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What's Mine is Yours

Location: Amityvale (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Enter house on right -> Verlyrus -> Quests -> What's Mine is Yours
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Trip to the Store
Release Date: January 17th, 2020

Objective: To help a squatting cat, you must delve into the mysterious and dangerous realm of... politics!
Objective completed: Guess this means everyone is happy now, right?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(6) Deadly Drone
(4) Dirt Roller
(4) Giant Spider
(1) Jeremy, Lord of Crystal Caverns - Boss


Shattered Amulet (I-VII)

Access to WMY Loot for DCs.


*You enter the Amityvale Town Hall, where the new Mayor of Amityvale is part way through announcing something to the audience.*

Mayor: ...increase in revenue of almost 3% in this year alone!
Mayor: Oh, and look who it is! Glad you could join us, <Character>!
Mayor: Please, take a seat!
<Character>: Thank you, but I'd rather not. It's a lot of extra animation.
Mayor: Suit yourself! Heroes, right, everybody?

*The audience 'Ha!' collectively.*

Mayor: Back on topic, let us continue discussion for the revitalization of Amityvale!
Mayor: The Rose has been most helpful in securing the town from the horrors of Doomwood.
Mayor: But my predecessors have perhaps been too dependant on The Rose!
Mayor: Amityvale has stagnated!
Mayor: We've grown lazy!
Mayor: We'll fill the abandoned houses, and then we'll expand!
Mayor: With the Rose protecting us, the vampires and werewolves will have no choice but to respect our town!
Mayor: No.
Mayor: Our city!

*The audience '*Clap*' collectively.*

Mayor: We need a new industry.
Mayor: Remember when Amityvale was a prosperous logging town?
Heckler (1): Yeah! That lasted two days before the vampires showed up!
Mayor: Remember when Amityvale exported specialty trinkets and souvenirs?
Heckler (2): Yeah! That lasted three days before the werewolves got offended!
Mayor: Well, it's come to my attention that during a recent excavation of my new wine cellar...
Mayor: ... we struck something that will bring Amityvale back into the forefront of modern industry!
Mayor: A cave full of crystals and gems!

*The audience 'Oh!' and 'Ah!' collectively.*

Mayor: Now, The Rose doesn't necessarily have to learn about this, but there's a small issue of the cave being... infested with undesirables.
Mayor: Once we have it cleared out, we'll be able to begin mining and exporting!
Mayor: There'll be new jobs to fill, and people will flock to our city and industry will boom!
Mayor: Now, who's willing to help clear out the cave?

*The audience '...' collectively.*

Mayor: You will be well compensated!
<Character>: Hi, <Character> here. May I ask for something in return?
<Character>: Can I have one of the abandoned houses? Specifically the one full of boxes.
Mayor: See, citizens of Amityvale? <Character> is a true hero and friend of Amityvale!
Mayor: That's more than a fair price, <Character>. Meeting adjourned!

*You fight your way through various bugs in order to clear out the Mayor's crystal cavern.*

Mayor: Yes, yes, this will do nicely. Thank you, <Character>.

*Startled, you turn around to face the Mayor, unaware of his presence until just now.*

<Character>: Oh, uhh... you were following me.
<Character>: No problem.

*You stare at the Mayor disapprovingly, before reminding him of your deal.*

<Character>: So, about that house...
Mayor: Well, er... It's not quite mine to give away, you see.
<Character>: I don't see.
Mayor: Er, well, that is, the owner, who hasn't been seen for years, technically still owns the house.
<Character>: So you're going back on the deal?
Mayor: I um, I'll find a way to compensate for this! I'll.. I'll recommend you to other mayors! Think of the exposure you'll have!
<Character>: I'm <Character>. I'm pretty sure I have enough "exposure"...
Mayor: I... Okay. Okay. How about this. You may... occupy the property for now. If the proper owner ever does return...
Mayor: I'll... I'll try to deal with her.
<Character>: That will be satisfactory.
Mayor: Phew. It was... it was a pleasure doing business with you, <Character>.
<Character>: Can I... go now? I, um, have someone waiting for me.
Mayor: Of course, of course. Now let's see... where can I put the sauna?

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens WMY Loot for DCs shop.

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