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MasterOogway -> Character and battle advice (7/11/2019 4:58:15)

Hello everyone, I just came back and started gaming fr a few weeks. I have been away since 2014. A LOT has changed. In these few weeks, I tried to gather all the mastercraft sets suitable for me. I have a hard time in Fujin Set Quest and ESPECIALLY beating Fuuryoku.

I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum section but can you give me advice on how to beat Fuuryoku and also rate my character?

Character page:

Many thanks in advance!

Primate Murder -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/11/2019 7:16:11)

Welcome back!

First of all, I'd like to mention that MC Sets, while sometimes useful, are no longer the best items for their elements and slots anymore. If you want a go to set of armors, use one of the revamped subraces. Werewolf is the best choice for warriors, with Str/Dex drives, a guest, a heal and a Beast Form that deals skill-level damage. So go to the Werewolf Lair in Darkovia, complete the advanced werewolf quest and get a second no-drop in form of your subrace transformation!

As for Fuuryoku, it's not a particularly complicated boss. Use wind armor + shield, a harm weapon (like Horo Show), maybe a pet or guest. Use normal attacks when Choked, and a nuke (like Rage Beast's Beast Form) when not.

For more sophisticated tactics, I suggest checking out the Commonly Used Strategies page, particularly the stun meta. The basic idea is to stun-lock the monster, then use powerful elelocked skills to crush it.

Before doing anything else, though, visit the Guardian Tower and get the Essence Orb misc. It's the most bs misc released since, well, ever really, allowing you to convert your hp into sp without loosing a turn - which means you can spam skills every single turn!


I would suggest switching your Blade of Awe to energy, as that element lacks any exceptional weapons or shields. FO builds generally align it to PWD.

Bloodzerker's Blazing Edge from Rare GGBs is the best fire weapon for FO builds. It deals +20% damage at the expense of taking +(15/1.4)%.

For water, your best choice would be the revamped Kindred sword. It can be charged to autohit (every turn with the Kindred pet!), which can come in rather useful against high-level or high MRM monsters.

Wind does not have anything particularly outstanding, so you can use either the Fujin Spear (stronger special) or AQxe (slight increase in damage with each turn).

If you can afford to spend a GGB on Gloom Glaive (for earth/harm), then MagnaBlade is your best choice for ice. One of the few remaining old standard FO weapons, it deals +30% damage (at the expense of taking +25/1.4%). Otherwise, you'll need the Horo Show sword to compress harm.

As mentioned above, if you have another Rare GGB, Gloom Glaive is an earth spear that toggles to harm. If not, Frogzard Sword compresses an elelocked armor - which is rather nice, given that earth has the largest number of equal resist mobs.

Light has several good options, but I'd suggest Zabura's Hammer. You can click on it to activate a blinding skill - which is nice by itself, but particularly good in that the skill stacks with Beast Form or Bloodzerker's toggle for fairly high damage.

If you have some spare tokens, Terror Eater synergizes very nicely with werewolf's quickcast Snarl and Beast Form. If you have a spare UR (only after getting Bloodzerker, Dunamis and Thernda), Agony's Embrace is an FO weapon. If you have neither, Nocturnal Knight Edge is easy to get and has increased accuracy. If you prefer an effect weapon, Katar of Undeath has a high chance to lower monster damage for a turn or two.


While you're unlikely to use it often, it's generally a good idea to get UG armor as a no-drop - probably the Mighty Plate, since your water weapon is melee.

Blazing Bloodzerker is probably your first priority for a UR GGB. It deals +20% damage on all weapon attacks for a negligible hp cost, and has a toggle for 2x fire damage - one that synergizes very well with the Zabura Hammer's skill.

For water, you have several options. Kindred is hands down the strongest armor in the game, bar none, but its 6x damage skill of weapon element needs to be charged for 5 turns beforehand for maximum output. This makes it very nice for killing bosses (like Fuuryoku), but somewhat tedious for casual questing. It's at least worth keeping in storage. For more casual questing WHEEL is a better option. It's water skill is old standard, meaning it gets elecomp to damage and can be firther boosted by Ironthorn.

For wind, the best offensive armors are seasonal or UR. As such, I suggest simply using the Rage Beast werewolf variant.

Horo Show Void Vigilante has the strongest ice skill in the game, hands down, and can be further boosted by Ironthorn.

For earth, you're probably best off using your wereolf no-drop - though the Terra Bloodzerker armor coming to URs this week is probably going to be a worthwhile choice (after Blazing, Dunamis and Thernda, though).

Taladosian Robes are pretty much an energy clone of Horo Show - strong skill, boostable.

White Knight Z has the strongest non-Kindred skill in the game (light element), but it costs tokens. A more f2p alternative would be the Solaris armor (at least until top levels).

For darkness, Angel of Souls is a pretty good choice, with hp-costing darkness skill.


UG shield is a better alternative to the Guardian no-drop.

