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Frostval 2012

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1/10/2013 20:29:48   
Times Silent Keeper

Decorate the Battleon Tree!
Pretty tree is pretty :D

«Scene: Battleon. Snow has descended on Battleon!»

Robina: «You»! So good to see you!
«You»: Hi Robina! What happened to the fountain that was in the town's square?
Robina: Yulgar had to remove it due to the frigid weather, something about pipes freezing and bursting. He said it made the town look empty so he replaced it with a tree!
Robina: He has such an eye for those type of things.
«You»: Huh, it seems a little... plain doesn't it? I bet with a little hunting I could really spruce it up!
Robina: Hunting? I love hunting! I bet some Zard pelts and Behemoth teeth would look really nice, «You»!
«You»: What..? Ew, no! I mean we could look around, I'm sure there's some spare decorations left lying about.
Robina: Ohhh yeah, that's a great idea! I'll put together a list for us, this will be so much fun! I love this time of year!

«A list of items to hunt for pops up.»

Decorate the Battleon Tree!
  • A star burning bright
  • Some fluff to keep it warm
  • Strings of lights to shine in the night
  • Orbs of decorating power

  • Let's Go!

    Robina: Click on the name of an ingredient to go hunting for it! Stay wary of the creatures that lurk around these snowy lands!
  • Hunt with Robina's help - Robina the Hood will now battle by your side!

    «For each item in the list you search for, you go through the following battles.»Luck Check!
    The snow is deeper than you thought, it's going to take some luck to find the decorations buried under all this snow!
    Difficulty: 74
    Stat Used: Luck

    «If you fail the roll, you repeat 2 BATTLES as above. Succeeding the roll gives you a message, and the item is checked off the list. Either way, you get a Full Heal before proceeding on.»

    Item Found
  • You found a shiny star!
  • You found a pile of fluff!
  • You found powerful lights!
  • You found the orbs of decorating power!

    Clicking on checked item
  • The star you've already found shines like a beacon in the night!
  • You've already unburied the fluff!
  • You've already located the lights!
  • You've already obtained the orbs of decorating power!

    «Once you obtain all the items in the list, you return to the tree, which is now beautifully decorated!»

    Robina: Oh my the tree looks beautiful! The whole town feels so warm and festive now thanks to you!
    «You»: Thanks Robina! It does give the town a warm glow about it.
    Robina: Yulgar won't believe his eyes! Now let's get you some rewards for all your hard wor-
  • Great!

    «A mysterious skeletal being descends from above.»

    ???: Enjoy the celebration for now hero, I assure you it will be short-lived. Mwuhahahaha!

    «The skeletal being vanishes...»
    Frostval Tree Decoration

  • Cold Sore [L. 7, 27, 67, 87, 127]
  • Cold Sore G [L. 47, L. 147 G]
  • Cold Sore Z [L. 107 Z]

  • Rock Thrower [L. 7, 27, 67, 87, 127]
  • Rock Thrower G [L. 47, L. 147 G]
  • Rock Thrower Z [L. 107 Z]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    «Upon completion of this quest, the tree in Battleon's town square will now be fully decorated! It lasts until you log out.»

    Monster list by Scakk.

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    2/1/2013 14:39:43   

    Frostval 2012

    The Freeze-gion of DOOM!

    «You can skip the cutscene below and go directly to the war camp.»

    «Scene: Battleon. Large amounts of snow has covered the entire town.»

    Zorbak: Meh, so you were right, after all.
    Twilly: Twillys tolds you. «You» always comes through this spot eventually.
    «You»: Huh?
    «You»: Oh dear. Is it that time again? What nefarious plot have you cooked up to steal Frostval cheer this year, Zorbak?
    «You»: And don't you think it's a bit of a villain's cliché to be bragging to me before you even start? I will stop you. I always do.
    Zorbak: Bah, I told you the Chosen would never listen! Chalk this up as another one of Twilly's half-baked half-brained ideas! Even if they did listen they would never believe me.
    Twilly: Uhm. Actually's, Zorbak is not here to destroy Frostval at all. He is here to save it!
    «You»: What?!
    «You»: We've been through this for, what nine years, now? In all of those years there have only been a half-handful of occasions where Zorbak was NOT somehow involved in the plot.
    Zorbak: See... Dunderhead. Now stop wasting my time!
    Twilly: Waits Zorbak, «You» does not know about the anniversary.
    Twilly: On account of, the last ones came right before he started saving Lore.
    «You»: Anniversary?
    Zorbak: A romantic term. More romantic than Mu`Glen and my second honeymoon to Immertot.
    «You»: You took your wife to an undead forest on Caelestia? Fitting, I suppose. Who would have thought Immertot would become a vacation destination....
    «You»: Tell me about this anniversary.
    Zorbak: It does not come like clockwork. Once every decade or so, the weather phenomena are right to drive an exceptionally strong Helifino Winds from the northern arctic circle.
    «You»: Thus the strong snows we have had so far. But what has this to do with you and why would it make you want to save Frostval?
    Zorbak: If you would quit interrupting, you would already know!
    «You»: Do you want my help or not, Zorbak? There is no need to be rude.
    Zorbak: You're right... I'm.... *cough*
    «You»: What?
    Zorbak: I'm Ah... ah... ahchoo!
  • Gesundheit.
      «You»: For you to get that close to apologizing terrifies me. Clearly something very bad is going on.
  • To Your Health!
      «You»: To your health, Zorbak. Now quit playing games and spit it out.
      Zorbak: You really are going to make me say it, aren't you?
      Zorbak: They say my brother is the evil one... Forcing someone to act against their nature just to satisfy your sense of irony; even Kabroz would not be so evil...
      Zorbak: It's cruel...
      «You»: Then you should fully appreciate it Zorbak.
      Zorbak: I'm sorry.
      Zorbak: Now can we get on with this?!
      «You»: I should make you speak up... but just hearing you apologizing terrifies me. Clearly something very bad is going on.
    Twilly: The renegades are here!
    «You»: Renegades?
    Zorbak: There is a city of born undead in an abandoned Silari N'eld far from here. They are "meh" good aligned undead. But, one of their number-- a born Ice Lich named Frigidere-- had other ideas.
    «You»: Sounds... like he would give me the cold shoulder. Born Undead? I have heard of them before but I thought they were just legends. How can something be born as undead?
    Twilly: Not all lifes are organics, «You».
    Zorbak: Yeah, he decided to make an undead army of multiple different elemental natures, to take over Lore. He needed to do it when his own necromancy was at its peak. He is an Ice Based undead so...
    «You»: So he selected the Helifino Winds.... and now plans to send his army.
    Twilly: No, that was hundreds of years ago.
    Zorbak: Anything that makes Frigidere stronger makes his necromancy as a whole stronger, even when he is doing necromancy that differs or even opposes his native element.
    «You»: I suppose that makes sense. But if his assault was hundreds of years ago, why does it matter now?
    Zorbak: He has done it more than once. He has repeatedly made half hearted attempts to take over Lore. Last time was 12 years ago.
    Twilly: Each time he has been narrowly stopped.
    «You»: So his track record is as good as yours, Zorbak?
    «You»: Then why bother me with this? With a record to match your own when it comes to the winter holidays, he hardly comes across as a credible threat.
    «You»: Though to be fair, some of the most challenging experiences have bee-... Uh, what's this now? Is that King Frost?

