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E.Matrix -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/8/2019 15:16:17)

1. Being able to Vault Faces would be nice. The number of faces in the game are really starting to increase, so the extra storage is kinda needed. It'd also be good to finally be able to trade them.

2. I think the trading system would be fun for the first couple weeks, then get kinda stale. After everyone does all the trades they want, will it really continue to be useful? Maybe if the crafting system is also implemented, there could be some good synergy?

3. Dracopyre update - sub race and storyline. They both feel unfinished considering the updates to wolf/vamp/were updates, and i think most players would love to see some continuation.

4. Create space in-game for players to play through the storyline IN ORDER. It'd be great if parts of stories that are otherwise lost to holiday portals could also be included, sans rewards.

Zoulexchanger -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/8/2019 15:51:40)

@Spiritual Guardian wrote on 11/4/2019 21:25:11 ;

1: Stat revamp (can't be said enough)

2: The rest of the Ultraguardian/Awe !!! equipment (so we can actually swapped between them like before)

3: Pyromancer Bloodmage - Despite the special treatment mages get in this game, barring this armor forever from everybody who wasn't there to battle Caecus in 2016 when all the Bloodzerker armors will inevitably be released in the UR GGB shop would be silly, simply for the fact that IMR already confirmed that the Archmage class has been scrapped. So these armors are pretty much the closest thing mages will ever have to it, especially when the MP/SP bars get cut in half and Pyromancer's Robe imbue (without resorting to broken in-game items) won't be as viable to use any more.

I really agree with you on your 3rd wish!

I have a blazing bloodzerker already that I could pass from my warrior to my mage but the thing is I really dont want to use the same items on my warrior and mage if I can avoid it. I would very much prefer to be able to obtain the pyromancer bloodmage for my mage instead of using the same blazing bloodzerker over again.

Also I couldnt figure out how to quote you so I post it like this.

Varghus -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/8/2019 18:13:08)

A year where they bring old items up to date.
While they can still do holiday and special event releases, such as Dracopyre, and the yearly Mastercraft set. I feel that a focus on updating the whole game to modern standards would be good. Such as finishing the stat changes, updating old items with higher level variants, and classes.
While new releases are fun, some of the game is out of date, and some of the old items brought to the new standard would be fun to play with.

roobee -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/8/2019 23:37:59)


IMR already confirmed that the Archmage class has been scrapped

My wish is that I had never heard this, and that I could live on in blissful ignorance.

Akon -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/9/2019 7:11:30)

+1 for trading system. [:D]

Zoulexchanger -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/9/2019 7:33:17)


Yes a trading system could circumvent more rares to players who lost a chance at getting them. I would also like to see the trading system sometime in the future.

Cinimo D -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/9/2019 15:18:44)

Of course I'd like the Trading System to officially become a thing.

It'd also be nice if they brought older items up to level 150 or made some old items scale with your level. I still enjoy using Ancient Doom Knight, but it'd be great if it scaled with me or had a level 150 version. I wouldn't expect them to do this right away of course as it may not have an impact on every player, but it would be nice.

Kilvakar -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/10/2019 11:14:08)

I'm not quite as hyped for a trading system as others are, but it would be nice. Personally, I would like to see:

1. Stat system fixed. So many builds have been broken by the cap update. It could be fixed by finishing the stat changes that were proposed, but we've had no update on it for a long time. Basically all non-pure builds are at best, in a weaker position than they were before, and at worst, totally unplayable thanks to DEX still being a requirement.

2. Paxia class and update. I know Ultrapowerpie is working on writing some new content for Paxia, but it would be really nice to see some way for the different clans to actually have relevant, updated gear and gameplay bonuses. A class/new subrace armor would be awesome! Clan competitions wouldn't really be necessary, but there's so much that could be done with the clan bases. Fight battle buttons, clan-themed estates, quests to rank up in your clan like you do the subraces, etc.

3. Some sort of change to the policy of "we never touch a departed staff member's ideas ever again." Yes, this has to do with Archmage, but also with how so many ideas over the years have been abandoned because their original creator left the company. The most recent example of this would probably be the rushed, anti-climactic ending of the Truphma saga. It was clearly something that was just thrown out there because something needed to be done, but no one had the motivation (or permission?) to actually tie up the various plot threads present in that saga. So instead we got a deus ex machina hand-wave of "Poof! Now the truphma and Eukara are gone, the end," with a little tease of more Drakel-Cube releases that never materialized.

