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NDB -> Icy Overkill (Auxiliary) Cooldown (12/6/2018 4:18:32)

The auxiliary version of the Icy Overkill core only has a cooldown of 2 turns despite that the normal auxiliary cooldown is 3 turns (unless this was intended as an extra effect?). I would imagine that this was due to copy pasting of the original sidearm version of the core in which a 2 turn cooldown aligns with the normal 2 turn cooldown for sidearm.

8x -> RE: Icy Overkill (Auxiliary) Cooldown (12/6/2018 12:17:48)

cooldown or warmup?

NDB -> RE: Icy Overkill (Auxiliary) Cooldown (12/6/2018 13:16:59)

Cooldown. If you use aux, 2 turns later you can use Icy Overkill even though the regular aux is still on cooldown for one more turn like it's supposed to.

8x -> RE: Icy Overkill (Auxiliary) Cooldown (12/6/2018 14:00:37)

Ahh, I see. In that case, your guess if probably correct, they do like to copy and paste.

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