    «King Frost enters, equipped with a dull green armor instead of the usual icy blue.»

    King Frost: «You», we meet again. Now you shall see the results of my bracing Zombification.

    1 BATTLE
    Level 1-22: Undead King Frost (3)
    Level 23-42: Undead King Frost (23)
    Level 43-62: Undead King Frost (43)
    Level 63-82: Undead King Frost (63)
    Level 83-102: Undead King Frost (83)
    Level 103-122: Undead King Frost (103)
    Level 123-142: Undead King Frost (123)
    Level 143+: Undead King Frost (143)

    «You»: So why have we seen nothing of Frigidere yet? If he is keen on taking over I would have expected an army at Yulgar's doorstep by now. Instead he has sent Frost?
    King Frost: I am here of my own accord. Battleon is not a target, you fool.
    «You»: Battleon is not a target?
    King Frost: Well not an immediate one, anyway. Frigidere seeks to conquer elementally and historically significant locations...
    King Frost: Locations where YOU have been a major factor «You»... You have made QUITE a name for yourself. So, he is specifically making allowance for your interference by learning all he can.
    King Frost: We shall attack the infrastructure of the world entire... elementally and politically. And when we have done so, Battleon will fall again...
    «You»: We shall see about that Frost. But thanks for your help.
    King Frost: Help?
    «You»: You have just verified every evil villain cliché in the book, Frost... I mean come on... spelling out Frigidere's plan for me only means I will stop it.
    King Frost: Have I?
    King Frost: Zorbak, you are on the wrong side in this war...
    King Frost: You shall fail, Zorbak, even with «You». Frigidere shall NEVER allow you to save Frostval!
    King Frost: Our armies already are marching against you; that includes your own undead "brother".
    «You»: Kabroz is undead?! Is that how they got the zombification process?
    Zorbak: These are more traditional undead zombies, of the type more common outside of Lore, not Kabroz zombies. No, it's worse than that, much worse.
    «You»: Worse than an undead Kabroz? How is that even possible?
    King Frost: You are about to find out. My son and I will be awaiting at your first checkpoint «You». Not that we expect you to get that far...

    «A Corpsicle charges towards you!»

    1 BATTLE
    Level 1-19: Corpsicle (5)
    Level 20-39: Corpsicle (20)
    Level 40-59: Corpsicle (40)
    Level 60-79: Corpsicle (60)
    Level 80-99: Corpsicle (80)
    Level 100-119: Corpsicle (100)
    Level 120-139: Corpsicle (120)
    Level 140+: Corpsicle (140)

    Full Heal

    «You»: What? These? But I thought... Kabak?!
    Zorbak: And that's not all. Froidrog; Sandy Claws; Jack Frost; Kringle; and even Khandie Khain and her mother; Tydlee Wynx, who has taken to calling himself Wynkissar; and Chillax!
    Twilly: Twilly has no ideas hows he gots into the Nightmare Realm.
    Twilly: Or how Chillax is back separate from Chilly! Though I suspects Wynx was involved in that.
    «You»: An undead Chillax! That's frightening. You say it's seperate from Chilly?
    «You»: Hmm. Strange, but given what has been learned about the Carnax experiments, not entirely surprising.
    «You»: It's not nearly as strange as Kabak coming back separate from either of his pieces.
    Zorbak: You try bathing in Lore's mana core and see how you are affected.
    «You»: So... what is Frigidere intending?
    Zorbak: Frigidere has set these previous villains as leaders of his armies. He is sending each of them to a different part of Lore, to conquer it en masse.
    Twilly: The armies themselves are composed of previous Frostval baddies in additions to multi-elemental undeads.
    Zorbak: If he succeeds, there will be no Lore as you know it anymore, no less any Frostval.
    Zorbak: Beisdes! Only I am allowed to destroy Frostval! So if saving it a second time is necessary to be able to destroy it again, so be it!
    «You»: A second time?
    Zorbak: I remember Frostval in July, «You»; As much as I would like to forget...


    Zorbak has come to Battleon to save Frostval! 4 armies march upon the far reaches of Lore. Each army has at its head a zombified villain of Frostval past; with the mad villain Frigidere, an Ice Lich, as their leader. We must stop these armies, save the innocent, and put an end to Frigidere's mad scheme, before he can turn this festive Frostval anniversary into Lore's last.
  • Fight the Freeze-gion!
  • Back to Town

    «Instead of Twilly, Zorbak is in his place!»

