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shadow1531 -> Level 63 FO Mage (3/24/2020 0:24:23)

I'm currently in the process of changing my super super old (+10 years) secondary character into a FO mage. Any advice would help. how I can best beat the stat trainers rn

Stats will be 105 in Int/Dex/Luk.

Character Link : https://aq.battleon.com/game/flash/charview?temp=11970047
Level & Status : level 63 X Guardian
Build : FO Mage
Armor of Awe/UltraGuardian Element (If Applicable): planning to get UG
Note: I'm planning to mainly cast spells as a Mage, not trying to do the ele lock armor specials.
Level(s) of Items with Multiple Versions : Vigilante's Bulwark (lv 90)
Z-Tokens (If Applicable):I can buy more


Primate Murder -> RE: Level 63 FO Mage (3/24/2020 4:31:53)

Welcome back!

First of all, I'd like to mention that you'd be best off maxing out your Int before anything else. As a pure mage, Int will give you as much accuracy as Dex, while also giving you damage and mp. Luck is nice, but it's a tertiary stat. If you want initiative, there's Ambush potion at Lucretia's, and when you reach lvl 70, Assassin class armor gives you another +105 initiative.

Next, I'd like to bring to your attention the new AQ Wiki. It has great advice on equipment, farming and the most meta strategies available.

I notice that you haven't completed the subrace quests. As an FO mage, you'd benefit the most from vampire, so when you finish training your stats, go to Darkovia, complete the subrace quests (including the advanced one) to get a second no-drop armor with highly useful things like Int drive, a quickcast stun and a lvl 10 Beast Form that nearly doubles your damage while also healing you for a portion of damage dealt.

Finally, the first and foremost item you want to get is the Essence Orb. It's a highly op misc that allows you to shift your hp into sp, allowing you to spam stuns and nukes pretty much every turn.

Now, without further ado:


Eventually, you'll want to get your Staff of Awe!!!. I suggest elementarizing it to energy (as you missed Frostval and the next best energy weapon is still inferior to Bloodblades), and aligning the special to PWD as anything else would be slightly underpowered due to not applying the armor lean.

When you can afford it, get a Blazing Bloodzerker Blade. It has a small hp cost to boost your weapon attacks by 20%, while also boosting your fire spells by 10% - and the boost gets even stronger in Bloodzerker armors. Until then just use a fire Magestave to max out your D-Burst's damage.

Defeat Keyote in the Void to get Blade of Briar. You can click on the weapon to activate a skill that deals *1.5 damage, which has great synergy with armor damage boosts like Bloodzerkers or Evolved vampire form. As an alternative, you can get the Kindred sword for a chargable autohit (with the Kindred pet, you gain enough charges every turn). Tsunami Pen is also a viable option, giving a multiplicative 18% damage boost to your water spells.

For wind, I'd suggest getting another Magestave and for the same reason - to max out the damage of your Warmaster's Burst.

Arctic Athame gives +18.75% damage boost to your ice spells, with the boost doubled against monsters with Int>0.

Earth also has a Bloodzerker blade. Until you get a spare Rare GGB though, a magestaff can be used to increase the damage of your earth spells.

Until you can get Lumenomancer's Bloodblade, the Morningstar Cross works as a nice replacement. You can click on the weapon for a 2x damage skill, which pairs nicely with Bloodzerkers and Evolved form.

Darkness has several exceptional GGB weapons. Voisplinter Tether and Sunderer have a harm toggle, but fall far behind Poes and Bloodzerkers for UR priority items. Infinita Staff is a rare and deals below standard damage, but heals large amounts of mp based on the damage you deal. Until you can get either of those though, Blackbones provides a multiplicative 10% damage boost to your darkness spells, giving it great synergy with D-Burst.


Your Vamp no-drop covers darkness and wind elements.

War's Legacy has 3 skills - a stun, a fire SPell and a SPell that follows your weapon element.

