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Asollan -> Z-Token bug? (3/29/2020 12:13:22)

I bought a weapon for 2000 z-tokens just to try it out for nostalgia, it should sell back for 90% over 48 hours right? I tried selling it back not even 10 minutes later and its telling me im only going to get 500 tokens back. Why?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Z-Token bug? (3/29/2020 16:14:50)

Its 90% original price before 48 hours and 25% after 48 hours.
Feel free to report it as a Z-Token Item Bug.

joac1144 -> RE: Z-Token bug? (3/29/2020 18:04:13)

There is a bug that makes Z-Token items have a sellback of 25% right after buying them. If you wait about an hour, log out and back in, it should be sellable for 90%.

Asollan -> RE: Z-Token bug? (3/29/2020 23:01:45)

Thanks for letting me know about the bug got it sold back for 1800 ^_^

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