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Battle Elf -> =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/6/2018 19:19:54)

Tech Mage Balance Discussion Thread
This is where you can discuss everything balance related to the Tech Mage class.
Got a skill that doesn't fit? Perhaps a combo that proves to be too strong and abusable. Discuss it here with everyone!

A few guidelines before we start:
  • All AE Forum rules are still in effect.
  • No comparisons between other classes. You can use certain facts to build your case on, but please do not turn this into a 'CH vs X' thread.
  • Everyone's opinions are just that. Opinions. If you don't agree, that's fine. But, there is no need for rule breaking behaviour.
  • Constructive Criticism is meant to improve something, not rant, whine and complain to be heard. If you are going to criticise, do so with the intent to give help, not tear down.

  • .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/6/2018 19:29:18)

    Tech mage focus is pretty dead right now, which is unfortunate.

    Malfunction with Str builds is a huge problem. The scaling needs to be nerfed so that focus is better and str isn't as good (it's stat spammable) We also need a better bolt and supercharge to make TM more viable. It needs to hit hard to compensate for it's lack of heal regeneration and 2 turn wasting stealing and getting back energy.

    NDB -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/7/2018 14:02:20)

    I also posted it in the Tactical Mercernary thread with some more rationale, but I'll post it briefly here, too, since it is the Tech Mage thread. Super Charge scaling should be brought up from 1 damage every 0.5 Tech to every 0.35 Tech. At 120 Tech, this would be about a 100 damage increase.

    Bolt right now is already very strong; stronger than it was before it was nerfed. I'm not sure a buff to that is that necessary at the moment, to be honest, especially to prevent Tech caster from becoming too powerful.

    I think moving the Strength requirement on Malfuntion to Tech or Support would make sense at this point. Having it on Strength makes zero sense now, now that Strength is the primary user of the skill these days.

    .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/8/2018 9:35:16)

    I feel like the tech mage supercharge has to be enough damage to be better than the surgical in terms of damage for sure because of the 50% rage decrease that the tactical has.

    Supercharge should be able to do a hefty amount of damage more than surgical imo to help balance it in terms of damage.

    I do not see a use for plasma bolt at a focus level though, and I think that is a problem, maybe it's because supercharge is not that great and they can't link together because malfunction is also too good to leave behind.

    EDIT: The tech mage supercharge in my opinion will in no way be better than the 50% rage decrease that tactical has unless the damage increase is pretty significant... Especially since tech mage is probably the most underwhelming class for focus (CH isn't that great) right now.

    Tech TM may become a thing but, hopefully that can be in check with other builds and not be too powerful.

    .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/10/2018 19:48:05)

    I think both of these skills need to be nerfed a bit, especially the 35% on supercharge. Maybe back to 20% or something and nerf the supercharge a bit, maybe not ridiculous, but the defense ignore being that high with the damage is a bit much against focus/caster builds.

    RaXZerGamingZ -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/10/2018 19:52:40)

    This is like Supercharge in Alpha, so broken

    NDB -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/10/2018 20:15:59)

    Yep, Supercharge completely broken. Bolt too. Both Supercharge and Surgical should be taken down to .35 Tech scaling, honestly. And yeah, 35% is too much. For God's sake, Crit is only 30%.

    .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/10/2018 20:35:12)

    Yea, I think the defense ignore is a bit much.

    NDB -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/10/2018 20:46:05)

    By changing the scaling from 0.5 to 0.3, with 150 Tech, Super Charge just got 200 damage stronger. Coupled with the 5% defense ignore buff and what happened is Level 1 Super Charge is basically just as strong as it was before at Max. That simply just isn't right. Surgical was already overpowered earlier and now Super Charge is the same thing plus 35% defense ignore. I think its pointless to say too much at this point though. The message should already be pretty clear... things need to be fixed ASAP.

    .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/10/2018 20:48:08)

    I think it should still be stronger than surgical.

    I think if other classes get skills that are good too it would help. Classes seem to be TM and BM right now.

    Edit: I like bolt being good but... oof. Maybe a bit too good

    NDB -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/10/2018 21:03:40)

    Yeah, bolt just got about 100 damage stronger than it would have been before with 150 Tech. Maybe something simple like a 20-30 increase in base damage would have been more reasonable...

    .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/10/2018 22:09:19)

    Update: tech mage focus seems kind of balanced to me, at least against strength builds. It's the 35% defense ignore that gets me.

    But I think the main problem is a Tech TM if you want to go there with me. The supercharge is 1k damage and ignores 35%, thats an 800 damage attack at least. And with good defense and a rage bolt ready, that's tough.

    As a foc I gotta be ready to heal and then I take more damage than a tank so I use more energy so I can't do a super strong super.

