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The Apprentice

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Quests -> Six Heroes -> The Apprentice
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Burning Village
Release Date: February 9th, 2018

Objective: Time to start teaching Falwynn how to be a Hero. Are you sure you're up for it?
Objective completed: Good luck explaining your way out of this one!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Falwynn - Boss

??? (The Apprentice)

Falwynn's Disguise Kit


Entering this quest removes every guest from your party.

*You and Falwynn venture out into the middle of a forest to continue the latter's training session. Some time have passed since you have taken her under her wing and she is still just as happy to learn as when she said farewell to her parents.*

<Character>: All right, so...
<Character>: Lesson six!
<Character>: To beat an enemy, you've got to know their strengths and weaknesses.
<Character>: Sometimes, you'll have to put yourself in their shoes.
Falwynn: So...pretend to be them?
<Character>: Exactly.

*You hesitate for a brief moment after you processed what you just said.*

<Character>: Wait...

*She puts a stick in her mouth so it could resemble a tusk and playfully raises her fists.*

<Character>: ...What are you doing?

*You worriedly glance down at the ground.*

<Character>: *thinking* This teaching going to be harder than I thought.
<Character>: Uh...well, it's not just limited to monsters. Sometimes, you'll have to fight people, too.
<Character>: Falwynn?

*Falwynn sticks her hands in her pockets and smirks at you to make fun of Faust, indicating that she's still taking your advice literally.*

Falwynn: Well then... ...shall we begin?
<Character>: ...
Falwynn: Ooh, ooh! I know!
<Character>: Falwynn...

*Falwynn covers the lower part of her face in dirt and small forest leaves and frowns to make fun of Fangblade.*

Falwynn: How dare you try to take the tournament championship from ME, <Character>!
Falwynn: GRRRAHHH!

*She throws her crossbow toward your direction and the blunt end of the weapon strikes you in the head.*

<Character>: Ow...
<Character>: You know what? Let's..uh...let's try something different.
<Character>: Like me? Can you impersonate me?
Falwynn: Oh, that's easy!
Falwynn: *deep breath*
Falwynn: I accidentally did something that powered up this villain, giving them the advant-
<Character>: Okaywearegoodthanks!!!
Falwynn: Heh, that was fun! Am I getting the hang of this?
<Character>: ...You could say that.

*After a brief moment of thinking, you decide what you are going to teach Falwynn next.*

<Character>: Okay, now for some practical lessons.
<Character>: Let's see...why don't we have a sparring match?
Falwynn: You mean it?
<Character>: Yep! I don't see why not.
Falwynn: Aww, heck yeah!
Falwynn: I wasn't able to fight you at the tournament, <Character>, but now's my chance!
Falwynn: You better get ready! I'll show you I'm not a pushover!

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *You and Falwynn immediately engage in battle not long after you readied your weapon. It was evident that the eager young woman could hold her own against you and you smile at her for showing such effort and agility.*

    <Character>: Nice, not bad! Now try-

    *Your eyes quickly widen and you suddenly become speechless. You look down at your ground and your smile fades away.*

    <Character>: Uh oh...
    <Character>: WHOA!!!

    *Suddenly, you become ensnared and you find yourself hanging upside down from a tree thanks to a clever trap that someone had prepared. You feel just as trapped as the sneevil that Robina ensnared in Surewould Forest five years ago. You quickly frown.*

    <Character>: Lovely...
    Falwynn: Hold on, <Character>! I'll get you down in a jiffy!
    <Character>: Wait, Falwynn, no-!
    Falwynn: WhaaaAAAAAA!
    <Character>: *sigh*

    *Falwynn becomes ensnared herself in a snare trap hanging from a tree next to the one you're dangling from.*

    <Character>: Nevermind...
    Falwynn: W-What is this thing?!
    <Character>: It's...well, it looks like an animal trap.
    Falwynn: What? That's so lame!

    *Falwynn looks down at the ground to discover that she had dropped her crossbow when she became ensnared.*

    Falwynn: My crossbow!
    Falwynn: If I can reach it...I can get us down from here...!
    Falwynn: Hnnnnngh!
    Falwynn: Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggh!!!
    Falwynn: ...It's no use.
    <Character>: Lesson seven: Don't go rushing headfirst into danger until you know what's going on.
    Falwynn: Got it...
    Falwynn: Well, look on the bright side, <Character>!
    Falwynn: Maybe someone'll come along and get us down from here!
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: In a place like this?
    Falwynn: Well, you never know!
    <Character>: *thinking* I probably shouldn't have picked such a secluded forest...

    *Fades to black.*

    *Several hours later...*

    *Fades back in. The sun begins to set and Falwynn gradually loses her optimism. Down on the ground, a squirrel cleans itself and rubbing its cheeks with its tiny paws. Falwynn's smile returns and she closes her eyes gleefully.*

    Falwynn: Hey, little guy!

    *The squirrel stops cleaning itself.*

    Falwynn: Can you help us out?
    Squirrel: ...

    *It removes its paws from its face, revealing its smile.*

    Squirrel: No.

    *Falwynn's eyes widened in response. Fades to black again. Fades back in to depict you and Falwynn facing each other worriedly, still dangling from the snare traps.*

    Falwynn: Grr! We can't just stay here forever!
    <Character>: Falwynn, wait-
    Falwynn: HELLOOOOOO?

    *Meanwhile, in a house nearby, Faust is examined by a brown-haired woman wearing a knight's mask to shroud her face. She becomes worried about Faust's injuries during his detour in the village that had burned.*

    ???: Faust... you're hurt.
    ???: Let me take a look...
    Faust: It's fine.
    ???: Is this...soot?
    ???: Have you been searching near volcanoes again?

    *Faust's eyes shift the opposite direction and does not reply to the woman tending to him.*

    ???: I told don't have to go so far...

    *Faust's eyes shift toward the window and he frowns furiously upon hearing Falwynn's voice.*

    Faust: Stay here. I'll be right back.

    *He abruptly leaves the house before the masked woman could finish tending to him.*

    ???: ...

    *She looks down at the ground with presumed worry. Meanwhile, you attempt to get Falwynn to quiet down because there is seemingly no one else around.*

    <Character>: I'm telling you, it's no use...
    Falwynn: We won't know unless we try!

    *At that moment, Faust arrives at the scene and is standing behind her. Her eyes abruptly widen while Faust looks at the both of you sternly. Falwynn returns the glance in surprise. You smile awkwardly at Faust.*

    <Character>: I can explain.

    *Abruptly cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: The Bargain

    Thanks to Gabriel Castro for a correction.

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