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NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (2/27/2020 11:44:03)

Short update with the third interlude hopefully this link works.

Occupied with other things, so will try to find some time to put out more entries. Also gotta get caught up with the game as I really really don't want another thing like with the original "Ocean of Hopelessness" happening again.
--Fixed link
Master Samak

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (3/10/2020 6:22:55)

Lengthier update with the thirty-first entry.

Won't be long before I have to acknowledge the things going on in the game which is also gonna be a damper on my original plans to bring the greater Rose in. At least I still have a few mooks I can bring in.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (3/11/2020 12:43:52)

Chapter thirty-two without delay is up and with it even greater mysteries.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (3/15/2020 11:25:01)

Chapter thirty-three "What Comes After Fear" up and with it a beginning of expanding the cast which I'll probably regret.

EDIT: Add-on is once again not working, so to combat that, I'll keep the link in the event it does work rather than this inconsistent sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, but also actually include chapter names. Pretty sure I did that ages ago on a different story, but w'ever.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (3/19/2020 6:33:01)

Coming in with chapter thirty-four, My Least Favourite Life.

Master Samak -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (3/19/2020 22:36:28)

Hi, NagisaXIkari,

It is nice to see you continuing to produce chapters and content!
For attaching links to your story/chapter: When I try using going through your link, the
coding and the lengthy "" web link, I get an "Error" and no page loads.

I strongly suggest using the "link" button that is within this forum's commenting posts, which will ultimately generate the format
[link=]Post #: 4[/link]
Feel free to copy and paste that code, as the address is your latest post in The Wilting Rose.

If you want to link specifically to each individual chapter, you will not be able to with your current structure: you have multiple chapters inside a small number of big posts. To link to each chapter individually, you will need to make a new post with each publish in that story thread (which is fine) and grab the direct link from that post number to code in a link. This post of mine, as you see on the right, is Post #:81 and when clicked, that generates the direct link of

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (3/22/2020 8:02:40)

Usually it loads after the error message, but there may very well be a break somewhere which happens when there are multiple links and it's flawed and I'm not gonna try and solve it.

For the sake of consistency, I'll keep it as is with eleven entries per post and just put the chapter name so it's just a Ctrl+F away and for future projects and oh my are there future projects go with the one (or two in the case of interludes and the like) entry per post.

Anywho, "Chapter XXXV: How I Could Just Kill A Man" is up.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (3/25/2020 14:42:13)

"Chapter XXXVI: Blood Flows" is up.

I feel like using numerals rather than numbers is just pretentious as I put more and more entries up, but most of the time my dialogue probably comes off as pretentious as well.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (3/27/2020 13:05:12)

"Chapter XXXVII: Bully" is up.

Skimming "The Long Dark" for whatever reason and as I write "The Wilting Rose" and think on other stories I've written, it occurs to me, "The Madness Chronicles" while still a fitting title isn't the most accurate as while madness is a recurring theme, identity is a far more pervasive theme that often leads into a character's fall into madness whether it be the acceptance of their identity, the loss of their identity, or struggle to find one's identity.

Of course "The Identity Chronicles" or "The Identity Saga" sounds lame and this is only a conclusion I've recently come to given that I've been at these stories for four years, six counting the original "Ocean of Hopelessness," which is crazy to think about how I was barely over twenty when I started this.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (3/28/2020 8:02:22)

"Chapter XXXVIII: Dream Girl" is up.

A shorter, quieter entry that goes into another recurring theme of these stories which is relationships be they romantic or platonic.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (3/31/2020 20:00:00)

"Chapter XXXIX: Path of Blood" is up.

Looking forward to having shorter titles when it comes to numbers and other lies I tell myself.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (4/5/2020 22:53:08)

"Chapter XL: Red" is up.

And with that, this is where I put "The Wilting Rose" on hold. Forty not counting the prologue and interludes chapter deep and nowhere near where I intended to be and at this point I'm just dragging things out.

I had considered other options to hasten things like somehow incorporating the Thorns which would contradict the initial premise or using the formal introduction of a recurring character as a means of hastening things a long, but that'd go against their characterization, so instead I'm gonna hold off until the current storyline in Dragonfable resolves or at least gives me an opportunity to move things ahead.

This also gives me an opportunity to consider how I delve into and develop other characters as in some cases I don't want to give too much away given the weaving of each story together where something from one story may not be entirely relevant there, but gives greater context to either a future story or one further in the timeline for example the suit of armour mentioned twice in "The Wilting Rose" and one or twice in "Ocean of Hopelessness: Redux."

Not really sure if it's foreshadowing or a call forward given the non-linear way I've been writing these stories which wasn't actually a conscious decision, it just sort of happened as I've been writing and thought "Hey, I should expand on this somewhere," which is actually how "The Wilting Rose" came to be.

So while that's on hold, I'll do that thing I initially said I wasn't going to do and begin posting "The Hunter" which I have had some entries done up and have been kind of working on as I delved into the backstory of Cry in "The Wilting Rose."

