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Demistic -> Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/1/2020 23:26:18)

I've been gone a LONG time and know that my EQ is out of date, so... Anyone have any advice based on my current inventory?

Here I am

Primate Murder -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 1:26:46)

Your stats are kinda all over the place. What build are you going for?

Demistic -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 1:33:11)

High damage output w/ decent survivability. Probably a melee focus since most of my weapons seem to be that.

I really have little clue as to what would work anymore. I really just want to take out war waves quickly and get rare gear. [:D]

I should note that I can cannibalize gear from these characters:
Character #1
Character #2
Character #3
Character #4

However, they're all substantially lower level, and mainly old rare storage.

BTW, to the staff: THNX for the shared vault & upgrade capabilities!

Primate Murder -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 2:41:26)

How willing are you to change your stats and equpment?

While I can suggest a full, comprehensive rating for every item category, if you just want high damage output with minimum effort, switch back to the werewolf subrace, pick up the 3 elemental variants and use the Beast Form (+Str and Dex drives) for 2x damage. Essence Orb takes care of the sp upkeep.

Demistic -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 6:41:16)

I'm willing to do a complete untrain/ retrain rebuild. As long as I don't have to sell off my rares or spend $$$ irl for a bunch of Z-tokens,

This game has evolved SOOOOOOOOO much since I last played for more than a minute or two. Heck, you don't even have to hunt down the stat trainers/ untrainer in random battles anymore.

A total overhaul is easy, I just transfer stuff to my alts if I need space (And I don't even need to bug poor Galanoth to do it anymore. WOOT! Seriously, if you ever peek in, thanks so much for all your work back then.

RobynJoanne -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 11:54:06)

As Primate Murder mentioned, switching to werewolf subrace would be the fastest and most immediate way to increase your damage output, especially for this war, as you are already using your Giga Dragon Buster to clear out waves and Beast Form keeps your element seeking. I'd also recommend picking up Ironthorn from the Berserker class shop for the increased damage and upgrading to Chieftain's Ironthorn when possible. Essence of Carnage is a free booster guest in its Rampant mode.

Note: these are suggestions that will serve as the core of your gameplay but are by no means comprehensive. This is an abridged rating to maximize your damage output in the war.

Demistic -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 13:16:09)

Any recomended stat changes?

Off to cure my werepyre...

Woah! That is a nice dmg boost! MAJOR SP suck though. [&:]

Wouldn't a werepyre's form, or a dracopyre offer similar or greater @ their lvl. 10?

RobynJoanne -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 15:25:46)

That's what Essence Orb is for.

Werepyre is for 0-Dex hybrids. Dracopyre hasn't been updated yet. Of the three updated Darkovian subraces, Werepyre does indeed have the strongest Beast Form, as it pays more SP and MP than the other two subraces.

Recommended stat changes relies on what build you plan on using. Regardless, it's generally recommended that one focuses on a couple of stats instead of spreading out your stat points.

Demistic -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 15:46:25)

I see, I'm looking to kick monster as..paragus in as few turns as possible while taking as little damage as possible. Beyond that...I have no clue as to what is or isn't effective. Iused to play survive first and whittle them down, but that bored me right out of the game.


I can't speak for all the warmongers out there since most people are on Discord, which Kay Oh kindly linked to earlier in this thread. I personally run an Imbue build with a focus on old-lean elelocked skills. I can beat every mob in at most two turns.

Being able to KO most non-boss monsters in 2 turns is the goal. [sm=zorb_smilie.gif]

Also, to show how much of a n00b I am, Ididn'trealize that you not only had to equip the Essense Orb, but click it to use it. Oops. [&o]

RobynJoanne -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 16:57:45)

You will probably want to be a warrior, mage, or hybrid, then. Warriors generally have 250 in Str, Dex, and Luk/Cha, and mages generally have 250 in Int, Dex, and Luk/Cha. Luk is for pure builds with boosters, and Cha is for beastmaster builds. The stats are listed in the order that they should be prioritized. Hybrids are a bit different in that one must choose between using Werepyre armors or playing a more traditional hybrid. Werewolf is for warriors, so you'll want to maximize Str and untrain Int if you wish to stay with what you are using. If money is of concern, mages are generally considered "cheaper" because their boosters "only" cost UR Golden Giftboxes. Golden Giftboxes are the lootboxes of AQ and cost Z-tokens.

