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Location: Hide and Snowseek, Into the Snowpeak Woods, Frallmar's Lair

Quests given

Shops owned

Hide and Snowseek

Krampy: ...Frost Wyrms?!

Krampy: We're doomed!! Everybody run!

Into the Snowpeak Woods

Krampy: I'm okay... Oh, I just hope we don't run into too many monsters!

Krampy: I'll... I'll do my best not to disappoint!
Krampy: I still get sweaty paws though, whenever there'só
Krampy: EEEEK!!
Krampy: <Character>, watch out! There's a monster behind you!!

Krampy: Oh... I guess it is. What happened to it?

Krampy: Do you think that's what happened to those over there?

Krampy: Roger!

Frallmar's Lair

Krampy: I'm... I'm just behind this tree over here!
Krampy: If you don't mind... I'll stay right here and come and back you guys up if som... if someone needs healing!

Krampy: Yessir! I'll be back in a jiffy!


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