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The Bizarre Bazaar

Location: Swordhaven (Book 3) -> Up -> Right -> Grandiflora -> Quests -> Bizarre Bazaar
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Creepy Crawlies
Release Date: September 21st, 2018

Objective: The pauper's bazaar is your next lead... What's with all the attacking rotten food though?
Objective completed: Rioter Casters... and another clue. This is either the very right track... or the very wrong one.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Bruiser
(5) Cut-throat
(2) Rotting Carrot
(3) Street Tog
(2) Worm-infested Tomato
(1) Rioter Caster - Boss


Carrel's Ring

Grandiflora: Lansezeur...
Grandiflora: Finally... A physical trace of them.
<Character>: Yeah, but we still don't know where they might be.
Grandiflora: That's true, but I think I know where to look next...
<Character>: Oh? And where's that?
Grandiflora: We actually came through that area when we were falling back and running from the rioters...
Grandiflora: I remember now. Lansezeur brought to my attention the presence of a run down open market and we decided to run through it.
<Character>: Why?
Grandiflora: We thought we'd cross Dragon Alley that way...
<Character>: ...You thought you'd cross dragonally?
<Character>: What is that, some sort of weird military formation?
Grandiflora: What?
Grandiflora: No, no! I mean Dragon Alley as in one of the two arteries through Branden!
<Character>: Oh, right. Sorry! I'm bad at hearing directions sometimes!
<Character>: Comes with the territory of running and chasing after things all the time and not having the time to get everything straight right away...
Grandiflora: That sounds like a sure fire way to end up in a dark alley...
Grandiflora: Either way, as you can figure, it was never the right path we hoped to find...
Grandiflora: However, all things said, that strange bazaar was one of the places we ran through before my men disappeared...
Grandiflora: I remember feeling something was off about it when we passed through all those stalls.
Grandiflora: Rancid or stale food sitting on the stalls unattended, almost no merchant around selling their wares...
Grandiflora: It isn't much to go on, but my instinct tells me we might find something there.
<Character>: Sounds good to me!
Grandiflora: Indeed. I...
Grandiflora: ...
<Character>: What? Is something wrong?
<Character>: You look a bit pale all of sudden.
Grandiflora: ...It's nothing. Just a bit fatigued.
Grandiflora: A bit of running will fix me right up!
<Character>: If you say so.
Grandiflora: Let's keep going. I... think we're starting to get closer if only just.
Grandiflora: Let's see what the bizarre bazaar has in store.
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    *You started off your journey along the Bizarre Bazaar. Unattended stalls and trash littered across the street. You have to fight off mutated foods and thugs until you reach the facade of a building. A rioter caster awaits to battle you. After finishing him off, you then enter the building.*

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