Writing a story that's set in a post-Book Three world makes for easier writing I don't have to deal with ongoing storylines as much.

And for the sake of accessibility, each entry of "The Hunter" sans the first entry gets its own post. A pattern I'll continue to with prologue/preludes and interludes sharing a post with the first an every eleventh entry.

And so without further delay, as reflected in the OP, here is The Hunter beginning with "Prelude: The Dream Lands" and "Chapter I: Sunset."

Opening quotation comes from Eileen The Crow from "Bloodborne" which actually provided a fair amount of inspiration before I had even actually played the game proper beyond looking at wikis and things.

I also continue to demonstrate how inept I am at fight scenes even when not going for something spectacular.

EDIT: Might as well get in the habit of this now before things get longer.

Chapter II: The Offering & The Village

Originally I intended for it to be two separate chapters, but couldn't justify the length as the first half would've been a couple lines at best without tremendous amounts of padding and filler. I suppose I could've did a II-A and II-B thing like I did with chapter five of "A New Home," but that was honestly kind of awkward.

Chapter III: Lonesome Road

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (4/6/2020 0:45:15)

Chapter IV: Painful Memories

Here we begin to look into the central theme of the story and a recurring one throughout these stories. It has probably become very obvious that the Baron Valtrith storyline has been a favourite of mine considering how often it gets referenced in these stories in some capacity including being the driving force for the main struggle in "A New Home" and a big part of the Valtrith half of both iterations of "Ocean of Hopelessness."

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (4/6/2020 20:19:12)

Chapter V: Natural Born Killer

Still bad at fight scenes. Unfortunately a bad fight scene is better then "And the Hunter killed it," when it comes to such scenes as how some of those scenes play out mostly in the form of how the Hunter moves is meant to delve into other themes of the story beyond the usual recurring ones like dreams, memories, eventual madness, and so on.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (4/7/2020 1:00:36)

Chapter VI: The Sea Always Seems to Put Me at Ease

Two entries in a single day. What does that say about the quality of the writing or does it say more about how much time I have available to me due to current events?

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (4/9/2020 5:28:42)

Chapter VII: I Now Know Why You Cry

One part of "The Wilting Rose" connection that contextualizes bits of chapters thirty-seven and thirty-eight. Or is it the other way around?

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (4/14/2020 7:24:47)

Chapter VIII: The Things We Leave Behind

Later than anticipated, but spent the last couple of days playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake and it's overall very good. So before doing a second playthrough of it, should put more stock into these writings and with an upcoming update to Dragonfable's main story, I may be able to resume writing of "The Wilting Rose" especially since bits of it actually pertain to "The Hunter."

Also trying to figure out the location of places is really difficult when the in-game map not only has changed over the years, but is also lacking in details for lack of a better phrase. It's not something I expect to change nor would considering requesting, but I mostly mention it as geography has come up once before.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (4/17/2020 5:18:48)

Would like to post chapter nine, but I'm blocked from posting for whatever reason.

EDIT: Problem resolved itself. Cloudflare is weird, I suppose.

Anywho, here is Chapter IX: Time For Sleep where we delve more into the Dream Lands.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (4/17/2020 9:35:51)

Here comes another entry, Chapter X: Into the Woods.

At this point I begin to wonder just what am I doing when it comes referencing and including characters from stories that are set prior to this one.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (4/23/2020 16:14:40)

New entries, Interlude I: Visions and Chapter XI: Hunted.

Probably could've got this out sooner, but got sidetrack with "Salt and Sanctuary" which is good if you're into Souls-like or Metroidvania games and also trying to figure out what I was doing with the chapter in question.

And the latest mainline quest in DF still means I can't go through with "The Wilting Rose" in the way I want.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (4/26/2020 21:18:57)

Chapter XII: A Little Bit Broken is up.

I'm out here operating under the premise that post-book three will be without the Rose, but it's hard to actually discuss that because I'm really just assuming given that they're the current primary antagonist on top of in-universe public perception of them isn't gonna be the most favourable.

Of course I could end up being wrong and sometime down the line have to forsake my principles and slap a big ol' AU label on this.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (4/29/2020 18:46:30)

Chapter XIII: Hunter & Hunted is up.

Thought about this being the chapter where the monster is introduced, but thought it'd be better to build up to it before a lackluster confrontation.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (5/4/2020 11:40:23)

Chapter XIV: The Tear Collector is up.

An underwhelming action sequence as expected.

NagisaXIkari -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (5/23/2020 4:30:36)

Chapter XV: Behind the Wall of Sleep is up.

Mad late as I've been sidetracked with other things.

Master Samak -> RE: (DF) The Madness Chronicles Discussion (5/23/2020 16:35:27)

Great to see you at it, NagisaXIkari!

I, personally, love the references to Bloodborne.

Keep on keeping on! :)

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