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Jay -> Into the Snowpeak Woods (12/21/2018 19:20:35)

Into the Snowpeak Woods

Location: The Snowpeak War! -> Midway through! 50%: Into the Snowpeaks
Requirements: Completion of Hide and Snowseek, 50% War Meter
Release Date: December 21st, 2018

Objective: The invading forces of Frallmar have been pushed back from Frostvale. It's time to go on the offensive!
Objective completed: With Moroz safe, press onward and save Jacek, Tinsel, and Holly!

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*You appear to be running through the Snowpeak Woods after pushing back some of the invading monsters.*

<Character>: Phew... we're slowly but surely pushing the monsters away from the village. Frostvale should no longer be in danger.
<Character>: But there is still a ways to go!
<Character>: How are you holding up, Krampy?
Krampy: I'm okay... Oh, I just hope we don't run into too many monsters!
<Character>: Don't worry! As long as you're with me, everything will be okay!
<Character>: I'm really thankful Papa Moglin sent you along with me for healing support too. I'm sure it'll come in handy!
Krampy: I'll... I'll do my best not to disappoint!
Krampy: I still get sweaty paws though, whenever there'só
Krampy: EEEEK!!
Krampy: <Character>, watch out! There's a monster behind you!!
<Character>: Behind me? Where?

*You turn around and spot a fallen Frost Drake just ahead of you.*

<Character>: Oh, you don't need to worry about that monster, Krampy. Look! It's been defeated already!

*You and Krampy stand beside the unmoving Frost Drake.*

Krampy: Oh... I guess it is. What happened to it?
<Character>: One of the adventurers who came to back us up probably took care of it. I guess we're still a bit behind the main front.

*Krampy turns around and peers ahead.*

Krampy: Do you think that's what happened to those over there?

*A fallen Frost Golem, Ice Elemental and Snowy Tog can also be seen further ahead.*

<Character>: Huh... And I can see more ahead still. It's a trail of defeated enemies.
<Character>: On second thought Krampy, let's have a quick look and see where these incapacitated monsters lead.

*You and Krampy follow the trail of incapacitated monsters to find an injured and exhausted Moroz resting by a tree.*

<Character>: MOROZ!!
<Character>: Krampy! Healing!
Krampy: Roger!

<Character>: Oh, thank the Avatars! You're still in one piece!
<Character>: So what happened out here? Did monsters get the drop on you?
Moroz: ...
Moroz: No. Moroz was the one chasing after these fiendish beasts.
Moroz: Moroz took care of several with his axe as he chased, but then the rest turned on him all at once.
Moroz: Moroz fought them all, but... Moroz had not the skill to fight them all himself. Beasts hurt Moroz and as last beast fall Moroz did also.
<Character>: I see... It must have been a pretty grueling fight. Do you need help getting back to Frostvale?
Moroz: ...
Moroz: Moroz already knows he is weak like this.
Moroz: After all, the only thing he could do to protect Jacek and Snegurka was to flee...
<Character>: Snegurka... was that the name of your wife?
Moroz: Yes. That is the name of my beloved kruszynka...
Moroz: Until she...

*Moroz lowers his head in memory of Snegurka.*

<Character> (thinking): Ugh... I should change the subject.
<Character>: Uhm... so Moroz, how did you and your family end up in the Northlands?
Moroz: ... This place?
<Character>: Yeah! I mean, Lore sure is vast... Why here of all places?

*Moroz ponders the question for a moment before answering.*

Moroz: It was, I suppose... a story.
<Character>: A story?
Moroz: Yes. Moroz is from a village of mountain lumberjacks, back in Azaveyr, originally...
Moroz: Our tradition is long. Long enough that neither Moroz nor anyone in the village truly knows how it came to be.
Moroz: But what we did have were tales about the founders of our village...
<Character>: What did they say?
Moroz: That our village was founded by the children of the... How do you say? Star of the Snow Prince's... whose blood runs in us.
Moroz: Or perhaps even the Snow Prince himself, whoever he might be, brought the first family to the village...
Moroz: Because of this blood of the Snow Prince, the people of our village have a difficult life in warm places.
<Character>: So you had to travel to the Northlands to survive?
Moroz: The cold, the forests, and the mountains. They remind Moroz of home.
Moroz: After our... arrival in the Land of Dragons, Moroz thought perhaps...
Moroz: ... this would be the best place for Jacek and Snegurka to go... They would suffer in the southern climates.
Moroz: ... And that is how Moroz came here.
<Character>: I see... Well, that's pretty interesting.
Moroz: We talk, but there are other things to do...
Moroz: Let Moroz be clear to you, <Character>. Moroz... very much appreciates your help.
Moroz: Had Jacek not still been there when Snegurka died, Moroz would surely have lost his mind.
Moroz: So Moroz implores you...
Moroz: Help Moroz find the slimy, icy snake who dares take Jacek from me!

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