    Zorbak: What?
    Zorbak: If you need to be healed so you can get back to battling, fine.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Zorbak: Pfeh. Save your "please"-es for someone who cares. Now get back to work!
  • Thank you!

    Potion Bag - Refills potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    Treasure Chest - You receive the temp Ice Salamander Rider Armor. (Guardian Only)
    Robina Hood - Click on Robina Hood the ranger's head and she will join you in battle!
    Robina will help you in battle!

    To Battle!
  • Fight the Freeze-gion!
      «Zorbak comes to your aid during the war instead of Twilly! During Optional Full Heals, what he says is:»

      Zorbak: Again? Fine...
    • Heal Me
    • Battle On!
      Zorbak: Mehehehe!
    • Thanks Zorbak!

      4 BATTLES
      <From the list below>

      Optional Full Heal by Zorbak after battle #2
      Full Heal after battle #4

  • View cutscenes... And fight the Generals!
      «Cutscenes/boss battles are unlocked as the war progresses, and are shown in parantheses.»

    • The Frost Court (10%)
    • An Old Threat Anew (20%)

        «Scene: Brilhado Necromancer Fortress. A Brilhado Necromancer and Argentum exit from the fortress.»

        Necromancer: Find General Diviara at once...
        Argentum: And what could I possibly tell the General that would incline him to come to our aid at this point?
        Necromancer: Diviara remains a loyalist. Tell him the truth.
        Argentum: Which is?
        Necromancer: Tell him that he was right and that HE is now loose on Lore. And hurry.
        Necromancer: You mean master don't you?

        «Drakath enters the scene.»


    • Claws and Ice (30%)
    • Lichdom (40%)

        «You»: Zorbak. You are the master necromancer. How is he controlling such divided forces?
        Zorbak: I have no idea. He is a Lich however, they are strange undead to begin with.
        «You»: How so?
        Zorbak: Most Lichs divide their essence and store the results in vessels called phylacteries. This makes it much harder to defeat them permanently...
        «You»: And that's the source of our problem?
        Zorbak: Eh yes, it is the source, Or Crux, of our problem.
        «You»: Why do I feel I was just punned by Artix without even knowing it.
        Zorbak: Because you are strange.
        Twilly: Be nice, Zorbak!
        Zorbak: Meh! Now if I were Frigidere, I would hide most of my phylacteries where they cannot be found, but I would select one to use as a nexus.
        «You»: Nexus? Now we are back in familiar territory. A nexus is an undead vested with a portion of the Necromancer's power in order to control other undead, right?
        Zorbak: Right. You need to find the Nexus and undo the necromancy that created it, that will sever Frigidere's connection.
        «You»: And what happens to the undead?
        Zorbak: Devoid of undeath, they revert to its poorer cousin. Life.
        Zorbak: Unfortunately for them, life is cruel and hard; they will quickly lose the life extending properties undeath grants them.
        Twilly: Undeath holds aging at bay. Remove undeaths and the undeads will age to whatever age they currently should be.
        «You»: Excellent. Zorbak, find the Nexus. I will keep Frigidere's armies busy and try to find his other phylacteries. That should weaken him substantially.

    • The Nightmare Court (50%)
    • To Face the Threat (60%)

        «Scene: The site of the New Temple of Hope - Deren City - Deren»

        Diviara: I am telling you Myr. The ceiling clearance is not sufficient for both statues!
        Myr: And I am telling you it can be done, Brilhado. I have measured and remeasured. Have we finished reassembling her statue from the rubble yet?
        Diviara: Nearly, but I have not heard of any progress on finding an artist for his...
        Myr: Few want to take on that responsibility.
        Diviara: More like few want to be stuck wi... hold up, something is going on.

        «Argentum enters the scene.»

        Diviara: Myr, this is Argentum, my cousin-in-law. He was Auricarus' second in command. Argentum, this is Myr, high communicant of the Dark Lord.
        Diviara: I tried to use the Cold to convert him into our servant, but he outwitted me and defeated me at the Deep.
        Argentum: You are Myr of Stonedeep? The one who resisted the Cold utterly, and who turned its use against Diviara Celegra? This is an honor, sir.
        Myr: Somehow, being reminded of those events is less thrilling for me than it seems to be for you.
        Diviara: To what, cousin, do I owe the pleasure of this visit?
        Argentum: You are needed at the Necromancer's Fortress, General.
        Diviara: I do not think so. Do you? Too much bad blood.
        Argentum: I knew that would be your attitude. You should know why I was sent regardless and who sent me...
        Diviara: Out with it.
        Argentum: I come at the behest of Shroudbrood the Undying.
        Diviara: What?! That is supposed to convince me... one of his experiments get the better of him did it? Tell Shroudbrood "the Charnel" that he is up a creek and I am all out of paddles...
        Argentum: I will relate it. However, first I must relate what he bade me tell you.
        Diviara: I do not need to hear what he had to say. Nothing will convinc-
        Argentum: He said you were right... and he is now loose on Lore.
        Diviara: Myr, I am afraid I need to go to the Necromancer Fortress. I was mistaken. There was something he could say. If he is loose, I must go...
        Myr: He?
        Diviara: Drakath Slugwrath.