Fireworks Buckler, currently in LTS, compresses fire/light to fit in Ironthorn w/o loosing an element.

For water, I would suggest either Celtic Wheel (provides mp to cast Moonwalker's Grace) or Kindred (qc sp regen).

Wind doesn't have anything better than the Fujin shield with its Dex drive.

Horo Show (harm + sp regen on block) and Cryo Chrono (chance to paralyze on block) are both good options for ice.

For earth and darkness, Morningstar and Twilight shields are still reasonably good.


Call Dunamis and Call Thernda are among your first priorities for a UR GGB. They summon guests that deal no damage, but instead boost your damage - melee and ranged respectively.

Purple Rain is one of the staples of the meta.

Moonwalker's Grace is a qc Dex booster.

Skill Scrolls from Warrior's Tower cover nukes for any element you may want.

Catnip Senses provide quickcast immobility resistance.

Sisters of Mercy can give you an eleshield against all elements for one turn - useful if faced with monster nuke.


As somebody with 0 Cha, you'dbenefit the most from booster pets - unfortunately both Dunamis and Thernda pets are premium, costing $50 each. Presuming you aren't planning to spend a hundred bucks, I would suggest pets with either unique effects or ones that inflict statuses vs monster Cha (usually 0).

Underwyrmling is the only pet in the game that can harm monster sp.

Kindred pet toggles to provide charges for your Kindred weapon/armor/shield.

Fujin pet inflicts DefLoss against monster Cha.

For ice, I'd have to say Ice Cream Golem (daze toggle). It's not perfect, but we lack anything better.

Fu Dog is easily the best earth pet in the game, with petrification toggle and potency, but it's UR. Until you have an extra one, Hammer Turret inflicts paralysis against Cha.

PikaZard (paralysis chance) - again, not perfect, but the best we have.

When Blarney comes around, you'll want to pick up Lepre-Chan - the only f2p booster in the game. Until then, Fairy Godmother suffices.

Model 294 inflicts EleVuln against End, but we don't have anything better.


As mentioned in the beginning, Essence Orb is your first priority.

Resistance miscs are somewhat extraneous now - the battles tend to end way too fast for them to make a difference. If you really want one, wait until level lvl 100 and pick up Cyclops' Eye to cover every element.

As soon as you reach level 105, get Shadowfeeder Pendant - its qc celerity is the best meta enabler we currently have.

Goggernaut Helm is a cheap accuracy booster that extends toyour pet and doesn't /2 for spells.

Sniper's Scope provides both bth and damage to ranged attacks.

For melee attacks, Sword Master Emblem covers most weapons, and at lvl 102 you can replace it with Minotaur's Pride to cover the rest.

Bell Shell heals a little hp based on the damage you deal. The heal is less than that of CoRS, but Bell Shell doesn't reduce your damage, making it better for FO builds.

Morningstar Helm gives immunity to paralysis. If you want something a little more sp-efficient, Blood Ruby and Liquid Courage give resistances to paralysis and fear respsectively.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

MasterOogway -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/12/2019 7:49:36)

Thanks for the input!Your opinions really are great, I will employ them and hopefully beat Fuuryoku.

However, I really like Mastercraft items and my token or rare weapons. So let's go one by one;


Fire - Bad one. Will change shortly.
Water - Rare and very powerful token item.
Wind - Ragebreaker is very powerful but misses a lot. May back it up with Kan Tzicnal.
Earth - Mandatory no-drop.
Ice - Elite Ice Katana is powerful and a token item. Backed it up with Horo Show as it also does Void damage.
Energy - Powerful token item.
Light - Rare and very powerful token item.
Darkness - Powerful lvl. 105 item.


Fire - Powerful lvl. 105 armor.
Water- Will get WHEEL or Kindred.
Wind - Will get Fujin
Earth - Will use Werewolf
Ice - Horo Show suffices
Energy - I really like Asgardian but may buy and store Taladosian too.
Light - I really like Waqaya of Osiris but may buy and store Solaris too.
Darkness - Powerful lvl. 105 armor.

I didn't even know such nice shields/spells/pet/misc existed. Will update inventory shortly.

Actually, I wanted to ask you 3 questions:

1- I read somewhere that Kindred is really outdated and should not bother with it. Is it true? Should I just wait for an update?

2- What are these Golden Gift Boxes? It shows on my char page that I have 13 but how do I utilize them to buy stuff?

3- Am I going in the right direction with my stats? I am thinking of focusing on END along the way.

Thanks for reading! Peace!

afterlifex -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/12/2019 7:53:58)

1) it's already been updated so the info you read was fairly outdated

2) Golden Giftboxes


Location: Battleon Speak to Valencia What are Golden Giftboxes?

Basically they(the boxes) will open 1 of 3 shops and you can then buy 1 item from said shop either at the time of opening or at a later date

MasterOogway -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/12/2019 9:39:43)

Thanks, I got myself a fire weapon.

How will I know what item will come to GGB shop?