4. Class updates. Seriously, this is something I would like to see more than just about any other type of content. They did amazing work with the Werewolf/Vampire/Neko updates, so why not apply those same skills to the other old classes? Having viable, end-game class armors would, imo, add so much more to the game in terms of fun and variety than just constant new GGB armors. Not that I have a problem with those at all, it would just be nice to be able to actually play as a pirate, ninja, martial artist, wizard, beastmaster, etc. in the endgame. And we know that Kalanyr isn't coming back, so for Lorithia's sake just please have the current staff make their own take on Archmage!! It's not like it's somehow disrespectful to have the current staff release their own version of an end-game class for magic users that has been promised for YEARS! I know that vampire and necro will be considered the go-to classes for mages, but it would be nice to have one that wasn't tied to darkness/undead themes.

Zennistrad -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/10/2019 12:43:49)

1) Class Revamps. Seriously, I cannot overstate how much this would improve the endgame experience. If literally all of 2020's update schedule were solely focused on class revamps in the style of Werewolf/Vampire/Werepyre, I would be happy.

2) An update to the crafting system that was hinted at earlier this year.

3) An Ultraguardian Armor Update. I've given my own input on how that might look here. Just make them be viable as fully-offensive endgame armors instead so we don't have to run compression just to have a good armor in our no-drop element.

I Overlord I -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/12/2019 14:58:43)

1. No-drops. Annoying as it is not having access to level-appropriate FO/FD armors, it must be far more annoying still not even having (bad) 100% proc. weapons and having to run compression (which is severely lacking for these weapon types) as a result. Would drastically improve the beginning experience and will likely extend all the way to the endgame. Plus, a Bow of Awe (or Wand) honestly sound pretty amazing.

lolerster -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/12/2019 18:39:27)

Ah yes, please give me a wand of awe.

Bu Kek Siansu -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/12/2019 20:01:38)


3) An Ultraguardian Armor Update. I've given my own input on how that might look here. Just make them be viable as fully-offensive endgame armors instead so we don't have to run compression just to have a good armor in our no-drop element.

1). Make an option to choose between FD, MD and FO Armor Leans for the Armor of Awe and UltraGuardian Robes.

2). Take out 1-3 item(s) of the Player Suggestion Threads once a month or so and make a Poll for it.
In the past they made a Poll for a Weapon to choose between Water and Wind or so for the LTS shop but why once only.

3). Trading System.

4). Stat Balance Project - Update.

Shalnark -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/13/2019 10:40:07)

I will add my No.2 WISH since everyone is having multiple wishes!!! Hahaha..... :D

My No. 2 PRIORITY WISH ----------------> STATS REVAMP

How I wish this will be the new setup next year and it's very simple:

STRENGTH - increases the minimum and maximum damage for melee attack.

DEXTERITY - increases the ranged attack damage and its accuracy as well as the dodging rate.

INTELLIGENT - increases the magical attack and defense as well as the MP.

ENDURANCE - increases the melee and ranged defenses as well as the HP and SP.

CHARISMA - increases all pets and guests damage and their accuracy as well as inflicting status effect.

LUCK - increases the percentage of doing a LUCKY STRIKE and hitting a maximum damage.

Kalle29 -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/14/2019 13:44:42)

There are two things I want more than anything in AQ and I'd happily sacrifice several weeks of updates if it could bring us these two.

1. Is the obvious trading system, no need to explain.

2. Like I have said multiple times in the past, AQ needs many many more challenges for high level players. A challenge area where normal monsters are scaled to challenge boss strength would be a fantastic solution to this problem. No need to check or do manual testing, just scale the monsters and let the players see what can be beaten or not.

Yozai -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/16/2019 13:28:14)

1. More good stories from Cray and UltraPowerPie
2. More good art from Hollow, Anim and Wyrm
3. That Kam and Imr keep up the good work.

Spoons, Dresses and Dragons

.*. .*. .*. -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/16/2019 17:10:09)

Well it kind of breaks my heart that archmage will not be released, because I have been looking forward to that for many years, oh well.

Anyhow, here comes a few ideas:

  • A detailed in game encyclopedia
    I am aware that there are several forumites working on the forum pedia, but it's a pretty big task to play catch up. Therefore I believe that an in game pedia with an swf file showing how the item looks like + stats and location, would be more reliable and time efficient.

  • A quest log showing your progress
    This would be very hepful if you are not active for a while and you come back and want to catch up.

  • Smithing, spellcrafting and pet/guest enhancements
    If this would be implemented then people could start using really old items and get them up to current standards....I am looking at you Celestia, Abyssal Staff, Twist Dagger and Drakonnan's Vengeance!

  • Revamped world map
    Not trying to be mean, but the current world map looks like it has chickenpox with all those red spots. From an aesthetical point of view, remove the red dots and make the location clickable instead.

    Thanks for reading.

