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andreasvj -> Havent played in a long time (8/20/2020 13:40:38)

https://aq.battleon.com/game/flash/charview?temp=16313380 < Character link

I havent played in a long time and i feel really ineffective at the moment, i went and grabbed the paladin armor and leveled that and tried it a bit, but generally I have no idea what I'm doing, Is my build even viable? How do i make it work effectively?

I'd like help with both items i should grab, if any of the items i have are flat out something i shouldn't be using at this point, that sort of thing. >.< its been a very long time so i have no idea what im supposed to be doing

No money/Tokens required please :p

joac1144 -> RE: Havent played in a long time (8/20/2020 14:04:32)

Why 5 INT?
Train STR to 250, followed by 250 DEX.
Make sure that your equipment is appropriately leveled.
Remember that you can change your equipment before a battle starts by going to the settings and enable it.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Havent played in a long time (8/20/2020 15:16:13)

For Stats shift Int/End to raise Str/Dex to 250, afterwards Luck towards 250.
Set Awe element to Wind for Weapon, Armor and Shield, align special to PWD through Valencia to remove other random specials.

Grakma Butcherer from Mecha Knight > Blunderlass returns on Blarney, next year's March
Kindred's Enlightenment
Horo-show Void Vanquisher click to toggle from Ice to Harm element
Frogzard Sword
Pixel Blade
Greater Bright Blade of Victory
Sell Might, Fusion and store Ultra to French

War's Legacy for Afraid against enemy's Cha
Kindred's Valiance
Horo-show Void Vigilante
Werewolf for Snarl a quickcast Afraid against enemy's End, a second no drop, after completing Werewolf subrace's 11th mission
Umazen Emancipator Armour from Umazen Civil War > Advanced Holy Armor from this week's Paladin update release
Angel of Souls from Death's Domain Nowhere
Sell Regime to Doubt and Holy

Grakma-Hide Shield from Mecha Knight/ Shield of Agony's Blood
Kindred's Devotion
Cryo Chrono Shield/ Horo-show Void Vindicator
Sell Saga and store Reflexes, Accordion

Catnip Senses
Mending Vines
Purifying Pollen
Cure Deadly Poisons
Imanok Edoc from Yulgar's Memorial shop
Purple Rain for Rewind ability, which returns resources to previous save point, use with status conditions
Sell Scrambler to Elder and store Kiss

Floating Pie/ Underwyrmling from Escape the Wicked King
Vayu's Pique
Ice Cream Golem
Disgusting Eye Spy/ Gym Rat from The Waning of Famine returns on Harvest Festival on November
Pikazard from Frogzard Hunter shop
Fairy Godmother click hand to toggle among Light, Hp or Mp Heal from Guardian Tower's shop
Model 294 from Mecha Knight/ Skele-Brain a click to toggle between damage or Paralysis Darkness pet from Chessmaster: Dark Tidings
Sell Resurrection, Sacragon, kitten, Shark and store Soluna, Elf, Dino

Ancient Dragon Knight's Crest for Burn
Father's Day Sock returns on Father's day, next year's June
Void Visor
Irt of Osiris
Mecha Knight Power Core from Mecha Knight
Shadowfeeder Pendant for Celerity
Essence Orb
Sell Pride, Horo Visor, Trophy, Mighty and store V1 unless Minotaur day, Ether

andreasvj -> RE: Havent played in a long time (8/20/2020 15:22:15)

Storing would require me a number of Z-tokens, right?
I'm also assuming the ones you suggested to store are rares?

Thank you for the help! :)

and, how come the horo-snow is worse than the regular visor? It seems to just have flat out higher stats

Legendary Ash -> RE: Havent played in a long time (8/20/2020 16:07:04)

Some of the ones to be stored are GGBs that consist of both permanent (Sidekick/Land Shark/French) and rare (Krieger), the Legendary tag on Soluna identifies it as the first version which went rare, however the item was brought back due to popular demand with a differentiated name.

The remainder are rares from past events, which are from Frostval and Ballyhoo.

To afford slots at a cost of 100 Token each, enemies with a minimum of Lv-10 should be farmed to hit the daily 50 Token cap, Guardians have a higher chance than Adventurer's 10% to 11% chance taken from a sample size greater than 1300 wins.

andreasvj -> RE: Havent played in a long time (8/20/2020 16:21:44)

Right! Good to know, thank you! And yeah, i remember everyone was very excited about the solune when it came out

I assume you mean for me to use the frostvale merc blade as my ice coverage?