You'll eventually want to get Hydromancer Bloodmage for an hp-costing boost to spells and a powerful water spell. Until then, Blue Blood vampire variant has an Int drive and an Evolved toggle that boosts the damage fo your spells for an sp/mp upkeep.

Cryomancer Bloodmage is a UR. Until you can get it, Cthonian Count vampire variant has a great ice secondary.

Psionic Vampire is an energy vampire variant.

Lumanomancer Bloodmage is a UR. Blue Blood is a vampire variant.

Finally, there are two armors I'd like to mention separately:

The revamped and updated Kindred ]Kindred[/link] can be charged beforehand to unleash a 6x damage skill that follows the element of your weapon, making it very good for cheesing bosses.

The wizard class armors have a lvl 5 skill that greatly boosts the damage of your spells, though at an increased cost. This makes them a great option for farming and quick nukes, particularly Pyromancer, Aeromancer and Tenebromancer for D-Burst and Warmaster's Burst. Generalist Robes are fairly good as well - while they provide a lesser boost, it covers all elements including Harm and Heal, giving it great synergy with stuff like Archmage Research and Mana Regeneration.


Lvls 70-90 are where your elemental resistances start to matter, so you'll want to get shields to cover every element.

As a no-drop, you'll want the UG shield, for that nifty sp regen on block.

When you get Ironthorn for a multiplicative 35% damage boost to your weapon attacks and skills, you'll want Cerberus Ward to compress fire/dark. Until then, the Overlord shield is fairly nice.

As a mage, you have two exceptional options for a water shield. Celtic Wheel has an Int drive, increasing your magic damage, accuracy and mp pool. Kindred shield can be charged for a quickcast sp or mp heal.

Fujin has a Dex drive for increased accuracy.

If you have a lvl 90 ice shield, you might as well keep that.

Golem Guard has a toggle to lower the damage you take.

Golden Dragon Head shield is the best light option, boosting your LS rate, but it's a UR. Until then, the Solaris shield has a chance to give you regeneration.

Cerberus Ward, Lantern of Souls gives you a small chance to dodge monster's attack.


D-Burst and Warmaster's Burst pay an additional hp cost to deal +50% damage. There are also Burst spells for other elements ( Creation Burst, Arctic Tornado and Cysero's Explosive Teleport Booth), but they're premium.

Sizzler Splosion is an autohit earth spell. It deals less damage then a standard spell, but can come in real handy against those annoyingly high-MRM wind mobs. Gravity Crush is a more standard earth spell with MC going into increased accuracy.

When Grewog returns, you may want to grab the Dryad Aqua Blast. IIRC, it pays a little extra mp to deal bonus damage.

Frigid Fury and Star Forge are pretty basic ice and light spells.

At level 75 you may want to grab Archmage Research to have a source of harm damage until you get Voidsplinter weapons.

At lvl 70, pick up Mana Regeneration - an hp-costing mp heal spell that has great synergy with Generalist Robes' Imbue.

Purple Rain is a staple of the meta in AQ. You can check the Strategies link above for more detailed info, but the basic idea is that it acts as a save point. You cast it once, stack buffs and debuffs, then cast it again to return hp/mp/sp to what they were - but keeping all the effects.

Summon Poelala is one of your first UR GGB priorities, second only to the Poe pet. The guest itself deals no damage, but boosts the damage of your magic attacks and spells, giving it the greatest synergy with any and all nukes. Until you can get it, use the Essence of Carnage - on weapon attacks, it heals your mp based on damage dealt and stores charges to boost the damage of your next spell.

Keep Moonwalker's Grace for a little extra accuracy. To be used during the Purple Rain loop.

If you plan on buying premium packages, one of the best choices for mages would be Arcane Amplification - a qc Int booster, increasing your damage and accuracy with magical attacks and spells. To be used during the Purple Rain loop.

Arms of the Dragonguard are not qc and cost a UR, but they make your next attack an automatic LS - which is very nice for use with your nukes.