You must be realistic with what you are expecting. My personal build uses a mixture of rare, premium, and Z-token items along with more accessible items. It's not exactly possible for you to replicate what the best characters can do (not that I'm saying that my character is one of the best because it's very much not). Giga Dragon Buster in Beast Form is already pretty close to the maximum amount of damage one can do F2P. All you're missing is the guest I mentioned previously and a strong misc like Minotaur's Pride or Sword Master Emblem, the latter of which is easily accessible in Yulgar's Shop. So, I'd like to ask: how many Z-tokens are you able and willing to spend?

There's a reason we link the info subs to items instead of just listing them out. It's always more helpful for people to read and understand the items themselves rather than just have us tell them everything.

Demistic -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 18:21:32)

That was an excellent breakdown for me, thnx. I figured that everyone's build is unique to some degree.

I'm unfortunately limited to F2P for AQ for awhile. (Blew my budget over on DF for the full DoomKnight setup.)

Thnx for all the help. Looks like I'm gonna be a warrior and save up them Golden Gift boxes each month.

What are the sort of prices we're looking at here? I'd like to know how much to budget in $$ and/ or Z-Tokens

RobynJoanne -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 18:46:26)

40k DCs is sufficient for you to get everything that you'll need to do all the in-game content in DF, so it's a good purchase.

We have Donation Contests in the summer and in the winter, so if you're lucky, you could receive some Z-tokens from the very generous players in the community.

In the future, I wouldn't really recommend blowing your Z-token hoard on items that you'll outgrow and estate buildings unless you have a ton of them. The estate items don't really contribute to general gameplay for the most part and require quite a bit of Z-tokens to manage. The museum was a good purchase since it'll get you a free monthly GGB, but it doesn't give any benefits when upgraded. With regards to items, GGB items scale with your level, so they're a much safer and generally stronger option.

Do note that we still haven't given you a full recommendation on what items to use for general questing. My recommendations are only for nuking, which is what you'll probably do. You'll still benefit from rounding out your inventory with more general recommendations, especially weapons. I kind of feel bad for this, but I'm just going to leave that job to the Beast of Gaia and the Legendary Ash since they're far more adept at that.

Edit* It's really up to you how much you want to spend. Boosters are the most important items to pick up for offensive builds, so you'll want at least two UR GGBs as a mage or one UR GGB and $50 as a warrior (this is why people call mages cheaper: they don't have to spend real money to get their booster pet). Other than that, the best armors in the game, the Bloodzerker and Bloodmage armors, also cost a UR GGB each. The best weapons in the game, the Bloodblades, cost a R GGB each. Those are the most important items to get from GGBs, and you'll want to eventually have enough to pick up those things. Really though, subrace armors should serve you well, as they are some of the best armors in the game.

Demistic -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 18:52:28)

All my Estate stuff was bought long ago, now I just blow gold on it. Besides, the house itself is the investment. I sold it for 50k+ when I first came back...*Feels like an idiot for spending it*

Also, which do you suggest... LUK or CHA. I mean, if I go with CHA, I do have a Big Clone just sitting there collecting dust... [&:]

$50, while not cheap, isn't awful. I've spent much more here than that before *STILL can't find the Sword of the Reaper he once had. Thinks Karma came back and bithim for pestering Galanoth so much back then*

RobynJoanne -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 19:11:58)

Using the house interest is generally how returning players get most of the best items in the game. 50k Z-tokens would probably have been plenty if you had used them more wisely. There's a very good chance that you would have gotten at least a couple of UR GGBs, which would be sufficient to revamp your character.