Oh, and, what's the reason between horo-snow and regular void visors?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Havent played in a long time (8/20/2020 16:35:41)

Horo-show Visor used to be superior to the normal version due to its higher stats and lower upkeep from its turn cost, however the downside is that if the player needs to switch between miscs, it would still have the turn cost for each equip.
When it was updated from subtractive to multiplicative resistance, the Devs recalled the negative feedback about its turn cost by some forumers, and decided to remove it giving it a non-discounted upkeep.
Unless you really want slightly higher blocking and an End stat boost from the Horo version, lower upkeep would be beneficial when using Essence orb to convert Hp to Sp for armor skills.

The Celerity/Immobility and nuke strategy involves spending resources to attempt to inflict immobility on the enemy, which if that should fail and most likely against a quest's boss with a Boss Boost +30 to saves against status conditions that weaken or immobilize it, a resistance misc is equipped on Celerity's turn after a normal turn and an armor's Element locked and compensated skills are used in the unintended way against the enemy's weakest resistance to deliver high damage.
The intended way is that the element of the skill is used with respect to the smallest product of [armor's resistance divided by expected resistance at character's Lv] multiplied by compensation according to the Elemental wheel [130 divided by one among (Correct = 130, Ally = 115, Neutral = 100, Poor = 85, Opposite = 70)].

andreasvj -> RE: Havent played in a long time (8/20/2020 16:53:31)

Is there an example of this setup in use? the celerity/immobility one that is, I'm curious to see it to more properly understand it, I feel very out of my depth! Immobility would come from war's legacy and the werewolf setup primarily?

Trying to figure out how exactly its supposed to work but I'm not particularly good at using my brain.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Havent played in a long time (8/20/2020 17:25:41)

1. Start with casting Purple Rain to make a save point, your Hp/Mp/Sp values are saved.

2. Click the settings button below the Sp bar to set Pet to not attack to prevent Pet from attempting Celerity and thereby removes its portion of the cost.

3. Equip to click Shadowfeeder Pendant to attempt to stack Celerity and equip War's Legacy to stack Afraid that is spread over 4 turns that has a turn cost or Werewolf to cast Snarl up to the cap of 2 per turn, the goal is to have Celerity and Afraid end up with same turn duration, at any point Essence Orb can be equipped to refill Sp for the attempts, however conserve about 10% to 20% of the Sp bar to pay for Purple Rain after Hp is depleted to 1%.

4. Once finished with Celerity/Immobility, click settings to set Pet back to attack and cast Purple Rain until success at restoring resources to the saved values.

5. Use Elemental locked armors skills against the enemies' weakest resistance while having Ironthorn's Str boost toggled to increase damage, if Immobility duration is depleted, switch to correct element shield and resist misc on Celerity's turn, swap between the two setups as long as Celerity durations are not depleted.

andreasvj -> RE: Havent played in a long time (8/20/2020 18:54:04)

Thank you! :)

andreasvj -> RE: Havent played in a long time (8/20/2020 21:58:44)

I cant seem to find purple rain in warlick's shop??
Has it quietly been moved, or am i blind?


Legendary Ash -> RE: Havent played in a long time (8/20/2020 23:14:31)

As Purple Rain was made to celebrate the life of Prince, it was moved to Yulgar's Memorial shop, which was released at a later date than the spell.

andreasvj -> RE: Havent played in a long time (8/21/2020 17:56:12)

Is there any resource for what's particularly good that's accessible

Stuff like i see around the blazing bloodzerker fire weapon, which i actually have? From a golden box

Aswell as the armor and the like, since i am a guardian so i'll be getting a box a month and all that

I also cant seem to find the cephalopod?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Havent played in a long time (8/21/2020 20:01:48)

Talk Like A Pirate Day > Click Rhubarb's hand with the map for Hunt for Treasure

At Pending Guides the Optimization Academy of Lore are compilations of equipment with indicators for weapon special proc, armor leans, offensive or defensive status conditions, seasonal/token and GGB/Guardian/Guardian Account sorted by single elements, multielement and compression.

The Bloodzerker Swords and Armors are best for Warriors while Bloodblades and Bloodmage are best for Hybrids/Mages.

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