And how have I accumulated 13 GGBs. How do I get them without spending tokens?

battlesiege15 -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/12/2019 10:14:25)

1. GGB shop items change monthly. You can go to Valencia and peek into what is inside each of the GGBs whenever you want without purchasing anything.

2. Guardians get 2 free boxes a month as long as they do at least 1 battle to completion.

3. END is an ok stat but I'd prioritize Str/Dex/Luk more for now.

MasterOogway -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/12/2019 10:42:53)

So just peeking into Rare and Ultra Rare shops won't cost me a GGB ?

Also, can you offer me some insight as to the Kindred set? Someone said it was outdated. Is it true or is one of the best FO armors a Warrior can get? Can you compare it with WHEEL?

Thanks so much, I feel like I am really getting back in the game!

Rafiq von den Vielen -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/12/2019 10:56:24)

Kindred has been swept. And nowadays, it's literally the best boss nuker we have.

Kindred can stack charges which you can use to either make the weapon autohit or spend 200 charges to deal... really insane amounts of damage.
There's barely any boss in the game that survives 400 charges - as in two Kindred Strikes.

Primate Murder -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/12/2019 12:02:32)

Like Rafiq said, Kindred has the strongest skill in the game - and it follows the element of your weapon, and it can be boosted for another 1.5x damage by CIT!

The downside is that you need to gather charges to make the skill powerful - full five turns for the strongest variant of the nuke (6x weapon damage). That said, if you're planning to face a powerful boss (the Challenge Wicked King, the staff challenge or something among those lines), you can spend a few minutes with the Combat Trainer gathering charges and kill the monster in 1-2 turns.

As far as nukes go, WHEEL (and literally any other armor in the game) is indisputably inferior to Kindred. It is a more casual option, however, since its skill requires no preparation, just some sp.

MasterOogway -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/12/2019 14:10:45)

My mission for now is simple then, first take the Kindred, then Fujin set.

As I delve deeper, I realize I have 2 more questions:

1- I tried to buy Bloodzerker and Gloom Glave weapons but only GGB Common Shop opened instead of Rare Shop I bought Star Sabre instead. Shouldnt Rare Shop open.? Is it normal?

2- I am a level 10 Werewolf but when I am in my no-drop Werewolf armor, I cant access the class menu when I click Attack. Am I doing something wrong?

Rafiq von den Vielen -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/12/2019 16:00:24)

As for GGB, that's pure luck of the draw. You could get 10 commons or 7 rares, 2 URs and 1 common (my personal record). All depending on RNG being nice or not.

As for Werewolf... there's a neat little button called "Skills". Click that.

MasterOogway -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/13/2019 5:02:41)

Thanks, I can only hope to open the GGB UR shop then.

BTW, should I wait for lvl 105 to get the respective Kindred and Fujin sets or get the lvl 90 variants now, what do you think?

Also, where can I get PikaZard pet and Bell Shell misc ?

Rafiq von den Vielen -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/13/2019 11:28:06)

Pikazard: Frogzard Hunter's shop
Bell Shell: Chessmaster Saga - Cavernous Chronicle

MasterOogway -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/13/2019 14:02:24)

I cant find Cavernous Chronicle in Chessmaster Saga

Primate Murder -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/13/2019 14:15:49)

Just checked - it's number 18.

MasterOogway -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/14/2019 9:42:10)

Thanks, found it.
I will now try Snarl, Ally Assist, Defensive Test Armour, Nuke spells, Kindred Strike and Sisters of Mercy, basically everything I can to beat Fuuryoku.

Does Sisters of Mercy or Extreme Recovery heal more? Should I get ER ?

Primate Murder -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/14/2019 11:26:26)

Extreme Recovery heals more, as Sisters use Cha for stats and sacrifice some damage for the eleshield.

It's not really a spell I'd recommend, but if you want one for the Fuuryoku battle specifically, it works.

MasterOogway -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/15/2019 14:14:04)

I got the Kindred Set. On o the Fujin Set now.

But my Kindred shield wont heal for me when I click on it. I have the necessary Tranquility Charges and SP for it. Is this a bug?

PS: Should I upgrade my Blade of Awe to Blade of Awe!!!

Legendary Ash -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/15/2019 20:42:10)

Kindred Shield has a limit of one heal per turn regardless of how much Tranquility charges is available. Its advised to upgrade Awe weapons to the Awe! versions to gain 3 levels of power and possibly opening the shop again through GGBs.

MasterOogway -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/16/2019 5:55:47)

I did the Awe!!! upgrade but nothing happened, can you guide me step by step?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/16/2019 15:51:33)

Click Valencia > What are Golden Giftboxes? > Yes! > What's Inside > Awe!!! > Click Weapons/Shields > AWE Weapon Upgrade!/Awe Shield Upgrade!!! > Click Buy

MasterOogway -> RE: Character and battle advice (7/17/2019 8:18:35)

It says you must first buy the box.

When I click Awe!!! upgrade, only Common Shop opens.

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