    • The Rhymer and the Schemer (75%)

        Lichtgnomen: The Factory has fallen, lord Wynx.
        Wynx: Yes. This was expected. I only agreed to Frigidere's plan because I was certain that it was no more well thought than my own.
        Kabak: Lest I have cause to hesitate, let me be sure I have this deal straight...
        Kabak: Win not, nor deal crippling blow, merely divert long enough to delay the show.
        Wynx: Must you rhyme, Kabak? It is ingratiating...
        Kabak: We all have our own way of coping with our toils, and rhyming is one of Kabak's best known foils.
        Kabak: As to your vocabulary, I must say I find it lacking. Grating, not ingratiating, is the term you intend, or mayhaps distracting...
        Wynx: Oh, just shut your mouth.
        Kabak: Such venom and bile is not wise on your part. As a holiday villain, you are a mere upstart.
        Wynx: The holidays were a beginning for me. You may limit yourself, but a calendar is not my master. I am Wynkissar!
        Kabak: Your posturing as Wynkissar is highly bizarre, and your dream of non-festal efforts can hardly go far...
        Kabak: One wonders, dear Wynx, what the good heroes would give to know...
        Kabak: Of your guile...
        Kabak: Of your duplicity...
        Kabak: Or of your digging below.
        Wynx: We are far better as allies than as enemies Kabak, but unless you wish to see first hand what I have discovered, you will keep your threatening mouth...
        Wynx: ...covered. Egad it's infectious ... *cringe*
        Kabak: Very well Wynx, mum is the word, but if you hope to succeed, you are highly absurd.
        Wynx: Oh for the love of... oh thank the gods... here comes «You».

        1 BATTLE
        Level 1-27: Undead Tydlee Wynx (8)
        Level 28-47: Undead Tydlee Wynx (28)
        Level 48-67: Undead Tydlee Wynx (48)
        Level 68-87: Undead Tydlee Wynx (68)
        Level 88-107: Undead Tydlee Wynx (88)
        Level 108-127: Undead Tydlee Wynx (108)
        Level 128-147: Undead Tydlee Wynx (128)
        Level 148+: Undead Tydlee Wynx (148)

        1 BATTLE
        Level 1-27: Zombmoz Kabak (8)
        Level 28-47: Zombmoz Kabak (28)
        Level 48-67: Zombmoz Kabak (48)
        Level 68-87: Zombmoz Kabak (68)
        Level 88-107: Zombmoz Kabak (88)
        Level 108-127: Zombmoz Kabak (108)
        Level 128-147: Zombmoz Kabak (128)
        Level 148+: Zombmoz Kabak (148)

        Full Heal after each battle

    • The Nexus Hunt (90%)

        Twilly: «You», Zorbak and I have been through every one of his generals, and none of them appears to be his nexus.
        «You»: Are you sure Zorbak is not just incompetent, Twilly?
        Twilly: There's no needs for yous to be rude either. Zorbak is right. I checked too.
        «You»: But you are not a necromancer, Twilly, how can you be sure?

        «Zorbak enters the scene.»

        Twilly: I am a healer, and I understands more about necromancys than most....
        Zorbak: He denies it, but I think Twilly could have been a natural at necromancy. After all, remember Evil Twilly.
        «You»: I would rather not...
        Zorbak: If Twilly had decided to apply himself, I doubt even my brother could have undone him... and we were oh so close...
        Zorbak: It's why his goodness and light schtick really gets my goat. Twilly could rule Lore if he put his mind to it.
        Twilly; I do not have the natural talent yous or your brothers has Zorbaks. Its very rare, you know that.
        Twilly: And I would not want to be a necromancer even if I dids. I saw whats it dids to you...
        Zorbak: Meh, what the other moglin did to me you mean...
        Twilly: Besides, Twilly does not want to rules anything. Teleporting all over the place just to keep «You» and the other heroes from killing themselves makes me tired enough without that.
        «You»: So now what?
        Zorbak: I keep looking. You worry about your end. You will need all the help you can get.... I will handle mine.
        «You»: What is that supposed to mean?
        Zorbak: You fought my brother and Wynx on Tjeli. Did someone not seem noticeably missing...
        «You»: You mean...
        Zorbak: Mehehheh. Yep. Chillax is still coming....
    «After the defeat of 100% of Frigidere's army...»

    Zorbak: I think I have a bead on his nexus, but it's not close at all.
    «You»: Where?

    «Frigidere enters the scene.»

    Frigidere: Far from here... Do you take me for a fool, «You»?
    «You»: Frigidere! What good is a nexus so separated from you?
    Frigidere: Oh, think! It's a phylactery; by keeping it out of your hands I ensure my continuation.
    «You»: Yes, but why make it a nexus if it cannot even lead your armies. Isn't that the POINT of a nexus... Unless...
    Frigidere: Oh, now you ARE starting to think. Battleonia is but one continent, one army... My Nexus is raising my army...
    Zorbak: On Deren...
    Frigidere: Oh you figured it out did you? Well, time to join my nexus in preparations. You will not be hindering us soon...
    Frigidere: But a parting gift. The one thing Wynx was actually useful for...
    Frigidere: Chillax 2.0, come out and have some fun.

    1 BATTLE
    Level 1-27: Zombie Chillax (10)
    Level 28-47: Zombie Chillax (30)
    Level 48-67: Zombie Chillax (50)
    Level 68-87: Zombie Chillax (70)
    Level 88-107: Zombie Chillax (90)
    Level 108-127: Zombie Chillax (110)
    Level 128-147: Zombie Chillax (130)
    Level 148+: Zombie Chillax (150)

    Entry by whackybeanz.
    The Freeze-gion

  • Frigid Fang
  • Frigid Fang Z
  • Mourn Staff
  • Mourn Staff G
  • Frigid Fang

  • Mourn Staff
  • Frigid Fang
  • Mourn Staff
  • Frigid Fang
  • Mourn Staff

  • Mourn Staff Z
  • Frigid Fang
  • Frigid Fang G
  • Mourn Staff
  • Frigid Fang

  • Mourn Staff
  • Frigid Fang
  • Mourn Staff
  • Frigid Fang
  • Mourn Staff

  • Frigid Fang G
  • Mourn Staff G

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster List
    Encounters are based on the RA Formula.

