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Asollan -> Any max endurance builds? (3/31/2020 1:09:53)

I see the meta surrounds dex with str,int or cha. But i wanted to know if there are any good 250 end builds out there

stratuscone -> RE: Any max endurance builds? (3/31/2020 1:29:07)

althought not as meta as the ones you've mentioned, there are a few viable max END builds, like the one mentioned in my similar inquiry a few days back.

fellow forumites talk about it in detail in the thread i posted

Shiba -> RE: Any max endurance builds? (3/31/2020 5:29:01)

There's a 250 END build with 0 DEX & 0 LUK that is all about Backlash. It reflects damage back at the foe. The main way to do this is with the Rare Golden Giftbox spell "Call Dreadfiend of Nulgath". A useful item to combine it with is the Ultra Rare Golden Giftbox misc item "Prime Chaos Orb", because the above guest reflects damage as Darkness element, and this misc can make monsters weak to this element.

So: take lots of damage = deal lots of damage.

It needs some specialised gear though.

zfloydz -> RE: Any max endurance builds? (3/31/2020 13:41:39)

One may want to look at these defensive armours if going with a max endurance build:

Wicked King's Plate appears to be a nice armour!

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