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1997p3 -> Viability of bloodmage/bloodzerker inventory (7/21/2020 8:44:05)

So, I realised, between these two characters I have ( Poe mage and warrior), I have 36 rare and 4 UR GGBs

Is it viable to get all the bloodblade/bloodzerler swords from the rare GGBs, as well as the like 4 bloodmages for my mage? Or is there a better way to spend my giftboxes?

Or maybe at least fire bloodzerker for warrior for zardnado farming

Additionally, anything worth getting for a adventurer 100 proc ranger?


Primate Murder -> RE: Viability of bloodmage/bloodzerker inventory (7/21/2020 11:56:09)

Bloodmages and Bloodzerkers are among the strongest armors in the game (as can be seen here).

Bloodblades are great for direct attacks, but if you're using Bloodzerkers, their synergy with the Morningstar Cross makes it a preferred nuking weapon.

There are several weapons that are better at spell-boosting (for your mage) than Bloodblades - Tsunami Pen, Arctic Athame, your Arcane Cutlass.

Some of the other GGBs you may want to pick up for them:


- Voidsplinter Tether or Sunderer give you a source of harm damage without the need for compression. Alternatively, Agony's Embrace has ~20% damage bonus.

- Arms of the Dragonguard (your next strike becomes LS) and Angry Trobble (multiple turn bth boost) are not qc, but can be useful in certain situations in conjunction with Purple Rain.

- Taladosian Pendant gives Mental Potency to maximize your chances of inflicting Mesmerize.


- As above, you have better choices for a harm weapon, one of them being Gloom Glaive.

- Since you have Ranged weapons and old standard armors, you'd want a Call Thernda spell as well.

- As above, Arms of the Dragonguard spell could come in handy.

As for your ranger... have you considered switching those 175 points from Luck to Cha? As a defensive build, you could noticably benefit from some quality pets and guests.

1997p3 -> RE: Viability of bloodmage/bloodzerker inventory (7/21/2020 20:56:10)

Hmm, I think I will probably wont get bloodblades for my mage then

Why does thernda benefit old armor standards? O.o

I was thinking of changing my ranger to 250 dex luck, 175 cha

Thanks for the recommendations!

RobynJoanne -> RE: Viability of bloodmage/bloodzerker inventory (7/21/2020 21:46:34)

Bloodblades are still fantastic for spellcasting. There are just some weapons that are better for certain elements, but these weapons don't exist for every element. Primate Murder has already listed most of these weapons. I think Blackbones is the only other spellbooster that's better than an equivalent Bloodblade.

Old-lean armor skills are locked to Ranged and Magic, depending on one's stats, since they came before the distinction between Ranged and Melee, which were essentially the same at max stats. Thus, Dunamis doesn't provide a boost to them.

Spidercliff -> RE: Viability of bloodmage/bloodzerker inventory (7/23/2020 18:58:03)

Does anyone know the difference between the Legendary Bloodmancer weapons and the regular Bloodmancer weapons? I can't find this information anywhere. I'm assuming something got changed/nerfed and the Legendary versions are as they existed at that point in time. AKA Legendary Hydromancer Bloodblade vs Hydromancer Bloodblade.

lolerster -> RE: Viability of bloodmage/bloodzerker inventory (7/23/2020 19:29:03)

They are functionally the same. Legendary versions were the originals before they left the shop.

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