    Clang Clang Monkey (4)
    Jotun Shevite (5)
    Jotun Combatant (5)
    Frost Berserker (5)
    Toy Chest (6)
    Jotun Warrior (7)
    NPC-in-a-Box (10)
    BlockMan (10)
    Tree Slugger (10)
    Gnome Enforcer (10)
    Frost Trooper (10)

    Arrhythmic Cymbal Monkey (12)
    Jotun Shevite (20)
    Jotun Knight (22)
    Toy Chest (26)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (30)
    NPC-in-a-Box (30)
    BlockMan (30)
    Tree Slugger (30)
    Gnome Enforcer (30)
    Frost Berserker (30)
    Jotun Fighter (34)
    Jotun Shevite (35)
    Frost Trooper (35)

    Cymbal Monkey (42)
    Toy Chest (46)
    Jotun Executioner (48)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (50)
    NPC-in-a-Box (50)
    BlockMan (50)
    Tree Slugger (50)
    Gnome Enforcer (50)
    Jotun Shevite (55)
    Frost Berserker (55)
    Frost Trooper (60)
    Toy Chest (66)

    NPC-in-a-Box (70)
    BlockMan (70)
    Tree Slugger (70)
    Gnome Enforcer (70)
    Jotun Commander (70)
    Metronomic Cymbal Monkey (72)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (80)
    Frost Berserker (80)
    Jotun Shevite (80)
    Toy Chest (86)
    Jotun Raider (88)
    NPC-in-a-Box (90)
    BlockMan (90)
    Tree Slugger (90)
    Gnome Enforcer (90)

    Rhythmic Cymbal Monkey (102)
    Jotun Shevite (105)
    Toy Chest (106)
    NPC-in-a-Box (110)
    BlockMan (110)
    Tree Slugger (110)
    Gnome Enforcer (110)
    Frost Trooper (110)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (120)
    Jotun Marauder (124)
    Toy Chest (126)

    Tree Slugger (130)
    BlockMan (130)
    NPC-in-a-Box (130)
    Frost Berserker (130)
    Jotun Shevite (130)
    Cadenced Cymbal Monkey (132)
    Frost Trooper (135)
    Jotun Hero (142)
    Toy Chest (146)
    NPC-in-a-Box (150)
    BlockMan (150)
    Tree Slugger (150)
    Frost Berserker (150)
    Gnome Enforcer (150)
    Jotun Shevite (150)

    Monster list by In Media Res. Cutscene unlock percentages thanks to Falerin.

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    2/1/2013 15:11:25   

    Frostval 2012

    Gift Delivery!

    «Scene: Entrance to the Necromancer Fortress. You may skip the cutscene at anytime.»

    «Drakath enters the scene along with you and Zorbak.»

    «You»: Stop shouting Drakath. No matter what you've been told, it's not cruise control for cool.
    «You»: So you have joined Frigidere's posse? How droll. I was hoping for a reasonable challenge, not a washed-up has-been.
    Drakath: JOKE NOW, «YOU», AND DIE NOW TOO!

    «Drakath charges towards you!»

    1 BATTLE
    Level 1-24: Drakath the Undead Dragon (5)
    Level 25-44: Drakath the Undead Dragon (25)
    Level 45-64: Drakath the Undead Dragon (45)
    Level 65-84: Drakath the Undead Dragon (65)
    Level 85-104: Drakath the Undead Dragon (85)
    Level 105-124: Drakath the Undead Dragon (105)
    Level 125-144: Drakath the Undead Dragon (125)
    Level 145+: Drakath the Undead Dragon (145)

    «You»: Heh. I see you've learned some new tricks, dragon, but you're still defeated.
    ???: He was only tenderizing you...
    «You»: Tenderizing?
    ???: It helps prevent freezer burn... and you will need all the help you can get for me.

    «Frigidere enters the scene.»

    «You»: Frigidere! I hate to be the one to point out the obvious, lich, but your attempt to slow us down has failed -- just as miserably as the villains that have come before!
    «You»: And so far, your track record this year is no better than it has ever been.
    Zorbak: Less talk, more ice lich pancake.
    «You»: .... How... unappetizing. Zorbak, you need to work on your metaphors. Your part is ready?
    Zorbak: Meh, my part's done. Drakath was his Nexus. Undo the Brilhado necromancy that created him and his power will fall.
    Zorbak: Only, we'll need a Brilhado. They have WEIRD necromancy.
    «You»: ??? I thought you were a Master Necromancer, Zorbak?
    Zorbak: I AM a master! But, they use the Cold for a lot of it, and I don't know much about that.
    Frigidere: The cold shoulder? Really, now....
    «You»: Right. So, how to deal with you?
    Frigidere: I am still here.... You, however, will not long be!

  • Use Zorbak's necromancy to weaken Frigidere!
    1 BATTLE
    Level 1-24: Weakened Frigidere (5)
    Level 25-44: Weakened Frigidere (25)
    Level 45-64: Weakened Frigidere (45)
    Level 65-84: Weakened Frigidere (65)
    Level 85-104: Weakened Frigidere (85)
    Level 105-124: Weakened Frigidere (105)
    Level 125-144: Weakened Frigidere (125)
    Level 145+: Weakened Frigidere (145)

  • CHALLENGE BATTLE! Fight without Zorbak!
    1 BATTLE
    Level 1-24: Frigidere (5)
    Level 25-44: Frigidere (25)
    Level 45-64: Frigidere (45)
    Level 65-84: Frigidere (65)
    Level 85-104: Frigidere (85)
    Level 105-124: Frigidere (105)
    Level 125-144: Frigidere (125)
    Level 145+: Frigidere (145)

    «You»: I think we're done here. Don't you, Junior? Now, let the grown ups handle this conversation.
    Frigidere: Why, you little--
    «You»: I have heard that compliment before, actually. Don't bother finishing it; I know how it ends.
    «You»: Now, why not just stand down?
    Frigidere: .... It appears the winds are shifting out of my favor. No matter. You have plenty of time to clean up before next we meet again. And we WILL meet again!