    RaXZerGamingZ -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/11/2018 8:53:52)

    Supercharge also doesnt seem to be affected much by Malfunction, i have it Maxed out and when i use it i think that i will see a decent damage decrease but it's still ridiculously high

    .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/11/2018 9:13:22)

    Defense ignore is 35%. The damage reduction is high though.

    dfo99 -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/11/2018 19:23:37)

    lol, it is impressive how everybody here suddenly is better balancer than rabble or nightwraith. plasma and supercharge is in fact a bit strong now but some builds is countering that..

    .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (8/29/2018 10:50:52)

    Buff TM malf
    Reasoning: Strength was already nerfed a few weeks after it got buffed (to where it's not even really good anymore unfortunately which is kinda funny), and malfunction isn't used for tech mage unless it's a strength build which I also don't see anymore.

    TM Caster is doing well with the plasma bolt and supercharge but focus isn't a thing.

    Buffing malf would help the focus TM because they could afford to have it on higher levels and not need to have supercharge whereas caster needs supercharge.

    I would still like higher supercharge damage and lower defense ignore to help beat the higher HP builds instead of the defensive builds because bolt on rage is already pretty strong. This can help try to nerf caster against focus while making focus more viable.

    .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (10/10/2018 11:56:25)

    Going to double post so this will get seen.

    Tech mage kinda died after yall buffed it then nerfed it again like 2weeks later. Id still like to see the changes with changing overload to dex, super to dex, bolt to tech, rain to tech and buffing the damages some.

    Also guns to strength would make dex not broken because having super and overload would definitely make t broken but they could be nerfed a bit.

    Tech mage was only good with tech builds and thats because of bolt and super, but focus builds get slammed into the ground if you need the skills that made tech Tm op.

    Would really like to see some changes so focus Tm is viable.

    Definitely needs more damage... definitely... just not in a way which makes tech TM OP which means changing the improvements of skills (tech to dex) (supp to dex), dunno why overload was changed to support anyway, was a bad idea.

    Mother1 -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (10/26/2018 20:39:36)

    Saw the latest Balance update for TM and I have to ask what was the point of making Assimilation unblockable while nerfing the Damage? Blockable or not it served it's original purpose which is to give/drain energy which it could do no matter what thanks to blocks not negating damage. Something like this would have been good when blocks did negate damage but now this was just pointless to be honest.

    .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (10/26/2018 22:15:14)

    This move will almost always do 30 now lol

    Rather be blockable for rage purposes

    racing.lo.mas -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (10/30/2018 22:53:04)

    Well for strenght build assimiliation works. Always i fight bh and I have been smoked then I can use assimiliation to not be blocked. It works for str only, not for tech, dex or ficus.

    Mother1 -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (12/14/2018 15:26:35)

    Saw the newest update for TM and while some of them were interesting I have to ask what was the idea of making Plasma rain work with Support? While I understand the reason for changing overload back to dex making Plasma rain work with support will hurt any TM using a dex build for 2 vs 2.

    racing.lo.mas -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (12/15/2018 0:44:38)

    That only nerfed support and dex builds. Support builds was good with overload because of stun chances. More support, more stun chance. Now they have multy, maybe same damage but doesn't have stun which was the key of support builds. Now multy has support, idk, dont think its a good build for 2v2. I mean, yes, it would be like support mercenary.

    Dex tm/bm. It is strong due to be tank. Now without multy, its not that good for 2v2. Maybe is good for 1v1, but not for 2v2.

    I like the way dex builds might be for 1v1. However, I don't like at all support bm/tm. They might be good for 2v2, but they will using the same build mercenary/tlm use.

    In fact, tm and tlm are being really similar classes. Check this out.
    Dex tm and tlm: Gun, battery backup, stun (stun grenade/overload). SAME SKILLS.

    Support tm and tlm: aux, battery backup, multy. Both for 2v2. SAME SKILLS.

    Tech tm and tlm: battery backup, maybe bot, ulti (supercharge and surgical are pretty similar, both enery damage, both increase with tech, both ignore defense, both grants health, only tlm reduce rage)

    Satafou -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (12/15/2018 9:50:59)

    Yeah I think the TM multi change to supp was quite unjustified and it's not even been explained as to why. It makes it far too similar to tlm support, not to mention that it doesn't even make sense for it to scale with support. I'm not saying it's an un-viable build because it isn't bad but I just think when doing bizarre changes like this, they should at least be explained if there isn't an obvious reason as to why the change was made.

    Mother1 -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (12/15/2018 13:45:51)

    @ Satafou

    with the exception of TM having Malfuction and Merc and TLM not having a offensive debuff yes.

    racing.lo.mas -> RE: =ED= Tech Mage Balance Thread (12/23/2018 14:21:36)

    In my opinion buff to assimilation was too much. 80% damage might be fine, but don't forget its unblockable. But 3 cd makes it really spammeabled.

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