlings.

Moroz: For my son!

Moroz: The scent that awoke the wyrm?
Moroz: Ja... Jacek?

Moroz: <Character>... accept Moroz's apology.


Moroz is frozen solid by Frallmar's icy breath.

Frallmar's Lair Appearance

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