    «With an icy blue light enveloping Frigidere, his icy spirit explodes and vanishes from the scene.»

    «You»: And here I thought Loremaster Eukara Vox's teleport was grandiose!
    Twilly: You still has to deal with the Nexus. Having Drakath runnings about and doing Frigidere's bidding is VERRRRRY bad!
    «You»: Right, but how do we do that? If he was created with Cold based necromancy...?
    Diviara: By utilizing an expert in the field.
  • !!!

    «Diviara descends from the skies into the scene.»

    Diviara: Hello, Dragon. So we meet again.
    Drakath: We do, Mantlewearer. Your fellow could not control me. So now my jail keeper comes to do it again. Is that it?
    Diviara: Nothing of that sort Slugwrath. I come not to enslave you... but to liberate you.
    Drakath: Liberate? What do you mea...

    «Ice shards rising from Diviara's blade, whitish-blue swirls appear around Drakath and Drakath's head glows in an icy blue.»

    Diviara: I undo the magic that has brought you to this state, Drakath.

    «The glow completely envelops him, and in an instant, Drakath turns human!»

    Diviara: Such hatred. Such bile. It consumes you, Drakath, and it corrupted you. Let it go... you just want to let it go....
    Drakath: Just want to let it go....

    «The scene fades to black. Back in Battleon...»

    «You»: Well, so much for Frostval.
    Zorbak: What kind of talk is this?!?! You defeated the villains who thought they could outdo me! Of COURSE Frostval is not dead--
    «You»: Frigidere and Drakath were defeated but this war of theirs has cost us way too much time.
    Twilly: It looks as ifs he won afteralls! Frostval has been ... *sob* RUINED!
    Zorbak: Meh. I cannot believe I am saying this, but nonsense! We can make the deliveries like every year!
    «You»: We?
    Zorbak: Yes! We-- hold on....

    «Zorbak quickly leaves the scene.»

    Twilly: Haha, I tolds you that would work!
    «You»: Yeah, you did. But I still don't know how we can be fast enough.

    «Zorbak returns on a sled leashed to a herd of Deery and transformed Deery! He has even donned a santa hat!»

    Zorbak: On Deadhoof, on Maggoret, on Slimy, on Ghoulish! On Lockbit, on Carrionmane, boy this rhyming stuff's foolish....
    Gift Delivery!

    Frigidere tried to end Frostval by summoning enemies from past Frostvals and imbuing them with zombie power. But through vast effort, you and your fellow Adventurers and Guardians managed to stop the ice lich Frigidere and save Frostval. However, one final task remains: Delivering the gifts before the New Year begins and their magical powers fade!
  • Deliver a gift!
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Hiyas! It's time to deliver all the Frostval gifts! We only have until the end of the year to do it!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Potion bag -- Refills potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    This one is addressed to -- the SeekRat?!?! Better deliver it last.
    I wonder what's inside? *shake shake sha--CRACK tink tink* ._.; You saw nothing.
    Oooooh, this present it going to the Guardian Tower. I wonder what's in it?
    The Ice Moglins hail you as a hero for saving Frostval! Time to deliver some presents!
    Nighttime in Frostvale is the coldest time of all. Dress warmly!
    Literally tons of presents!
    Red, red gift. Go to my head, make me forget that I still need her so.
    This present is shaped like a toaster. Wait, what's a toaster?
    Purple gift, purple gift. I only wanted to see you playing with the purple gift.
    The wrapping is green. It's making you feel a little envious of whoever gets it.
    This present looks like it was crushed in the war. Hopefully it wasn't too fragile.
    This one is surprisingly heavy. Hopefully it's not full of coal.
    Is that... a bobcat in here? Who exactly packed this one?
    This gift may be blue, but whatever's inside definitely won't make you feel blue!
    Click on Artix's axe to have him join you in battle! He will replace any other guests.
    Artix Krieger the Paladin will join you in battle!
    Click on Robina's bow to have her join you in battle! She will replace any other guests.
    Robina the Ranger will join you in battle!
    Click on Galanoth's sword to have him join you in battle! He will replace any other guests.
    Galanoth the Dragonslayer joins you in battle!
    Click on Warlic's staff to have him join you in battle! He will replace any other guests.
    Warlic will help you in battle!

    Deliver a gift!
    «You gain the temporary ReignDragon Rider armor. Flying through the bare trees in the snow, you approach someone's house!»

    «At a 10% chance, you may encounter a familiar face....»
    1 BATTLE
    Level 1-19: Granny (0)
    Level 20-39: Granny (20)
    Level 40-59: Granny (40)
    Level 60-79: Granny (60)
    Level 80-99: Granny (80)
    Level 100-119: Granny (100)
    Level 120-139: Granny (120)
    Level 140+: Granny (140)

    Full Heal

    «For the remaining 90%, you go through the following battles.»
    <From List Below>
    Full Heal

    «You»: That was no problem! Now to deliver the gift!

    «At a random player's house, you knock on the door. As the door opens--»

    !!!: Woah! Thank you so much! This is the best Frostval ever!
  • :-)

    «After 100% of gifts are delivered...»

    «You»: We did it!! All of the gifts have been delivered! Now we can open them and--

    «Some ice cubes drift into the scene...?»

    Frigidere: Bah! Reduced to nothing more than some floating ice cubes... this is embarrassing.
    «You»: Watch it, ice lich! I'll dunk you in a cup of hot chocolate and finish you off!
    Frigidere: Spare me your threats hero. You have won the day but this isn't the last you've seen of meeeee!

    «As the remains of Frigidere begin to leave the scene, it stops and...»

    Frigidere: Once I find my scattered remains.... Then you'll be sorry!

    «Frigidere floats up slightly.»

    Frigidere: Revel in your victory now, it will not last for long. Even now my power grows stronger!