  • battlesiege15 -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/16/2019 18:36:25)

    1. Finishing current sagas (where art though Eukara and Radagast???)

    2. Some more contests to involve the player base more. I know that there are really creative ideas filling the threads in the suggestion forum, I'd love to see for people to have a chance to have their game items included. It may just be a small thing but having your name forever memorialized in a game is amazing.

    3. *Class that must not be named* (Hope you've been doing well Kalanyr! Go get that PhD :D)

    Bu Kek Siansu -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/16/2019 20:46:51)


  • A detailed in game encyclopedia
    I am aware that there are several forumites working on the forum pedia, but it's a pretty big task to play catch up. Therefore I believe that an in game pedia with an swf file showing how the item looks like + stats and location, would be more reliable and time efficient.

  • Can you or someone else explain about this including an example + a linked image/file/etc.?

    What should be edited/added/fixed/improved/done/etc.

    I wish I could help. Thanks in advance. [:)]

    joac1144 -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/16/2019 21:35:23)


    What should be edited/added/fixed/improved/done/etc.

    A fair amount of items don't have info subs (or what you call them).
    Some items do have info subs but are hard to find.
    Some items have info subs but only contain very little info about them.
    Some items have enough info about the item itself but has no info about the location of the item (how to get the item).

    Also, the fact that you have to go to the forum of the game to get info about items is not ideal to say the least. Being able to see info about items directly in game would be the update of the decade.

    .*. .*. .*. -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/20/2019 11:58:52)

    @Bu Kek Siansu

    I think that joac1144 has pretty much summed up my concerns.

    What I mean with an in game encyclopedia is that you would not have to resort to the forum to get information about an item, the information would instead be accessible in the game itself.

    SWF is a file format created with Adobe Flash, for videos or animations. AQ is a flash based game.
    As of now, I believe only weapons, faces and paintings are visible when you buy them from a shop, it would be nice if this functionality would apply for all items.

    I am aware that this is a huge task to take on for the staff and is probably not a big priority, though it would be highly appreciated by the players.

    Vilgefortz -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/22/2019 2:21:47)

    Adventure quest was one of the most playable games back days, but what made the game so funny to play?

    I remember the kids excited for using pets, having a real friend suporting them into battles or leveling up a class and turn stronger with a bunch of skills to use into enemies, as the class quest was leveling, they were more excited to know what skill they should earn.

    The game brought a house system, that you could built your own state, and that was awesome too, as it can brings a place that you could care and call it your own and grows it.

    There are some other good features created by the devs.

    What i feel is that the game nowadays needs a North, not just events, but something to make the player grow more stronger as they logged in

    -The state system needs more improvements to benefits more the z-tokem player who likes to invest.

    -The morality don't show much influency in game, what is something that could create histories and turn the players more different each other with exclusive itens or exclusive quests.

    -I think the war is something so inviable to do for almost all players(like me haha), is not viable as it is too much difficult to kill all of that monsters to gain some bonus item. With that many players stay out of the war history, like it is not happening in the server.(my opinion, i know adventure quest was built by these wars)

    -Quests that depends from player choice(i know it is more hard to make, but with 1 you can replicate to make more easily), with good itens for finish for the dificult.

    -The classes needs rework to show the players that there are many styles to play the game. Nowadays the play style is restrict to some essencial itens to fight and win the bosses.

    I am sorry for the long text and the english.

    With all that said, I just want to show my admiration for the devs and staff for still keep the game up and with the more important: attencion for the game. [:)]

    Ultrapowerpie -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/25/2019 19:11:12)

    I wish for that Paxia revival.


    Oh, wait, that's on me. Right, right.

    Totes. It's 2020. Totes.


    Seth Hydra -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (11/28/2019 14:49:06)

    ^ Im still waiting for that ya know!

    Lets see

    1) Trading between accounts or the very list accounts you own/control

    2) Stat revamps and hopefully every build doesn't get pigeonholed into DEX

    3) Necromancer revamp

    4) .... PIPE DREAM, but I'd appreciate Soul Weaver as a cross over GGB item during Feb.

    Lance027 -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (12/8/2019 22:50:38)

    Hello, I have a few things I would like to see implemented. I would love it if every month there was a Void Challenge. Even if it is a returning challenger, that would be great for everyone who missed out of previous rewards. Also, if the battle button in The Void would go back to a random challenging monster.

    I'd also like it if the 'Battle Monsters' hill had a lot more variety.

    Deaf of Destiny -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (12/9/2019 16:14:59)

    1. increase level cap
    2. stats revamp
    3. more energy and wind better weapon, armor and etc.
    4. we have Bloodmage/Bloodzerker, what about Bloodarcher (ranger) "not spear, dagger, but only bow/crossbow/gun" and Bloodsummon/call (beastmaster)?

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