Cha is better for now since you don't have traditional boosters. Luk is better with boosters. Regardless, Str and Dex are your priority stats. Cha and Luk are secondary stats for offensive characters.

Demistic -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 19:13:34)

Excellent. I'm at the trainers right now, so...

Yeah...Spent that 50k before planning on returning....

OH! Are any of the SO sets highly recommended?

RobynJoanne -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 19:24:36)

SO set? Could you give an example of one? I don't know what you're referring to.

Demistic -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 19:28:57)

Special Offer sets, like DF's DoomKnight... Ummm...Like the Champion of Akriloth Set

PS: I should get that set by virtue of that was the first series of battles I tried... Lvl. 1 Adventurer vs. Fire Dragon's minions... You figure out the winner. [;)]

RobynJoanne -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 19:37:53)

Ahh. Z-token package items are generally referred to as such or premium items since they cost IRL money.

None of the sets are generally recommended because they are usually weaker than items available in-game, though certain premium items are recommended for certain builds. Pet Dunamis is, for example, highly recommended for warriors and costs $50.

Demistic -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 19:40:26)

I see. Strange, the package items used to be the UBER items. Times change, as do marketing strategies.

RobynJoanne -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 19:49:19)

Well, the Ubers are the yearly Mastercraft sets. Those do have some great items, but they're no longer that special since most items have MC bonuses now. Those and the Premium Sets do have Full Set Bonuses, though.

Demistic -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 19:53:06)

Huh... Like the old Golden set then... Hmmm. Any of those I should go out of my way for? Already have the Nemesis set, though I'm not that impressed. The Warlord set too.

What am I looking for in the URGGBs BTW?

RobynJoanne -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/2/2020 20:10:22)

Kindred is by far one of the best sets in the game. The armor is straight up the strongest in the game, though it takes time to charge. The other sets have a couple of good items here and there that someone who's doing a full character rating will probably tell you about.

Nemesis is outdated, so it'll be weaker than a revamped set.

I mentioned the most important ones in an edit of a previous reply. They're the ones that are pretty universal for offensive builds. The Dragonguard Spell/Skill is also really great for a practically guaranteed lucky strike. It's really important that you choose your endgame build though for the items that are recommended to you. I'd recommend asking for help with choosing your UR GGB in a new thread once you have one so that you don't spend your precious UR GGBs on something that's less of a priority.

Primate Murder -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/3/2020 2:40:52)

It's probably a good idea to check out Commonly Used Strategies, particulalry the Purple Rain loop one, if you want as much damage as possible at minimum risk. The basic idea is to cast Purple Rain as a save point, stun-lock the monster, stack buffs and debuffs, cast Purple Rain again to regain all sp/mp spent, and nuke the monster with elecomped skills.

Based on your stats, I presume you're going for a pure warrior, so that's what I'm basing my suggestions on.


Unfortunately, you missed out on both Regal Dragonblade and Thundersplitter, so I suggest making energy your no-drop, with the Awe special aligned to PWD.

Lorekeeper's Oath in your storage gives you harm compression for low-resist monsters.

As mentioned by RJ, the Kindred sword has great utility, giving you a chargable autohit.

The best wind weapons are rare or premium, so just pick something simple like the Fujin spear.

MagnaBlade is one of the 2 remaining weapons that still give you +30% damage boost (at the expense of taking +25/1.4% damage).

When you have a spare Rare GGB, grab Terrazerker Blade, as it is undisputably the strongest earth weapon, paying a small hp cost for+20% damage. Until then, the Frogzard Sword compresses an elelocked earth armor with a skill.

For light, you have several good choices. Lumenomancer Bloodblade is pretty much a light copy of the Terrazerker. Zabura's Hammer and Morningstar Cross, on the other hand, can be clicked on to activate a skill dealing increased damage - which has great synergy with Beast From or Bloodzerker armor toggles. The Cross' skill is a little stronger, but it's a 100-proc weapon, meaning it will be weaker on regular attacks.