    «...Then Frigidere goes crashing down into the snow.»

    Frigidere: Arrrrggghh! Not again...

    Frostval '12 Delivery

  • Zombie Master Axe
  • Zombie Master Axe
  • Zombie Master Axe
  • Zombie Master Axe
  • Zombie Master Axe

  • Zombie Master Axe
  • Zombie Master Axe
  • Zombie Master Axe
  • Zombie Master Axe
  • Zombie Master Axe

  • Zombie Master Axe
  • Zombie Master Axe
  • Zombie Master Axe
  • Zombie Master Axe
  • Zombie Master Axe

  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor

  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor

  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
  • Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor

  • Zombie Axe Master Shield
  • Zombie Axe Master Shield
  • Zombie Axe Master Shield
  • Zombie Axe Master Shield
  • Zombie Axe Master Shield

  • Zombie Axe Master Shield
  • Zombie Axe Master Shield
  • Zombie Axe Master Shield
  • Zombie Axe Master Shield
  • Zombie Axe Master Shield

  • Zombie Axe Master Shield
  • Zombie Axe Master Shield
  • Zombie Axe Master Shield
  • Zombie Axe Master Shield
  • Zombie Axe Master Shield

  • Exhume
  • Exhume
  • Exhume
  • Exhume
  • Exhume

  • Exhume
  • Exhume
  • Exhume
  • Exhume
  • Exhume

  • Exhume
  • Exhume
  • Exhume
  • Exhume
  • Exhume

  • WraithZard
  • WraithZard
  • WraithZard
  • WraithZard
  • WraithZard

  • WraithZard
  • WraithZard
  • WraithZard
  • WraithZard
  • WraithZard

  • WraithZard
  • WraithZard
  • WraithZard
  • WraithZard
  • WraithZard

  • Zombie Heart
  • Zombie Heart
  • Zombie Heart
  • Zombie Heart
  • Zombie Heart

  • Zombie Heart
  • Zombie Heart
  • Zombie Heart
  • Zombie Heart
    Artix Krieger: Happy Frostval to all, and may your wishes come true! Be sure to check your Gift Boxes when they open on New Year's Eve! Remember, you can get your Gift Boxes in the Guardian Tower ONLY until New Year's Eve!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Replay Final Battle with Frigidere!
  • Epilogue
  • Back to Town
    Frostval 2012: Epilogue

    «Scene: The Hall of Memories»

    Diviara: Such hatred. Such bile. It consumes you, Drakath. It corrupted you. Let it go... you just want to let it go....
    (Thought) Drakath: No... no... no... none control Drakath... none... none. It's time to use what I have been shown.

    «A flashback begins. When Drakath was still in his undead dragon form, some time ago...»

    «Scene: Necromancer Fortress. Shroudbrood and Erebus enter the scene.»

    Shroudbrood: So you see, he is completely under my control. Your concern is no more valid than that of General Diviara.
    Erebus: I have many plans in motion, but the actions of that Rat have complicated matters for me considerably.
    Shroudbrood: The Rat is a meglomaniac and a fool.
    Erebus: You give him too little credit. Though both accusations may in fact be true.
    Erebus: My understanding, will soon require I return home. While this has been prepared for... you will not have the benefit of my continued assistance for the duration of my visit.
    Shroudbrood: I no longer need your assistance. You have outlasted your usefulness to me in that regard. How do you plan on returning home?
    Erebus: Have I outlived my usefulness to you, Shroudbrood? Who was it that saw that you rose to power after my previous mimic was removed from the same?
    Shroudbrood: For which you have been compensated, shade. This is NOT a lifelong relationship.
    Erebus: Oh well.

    «Erebus then communicates with Drakath by telepathy.»

    Erebus: Drakath, my man. You are being played the fool. Shroudbrood's rejection is, however, an opening.
    Erebus: Even without me here, he needs to see that he cannot underestimate me. That the tool is a Slugwrath, a family in which I have invested so much of myself, is so much the better.
    Drakath: Who are you?
    Erebus: We have always been connected you and I. Your great-great-great-great-...
    Erebus: ...great-great-grandfather King Drageth Slugwrath was my protégé. I do not yet have a name, though soon that shall change.
    Drakath: You're ... the shade? The one who used the alias "Dhows"? What do you want?
    Erebus: Unlike any of the previous necromancers who have enslaved you... even the general who so rudely stole my form... I am the one individual who wants only for you to be yourself.
    Erebus: Fully and truly yourself. A time is coming when that can be accomplished, though by then I will no longer be here to guide you...

    «Erebus ends the telepathy.»

    Erebus: As to my return home, Shroudbrood, I cannot afford to violate seals as the Rat did.
    Erebus: That would damage too many things including many of my individual plans. Some of which have been in place for centuries.
    Shroudbrood: So then what--
    Erebus: I lose.
    Shroudbrood: Lose?
    Erebus: The heroes of Lore wish to send me away. So I lose... and I am sent away.
    Shroudbrood: And how should they be able to send you home, without doing the same damage you say you seek to avoid?
    Erebus: There are those who can enter and exit the realm freely; I do not fully understand how. That is fortunate.
    Erebus: If I did understand I might have tried to stop it and at this juncture, that would not have served me...
    Shroudbrood: You have a strange sense of motivation. Who seeks to deliberately fail?
    Erebus: Those who realize that personal aggrandizement is irrelevant. I must lose. I must understand.
    Erebus: I must grow and to do so I must become.
    Shroudbrood: Become what?
    Erebus: Just become, Shroudbrood. Just become.

    «Erebus communicates with Drakath by telepathy once more.»

    Erebus: Of course, getting the aid of those individuals who can come and go freely will not be easy.
    Drakath: Heh. I like how you pretend everything is how you intend, Shade. That this is the coming together of some "great plan"....
    Drakath: But they door you've opened into my mind is a two-way street. You're lying and to no one more than yourself.
    Erebus: Perhaps.
    Erebus: Although, if the writing is already on the wall, only a fool would waste the opportunity. Are you a fool, Drakath?
    Drakath: If you want the same thing as these individuals, then why not simply ask?

