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[image]http://media.artix.com/encyc/df/tags/DA.png[/image][image]http://media.artix.com/encyc/df/tags/DM.png[/image]Gorillaphant Knuckles
These large roasted knuckles, ostensibly from a gorillaphant, will boost your STR by 50 for 30 turns during battle!
(DA Required)

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ruby -> Purchase Food -> Gorillaphant Knuckles
Price: N/A
Required Item: 1 Defender's Medal
Sellback: N/A

Level: 1


Gorillaphant Knuckles increase STR by +50 for 30 turns. Food items are temporary and are removed when you log out. Do you want to buy this?

Effect: Stuffed for 31 turns, STR +50 for 30 turns.

Rarity: 2
Item Type: Food

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