If you're willing to buy z-tokens, use them to buy GGBs in bulk until you get at least one UR. Then buy the Poe pet. As apure FO mage, you're unlikely to ever need other pets.

The only exception may be the Kindred pet, which can be toggled to generate charges for your Kindred weapon, armor or shield.


As mentioned above, your first and foremost priority is the Essence Orb to cover all your sp needs.

If you need another source of mp regen besides the spell,the weapon and the potions, Azamay Egg will become available when Grenwog comes back in a few weeks. Otherwise, grab Bell Shell to heal a bit of hp based on damage dealt. The heal is less than CoRS, but it also doesn't reduce your damage, making it better for offensive builds.

Grab Love Potion before Snugglefest leaves. It's one of the most crucial meta items, capable of inflicting a qc Control, stunning the moster - and the effect stacks with Vamp's Mesmerize as well, meaning you can get 3 rounds of stuns in one turn if you're lucky. It also currently stacks with itself, but that's probably a bug.

Taladosian Pendant is a Rare GGB, but gives mental potency, increasing your chances of inflicting Mesmerize.

Goggernaut Helm is a cheap accuracy booster that doesn't /2 for spells.

If you're willing to buy premium packages, Blood Contract gives a multiplicative damage boost that actually has no sp/mp upkeep. As an alternative, you can just grab Eye of Osiris for an Int and bth boost.

Morningstar Helm gives immunity to paralysis. If you want something a little more sp-efficient, Blood Ruby and Liquid Courage give resistances to paralysis and fear respsectively.

Power Shard: Dr. Boom has an Int drive and a compressed energy spell.

When you get a spare UR, you may consider the Prime Chaos Orb. It's a pretty interesting misc with a qc skill that shifts monster resists and increases its damage intake (at the costof dealing increased damage as well). The first cast is free, the others lock out your menu categories.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

shadow1531 -> RE: Level 63 FO Mage (3/24/2020 16:11:03)

Thanks for the feedback! So basically max Int to 250? and then put the rest into Dex?

I've been looking at this forum and it seems that FO mages and warriors are pretty much recommended the same armors and shields besides subrace armors.

RobynJoanne -> RE: Level 63 FO Mage (3/24/2020 21:17:38)

Int should be maxed ASAP. Dex is next because of accuracy unless you plan on powerleveling by following the guide in the wiki. You should follow the stat builds in that guide instead if you follow it.

That's because mages and warriors are effectively almost identical if played optimally with ele-locked armor nukes. It's still pretty similar if you like casting spells sine those armors are great for normal attacks as well, though wizard robes will play a bigger role for the largest numbers with nuke spells. The weapons are pretty much identical because of the recent update to Bloodblades that make the spell boosters as well. Shields are always chosen for their uses in the stun meta, so their auxiliary functions are most important. FO builds all use the same shields because those shields are the ones that work best with the stun meta.

shadow1531 -> RE: Level 63 FO Mage (3/25/2020 1:03:22)

Is there any good equipment for recovering MP? I already have fairy godmother G

Primate Murder -> RE: Level 63 FO Mage (3/25/2020 1:14:35)

Infinita Staff heals mp basedon damage dealt.

There's also Rejuvenating Necklace, but that's lvl 101+.

Also, Essence of Carnage guest, but only on weapon-based attacks, and Mana Bat guest, though the overall amount tendsto be lower.

shadow1531 -> RE: Level 63 FO Mage (3/25/2020 3:26:29)

Where can I find infinita staff? Also any good compression spells? Not including D-Burst and the premium spells like artic fury.

Primate Murder -> RE: Level 63 FO Mage (3/25/2020 9:08:53)

Infinita Staff is a Rare GGB that sacrifices some damage to heal mp (sp in ranged mode) based on the damage it deals.

Goggplant Parmesan seeks between water and earth.

War armor has an sp-costing spell that follows the element of your weapon.

shadow1531 -> RE: Level 63 FO Mage (3/26/2020 0:38:42)

thank you!

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