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battlesiege15 -> Nightmare Queen and Khandie Lore (12/22/2020 8:49:47)

Could someone give me a brief rundown of the Lore surrounding the Nightmare Queen and Khandie? I'm not sure what's going on for this Frostval story line so would appreciate it. And I would kindly request pertaining to this year's quests to be put in spoiler tags for those who may stumble onto this thread (
[spoiler] Text goes here [/spoiler]

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Nightmare Queen and Khandie Lore (12/22/2020 10:09:18)

The easiest way to catch up is to read the quest entries that involve Khandie. Here's her 'pedia page with the quest links.

battlesiege15 -> RE: Nightmare Queen and Khandie Lore (12/22/2020 15:58:43)

Perfect, thank you!

Psychatik -> RE: Nightmare Queen and Khandie Lore (1/16/2021 6:16:29)

The link for the 2012 Freeze-gion doesn't work, so there's currently no way to actually read that dialogue.

I really wish they'd just make an archive in game with Faleron in the library or the Hall of Memories that has EVERY single war and seasonal event there that we can relive. Like the current story has the Queen love our character, but i only could read the July Forstvaal event from 10+ years ago from Zorbak using it on her ot make her love him instead.

It's so confusing to follow along with the story, even the event as of today, if you click Today's Events, it says FROSTVAL on all four buttons with different sub titles, but no indication which comes first or last. So confusing.

Mike Dragonblade -> RE: Nightmare Queen and Khandie Lore (1/16/2021 12:03:31)

Here is the Link for all the Frostval Quest from 2012. The direct link probably doesn't work because, I guess, at some point they deleted the individual records and put them all together here.

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