If you can afford the tokens, keep upgrading Terror Eater as you level up - its Eat Terror skill has great synergy with Werewolf' quickcast Snarl, Ironthorn and Beast Form / Bloodzerker. If not, grab Jalek's Panic Reaver. It also eats fear, but instead of damage it increases your accuracy and Lucky Strike rate.


The strongest skills (outside of stackables like Kindred or Eat Fear) are on old standard armors - ones that have literally op (by modern standards) elecomp bonus to damage and can be further booster by Ironthorn. Outside of premiums and permarares, we have 3 of them - Horo Show, Taladosian and White Knight Z (tokens).

Blazing, Quenching and Terra Bloodzerkers are the strongest armors for their respective elements, with hp-cost damage boost and a toggle for 2x elelocked damage that synergizes with Eat Fear / Zabura's / Cross - but they're all URs. Until you can afford them, Torontosaurus Rex (stronger than usual weapon-based skill), WHEEL (old standard, but a bit weaker due to compression) and your Werewolf Transformation should cover those elements.

Wind doesn't really have anything exceptional (that's not premium, at least), so just keep Rage Beast.

Angel of Souls has a weapon-based darkness skill that's only exceptional in that it costs hp, not sp or mp, making it easily spammable.

Finally, 2 utility armors worth mentioning:

Whispering Raiment gives you +105 Initiative (as long as you're at least lvl 5 Assassin), increasing your chances to go first in battle.

Kindred, mentioned by RJ, can unleash a skill with up to 6x damage of a standard attack, that follows your weapon element and can be boosted by Ironthorn - but it has to be charged beforehand. What makes it really broken is the fact that the Kindred charges transfer between battles - meaning you can spend 5 minutes with the Combat Trainer stacking charges, then go and kill nearly any boss in the game with a barrage of Kindred Strikes. Probably not something you'd want as an everyday armor, but certainly worth a storage slot.


Cerberus Ward compresses fire/dark, allowing you to fit in Ironthorn.

Water has several good options. Celtic Wheel has an Int drive, giving you enough mp to cast Moonwalker's Grace. Kindred shield gathers charges for a quickcast sp heal. Logos, on Satonis secondary character, has a toggle to boost your blocking.

Fujin shield gives you a Dex drive for extra accuracy and blocking.

Ice has several good choices, but as you don't have Dunamis/Thernda pet and guest, I'd suggest Pies - its Cha drive gives a little extra boost to your beasts. Help them help you!

Golem Guard has a toggle to lower incoming damage.

When you get a spare UR, grab Dragon Head shield for a boost to your LS rate. Until then, Moonfang Omen heals your sp on block.


As mentioned by RJ, Essence of Carnage guest provides a boost to your melee and ranged damage, while also giving Backlash.

Purple Rain, mentioned in the beginning, allows you to stack qc buffs/debuffs at no cost.

Moonwalker's Grace gives you bonus Dex (accuracy, blocking and Ranged damage), though it costs mp.

If you're up to buying premium packages, Buffalot's Beach Bod is a qc Str booster.

Imanok Edoc (in your storage) gives a qc MRM bonus.

Warmaster's Burst SPells deal 1.5x spell damage for an hp cost. There are also more generic Str-using SPells for every element, but you'll probably do more damage in Beast Form, so there's no real reason to use them.

Finally, there's the Imbues. They all cost tokens, so I don't know how relevant it would be to you, but Imbues are qc SPells that change the element of your next attack or skill (not spell!) and oftentimes have some other useful gimmick. For example, using Fire Dragon Talon, you change Horo Show's skill to fire element and gain 50% extra damage. Terror Fist can change WKZ's nuke to darkness and inflict damage-based Fear which can then be nuked using Eat Fear (which can also be imbued for an infinite fear-eating loop).


The best pets for a pure build would be Thernda and Dunamis, which boost your Ranged and Melee damage using Dex and Str respectively (instead of Cha), but they're both premium. With that in mind, here are some reasonable alternatives:

Underwyrmling is the only pet in the game that can harm monster sp.