    «Abruptly ending the conversation between minds, Erebus says:»

    Erebus: Too much history. Far too much history....
    Shroudbrood: Too much history? What does that have to do with your "becoming"?
    Erebus: Nothing.

    «Back between Erebus and Drakath...»

    Erebus: So, what will it be Drakath Slugwrath? Do you want my aid in resisting the Cold? Just invite me in.
    Drakath: Anything to resist. ANYTHING to get vengeance. I invite you....
    Erebus: A shortsighted vision, but one works with what one can. Your ability to profit from this instruction will require you to be able to play the part well.
    Erebus: Do you think that, when the time comes, you can do that?
    Drakath: I am Drakath Slugwrath. There is NOTHING I cannot do.
    Erebus: Excellent. So we begin in earnest. Remember: when the time comes, you need to think like the birdies and squawk just like a parrot! What a lovely Frostval gift this turned out to be....
    Drakath: Frostval?
    Erebus: A benefit of being less than linear temporally is that I can foresee opportunities. It is after Frostval where you will have yours -- if you can pull off the deception. Only one has done so before.

    «Back at the Hall of Memories...»

    Diviara: ... You just want to let it go.
    Drakath: Just want to let it go....

    «The scene fades to black...»

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz. Correction telekinesis=>telepathy by Falerin.
    Monster List
    Encounters are based on the RA formula

    Dirty Snowman (0)
    IceZard (1)
    BlizZard (1)
    Snow BunnyZard (1)
    Jotun Shevite (3)
    Tundra Reaver (4)
    Jotun Combatant (5)
    Jotun Shevite (5)
    Frost Berserker (5)
    Baby Ice Dragon (5)
    Gologowl (5)
    Jotun Warrior (7)
    Frost Giant (10)
    Frost Trooper (10)
    Dirty Snowman (10)
    Tree Slugger (10)
    VorpalZard (10)
    IceCat (10)
    Two-Bear (15)
    BlizZard (15)
    Frost Giant (20)
    Young Ice Dragon (20)
    Baby Ice Dragon (20)
    Jotun Shevite (20)
    IceZard (20)
    Snow BunnyZard (20)
    Ice Golem (22)
    Jotun Knight (22)
    Tundra Reaver (24)
    Dirty Snowman (25)
    Gologowl (25)
    IceCat (30)
    Ice Dragon (30)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (30)
    Tree Slugger (30)
    Frost Berserker (30)
    VorpalZard (30)
    Jotun Fighter (34)
    Frost Trooper (35)
    Snow BunnyZard (40)
    Frost Colossus (40)
    Ice Dragon (40)
    Two-Bear (40)
    IceZard (40)
    BlizZard (40)
    Tundra Reaver (44)
    Dirty Snowman (45)
    Ice Golem (45)
    Gologowl (45)
    Jotun Executioner (48)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (50)
    Ice Dragon (50)
    Tree Slugger (50)
    VorpalZard (50)
    IceCat (50)
    Tundra Reaver (54)
    Jotun Shevite (55)
    Frost Berserker (55)
    Two-Bear (60)
    Frost Trooper (60)
    IceZard (60)
    Frost Colossus (60)
    BlizZard (60)
    Snow BunnyZard (60)
    Tundra Reaver (64)
    Ice Dragon (65)
    Gologowl (65)
    Dirty Snowman (65)
    Ice Golem (65)
    Jotun Commander (70)
    Tree Slugger (70)
    VorpalZard (70)
    IceCat (70)
    Ice Dragon (75)
    Two-Bear (75)
    Frost Titan (80)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (80)
    Frost Berserker (80)
    Jotun Shevite (80)
    IceZard (80)
    BlizZard (80)
    Snow BunnyZard (80)
    Tundra Reaver (84)
    Dirty Snowman (85)
    Ice Golem (85)
    Frost Trooper (85)
    Gologowl (85)
    Jotun Raider (88)
    Ice Dragon (90)
    Tree Slugger (90)
    IceCat (90)
    Ice Dragon (100)
    IceZard (100)
    Frost Samsonian (100)
    BlizZard (100)
    Snow BunnyZard (100)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (100)
    Tundra Reaver (104)
    Dirty Snowman (105)
    Jotun Shevite (105)
    Ice Golem (105)
    Frost Berserker (105)
    Gologowl (105)
    Jotun Leader (106)
    Tree Slugger (110)
    Frost Trooper (110)
    Two-Bear (110)
    VorpalZard (110)
    IceCat (110)
    Ice Dragon (120)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (120)
    IceZard (120)
    Frost Herculean (120)
    BlizZard (120)
    Snow BunnyZard (120)
    Jotun Marauder (124)
    Tundra Reaver (124)
    Dirty Snowman (125)
    Ice Golem (125)
    Gologowl (125)
    Tree Slugger (130)
    Frost Berserker (130)
    Jotun Shevite (130)
    Two-Bear (130)
    VorpalZard (130)
    IceCat (130)
    Tundra Reaver (134)
    Ice Dragon (135)
    Frost Trooper (135)
    IceZard (135)
    BlizZard (135)
    Snow BunnyZard (135)
    Dirty Snowman (135)
    Frost Goliath (140)
    Ice Cweam (140)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (140)
    Jotun Hero (142)
    Tundra Reaver (144)
    Dirty Snowman (145)
    Ice Golem (145)
    Gologowl (145)
    Ice Dragon (150)
    Frost Berserker (150)
    Jotun Shevite (150)
    Tree Slugger (150)
    Two-Bear (150)
    VorpalZard (150)
    IceCat (150)

    Granny encounter chance thanks to In Media Res.

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