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Dekoras -> Booster Pets (1/22/2020 16:40:11)

Just wanted to be sure on a few things before I commit to using any GGB's....

Do Dunamis & Poelala get the /2 multiplier for melee/magic skills, respectively? The notes on AQ Wiki say that Ranged armor skills get the /2 boost when using Thernda, but don't explicitly state the same of Dun & Poe.

Since I don't plan on buying the Thernda package, I should be able to do more damage with a melee armor skill + double Dunamis as opposed to a ranged skill + Thernda guest, right? I only ask because all the old lean armors do ranged damage when using the skill as a warrior and obviously they receive higher elecomp than newer armors. A specific example would be: should Bloodzerker skill + double Dunamis outdamage White Knight/Moglord/Horo-Show/Taladosian skill + Thernda guest?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Booster Pets (1/22/2020 17:58:19)

=AQ, Dev, Balance= Game Engine 44 states that Booster pets look at stat doubling to identify when the /2 is applied to a normal attack/skill/spell.

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