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Zoulexchanger -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (12/9/2019 19:08:01)

@Lance027 wrote on 12/8/2019 22:50:38

Hello, I have a few things I would like to see implemented. I would love it if every month there was a Void Challenge. Even if it is a returning challenger, that would be great for everyone who missed out of previous rewards. Also, if the battle button in The Void would go back to a random challenging monster.

I'd also like it if the 'Battle Monsters' hill had a lot more variety.

I agree what a wise choice of a wish!
Especially true with the "that would be great for everyone who missed out of previous rewards." I have seen many new players joining aq lately and it would be such a shame for all of them to never get a certain item because that void challenger didnt come back when other much much newer void challenges has returned already.

+1 on the return of void challenge bosses

roobee -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (12/14/2019 10:32:01)

More strategy. Whether it involves more variety in monsters (tanky, dodgy, glass cannon, etc.)
Information on items from inside the game
Clicky stuff. The Isle'D Oriens stuff was fun

Warren. -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (12/14/2019 13:30:46)

I would like to see trading actually implemented too. Trading would spark alot of interest because players would be able to get items they dont possess and I think the overall increase in playing time between players would also lead to more package sales due to players becoming more interested in the game and spending more time in the game therefore generally they tend to look at and buy packages that would complement their build or ones that they would find really fun. I think this can benefit AE in the long run

and I would like to see a shield with a 50 STR toggle

lifetime dreamer -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (12/14/2019 18:14:43)

100 proc no drop option guardian or UG bow or Bow of Awe

Pepp -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (12/17/2019 22:04:46)

my very own personal dragonblade

joac1144 -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (12/18/2019 11:57:46)


my very own personal dragonblade

@Hollow and everyone else on the AQ team, you know what to do.

LurkBlackSmith -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (12/23/2019 2:42:15)

1) A spell of random in game NPCs trying to lift and wield the actual real life super heavy axe of destiny and their expressions at the end when they lose balance as the axe is up in the air and chops down to downward bash the enemy. So to see if they actually sweat.

2) Some tinkered Mechquest items update and probably another appearance of the ShS mech internal parts being used in quests. So that we can destroy with our own weapons in hand some more.

3) Oh yeah, and probably a spell of another fighting and dancing ranger to a spell of volatabolt's drill machine sliding out of control and crash maybe into the ultra compressed scrap metal cubes.

Red Blood -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (12/27/2019 20:40:08)

One wish I would have would be a system in place to warn someone if an item they are selling is unobtainable anymore for obvious reasons seeing if someone comes back forgetting what an item even does like I did you might very well sell a rare item by mistake. Either that or a limited buy back feature so one could reclaim an item long as they can afford the cost they sold the thing in the first place.

lolerster -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (12/27/2019 23:03:11)

Sounds like a tedious process to implement and maintain however, as it requires the item database to not only track the rarity of existing items, but to also be updated each time a time goes rare. Considering we don't even have a complete encyclopedia, I doubt it's happening.

Red Blood -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (12/29/2019 2:30:45)

True enough it would require everything from the lifespan of the game to be looked at even if there was a back end way of sorting them by date. Might be a pipe dream although limited by back might be a bit easier doing something akin to a golden gift box but once again sure that would require a long progress itself.

dsDoan -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (12/29/2019 21:04:14)

Monthly Void Encounter Rotation

This has already been mentioned four times, but I am adding a fifth comment in support:

Void encounters offer unique, challenge-type fights, which is something AQ is lacking in. RhubZard appeared in September as part of the 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' event, yet is still in the Void going into January of the following year. Therefore, we have had the same Void encounter for one-fourth of a year, and counting. It seems a waste to have so many great fights, only to use most of them once, then never see, again.

zekefreed777 -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (1/2/2020 10:35:43)

I'm going to revive my eccentric, years-old joke of having the face hammer of smashing series of weapons swept. A level 150 version of that hammer would be sweet.

sunblaze -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (1/2/2020 11:40:49)

Updading some quests to the current standart.
There are many (mostly seasonal) quests that DO get releases when their times come, but still are on old standarts and need a round to be summoned.

red vector -> RE: NEW YEAR (2020) WISH for AQ (1/2/2020 13:45:23)

Implementation of Stat update project.
Get a Rare GGB so I can get the Gloom Glaive, instead of the countless commons and two URs I've gotten.

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