Kindred pet gathers charges - enough that you can autohit with your Kindred sword every turn.

Mutant Egg pet from Grenwog (may go rare next week!) has a chance to paralyze the monster. It's a pretty reasonable choice for both wind and energy elements.

Frost Effigy has a chance to Freeze the monster, giving it great synergy with Blazing Bloodzerker or Torontosaurus.

Morningstar pet toggles to randomly inflict either DefLoss or EleVuln, increasing accuracy or damage of your attacks.

Your Lepre-Chan boost the damage of all light element attacks.

Model 294 toggles to inflict EleVuln.


Keep Essence Orb to take care of your sp.

When you reach lvl 105, grab Shadowfeeder Pendant for qc celerity. Likewise, when Snugglefest comes back. make sure to pick up Love Potion, as a qc stun is pretty op.

There are several miscs you can use for damage - Sword Master Emblem,mentioned by RJ, Minotaur's Pride (from lvl 102) and Sniper's Scope, Eye of Osiris for Str and bth, and a pretty wide variety of others.

Goggernaut Helm gives a cheap accuracy boost to every attack on the field - not good for your blocking, but great for helping your skills and your pets hit the monster.

Bell Shell heals your hp for a portion of damage dealt. The heal is less than CoRS', but it doesn't reduce your damage, making the misc overall better for offensive builds.

Morningstar Helm gives immunity to paralysis. If you want something a little more sp-efficient, Blood Ruby and Liquid Courage give resistances to paralysis and fear respectively.

Terror Visage increases your chances of inflicting fear (for Terror Eater / Jalek's Reaver shenanigans).

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Demistic -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/3/2020 5:16:37)

Yay! A shopping list! RJ, Primate, thank you both so much for your help. After I can hit my goal of 1k dead dragons I'll devote myself to getting that line up going.

Now back to dragons! Hope Void blood won't stain my fur. [;)]

I have one RGGB, use it or save it for URGGB?

Awe!!! set to PWD
Lorekeeper's Oath
Kindred Sword
Fujin Spear
TerraZerker Blade
Lumenomancer Bloodblade
Terror Eater

White Knight Z
Taladosian Robes
Horo Show
Blazing Bloodzerker
Quenching Bloodzerker
Terra Bloodzerker
Kindred Armour

Ironthorn Shield
Cerberus Ward
Kindred Shield
Fujin Shield
Golem Guard
Moonfang Omen
Celtic Wheel

Correction, I have 4 RGGBS and 19 CGGBs, save or use?

Also, I keep seeing the term 100-proc, what's that? I know it has a relation to spec_proc, (Old School MUDder) but not the relation to the 100. Is this the % of occurance of something?

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Eep! Sorry, forum skills are a bit rusty. Thnx for assist Affinity

RobynJoanne -> RE: Seeking ideas for a rebuild (5/3/2020 11:43:29)

Proc rate is the rate at which a weapon special occurs. 20-proc, for example, means the weapon will activate its special 20% of the time. 0-proc weapons do *1.08 damage because without a special, they would normally be weaker. This makes them preferable for offensive characters because weapon specials don't take into account armor lean. On the other hand, defensive characters prefer 100-proc weapons because they'd do less damage with normal attacks because of their armor leans.

I've noticed that you haven't aligned your Awe special or your no-drop element. Awe specials can be aligned by going to Valencia and clicking on Awe Equipment! followed by clicking on Align Weapon Special. PWD is preferred because of the weapon special thing I just mentioned. Your no-drop element can be changed at the Guardian Tower through Nimrod by clicking on Guardian Equipment.

While White Knight Z is the strongest non-stacking armor in the game, it's really meant for endgame unless you wish to spend your Z-tokens liberally. The AQ wiki that Primate Murder linked to does have a leveling guide that takes advantage of your house if you'd like to get to max level, and thus optimize your gear without redundant questing, as soon as possible

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