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Jay -> Await The Calm (All Versions) (8/17/2020 6:14:00)

Await The Calm

Location: Friday the 13th 14th - The Angel of Azaveyr -> To the War! -> Await The Calm
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of No Rest For Dragons, 50% War Meter*
Release Date: August 18th, 2020

Objective: The Angel, revealed!
Objective completed: No one is taking your dragon away!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*Uaanta defeats a Possessed Mage Bones and takes a fierce battle stance.*

Uaanta: Let's keep moving before more show up.
<Character>: How are you holding up, Uaanta?
Uaanta: I'm fine. I've been through much worse in all my years.
Uaanta: But it does pain me to see Darkness used against the Makers in such a way.
<Character>: This is the kind of Darkness that I've had to deal with my whole career.
<Character>: It's been filled with Doom and destruction, for the most part.
Uaanta: So much wasted power and potential...
???: And what would you use such power for, Champion of the Avatars?

*Alarmed, you an Uaanta turn to face the unknown voice; before you sits the Angel of Azaveyr.*

<Character>: Was she always right there?
Uaanta: I didn't see her either!
<Dragon>: Hiss!
Uaanta: What should we do? I'm all for attacking her, but if you want to talk... Well, it's worked before.
<Character>: Thank you for your trust, Uaanta.
Uaanta: If she makes any wrong moves, I'll blast her.
???: We can hear you, you know.

*You and Uaanta stop whispering.*

<Character>: I apologize for whispering, uh, Angel of Azaveyr, but we have come to retrieve the artifact that you stole.
Voyna: Please, call us Voyna. And please, answer our question, Uaanta.
Voyna: You call this a waste. But what would you use this power for?
<Character>: Hold up, we're the ones asking–
Voyna: No.
Voyna: You intruded on our resting grounds, and interrupted our meditation.
Voyna: We would like to know what drives you.

Voyna: Then we answer you.
Uaanta: It's okay, <Character>.
Uaanta: Voyna, you wish to know how I would use this immense power of Darkness?
Uaanta: I would wield it to protect those that could not protect themselves, and to strike down those who would dare oppose the decree of the Makers.
Voyna: Then we are more alike than you think, Uaanta.
Uaanta: No. You stole from the Makers, and you use this Darkness against their will.
Voyna: This Darkness, this Doom, is but a tool. We use it to protect those that cannot defend themselves.
Voyna: We defend this continent from the scourge, the betrayal of the dragons!
Voyna: And yet you claim moral superiority because the Avatars tell you that your actions are correct.
Uaanta: <Character>, may I strike this Maleurous yet?
Voyna: So full of righteous fury. We know that feeling well.
<Character>: Uaanta, calm down.
Voyna: But you have sated our curiosity, for now. We will answer your questions.
<Character>: Who... are you, exactly? The Avatars called you "The Angel of Azaveyr".
Voyna: We are warrior and spirit, bound by ancient pact. We saved our people from the betrayal of the dragons, and we defend them still.
Voyna: We are the Angel!

*You hear the sound of a cloak being lifted as the Maleurous reveals their true identity; a tall woman with gold and black attire and bone white hair now stands before you, with a birthmark in the shape of an angel's wing around her eyes.*

Voyna: We know why you are here, servants of the Avatars. You are here to retrieve what is so precious to them.
<Character>: What did you steal, exactly?
Voyna: You see?

Voyna: Do you see?
<Character>: I'm sorry, what?
Voyna: You serve these masters, yet they do not give you the information you need.
Voyna: They hide and obscure knowledge. They send you to your Doom, expecting faith and trust in return.
<Character>: What about you? Do you not serve Doom against the Avatars?
Voyna: We serve nothing but our own justice. If that aligns us against the Avatars, so be it.
Voyna: Where were they when our villages were destroyed by the dragons who swore to protect them?
Voyna: Where were they when our comrades fell in the mountains, far from home, to dragonbreath and claws?
Voyna: No, they were not with us, but the Whisper was.
Voyna: The Whisper understood our pain. Our helplessness.
Voyna: And so we accepted it, and we saved our people.
Voyna: And now... we are one.
<Character>: So because the Avatars didn't help you, you're opposed to them? That seems so petty.
Voyna: The Avatars are fools who cannot clean up their own messes.
Voyna: We will stop the threat of the dragons.
<Character>: So that's what you took from them. Something that will help you defeat dragons?
Voyna: Yes.

*Your dragon, who has fallen asleep during the dialogue, now stirs.*

Voyna: And we will save all of Lore from the inevitable betrayal.
Voyna: Including yours.
<Dragon>: *Yaaaaaaawn*

If you have a Dragon Amulet:
<Dragon>: Did I miss something again? There was a whole lot of talking, so I took a nap.

*Your dragon looks up at Voyna.*

<Dragon>: Hello, angry lady!

If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
<Dragon>: *Confused chirp.*

*Your dragon looks up at Voyna.*

<Dragon>: *Greetings growl!*

<Character>: I won't let you touch <Dragon>! <Dragon> would never betray me!
Voyna: Did it not happen already before?

Voyna: With... Caitiff?
<Character>: That wasn't a betrayal! <Dragon> was forced to–
Voyna: We make our own choices. <Dragon> made theirs, and allowed itself to be used against you.
Voyna: Who is to say it wouldn't make that decision again?
Voyna: We suppose it would be a waste of all of our time for us to ask that you forfeit the dragon to us willingly?
<Character>: I would never!

*Uaanta rushes past you and attacks Voyna; however it is just an illusion, and she instead strikes another Possessed Mage Bones.*

Voyna: We like you, Uaanta. You're decisive.

Voyna: You regret nothing.
Voyna: Come. We await you still, deeper in the catacombs.
Voyna: That dragon will know the path.

*Uaanta looks determined to find and defeat this Maleurous in particular.*

Uaanta: Don't worry, <Character>. We're not letting this one get away.
<Character>: No, we aren't.

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • *Due to delays, the cutscene was released at 70% War Meter.
  • Completion of this quest will reveal the Angel of Azaveyr back at the war camp.

  • Jay -> RE: Await The Calm (All Versions) (8/18/2020 17:12:00)

    Await The Calm

    Location: Friday the 13th 14th - The Angel of Azaveyr -> To the War! -> Await The Calm
    Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of No Rest For Dragons, 50% War Meter
    Release Date: August 17th, 2020

    Objective: Looks like you're here a bit early. Oops.
    Objective completed: Might as well be patient. No need to be rude!

    Scaled Yes/No: No
    Experience rewarded: 0
    Gold rewarded: 0





    *The Angel of Azaveyr continues to sit in the darkness; you, Uaanta, and your dragon have surprisingly joined her.*

    <Character>: ...
    Uaanta: ...
    <Dragon>: ...
    ???: ...
    <Character>: Um... Hello?
    ???: ...
    Uaanta: Should we... do something?
    ???: We are meditating.

    ???: Come back later.
    <Character>: Understandable, have a nice day.
    ???: Thanks.
    Uaanta: You don't mind if we smash up more skeletons while we wait, do you?
    ???: Knock yourselves out.

    *Scene cuts to black; jovial music begins playing.*

    You're all breezing through this war much faster than we anticipated!

    The story will progress when we manage to catch up to you!

    Thanks for understanding! <3

    (This is not actually the 50% cutscene)

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • This quest acted as a placeholder for the real 50% cutscene.

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