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Lupin Verriton

Location: The Spark of the Soul, Broken Circuit (Part 1)

Quests given

Shops owned

The Spark of the Soul

???: Halt, Beyondlings!

Lupin Verriton: I am Prince Lupin Verriton! First Heir to the Manufactory! You trespass on sovereign ground!

Lupin Verriton: The traitor dares to show his face here? At the command of Beyondlings no less?
Lupin Verriton: Hand him over and you may leave unharmed. You have my word as Prince of the Manufactory.

Lupin Verriton: That rift is the heart of the Manufactory's endeavors into the Beyond.
Lupin Verriton: It is not a negotiable piece in this.

Lupin Verriton: Precisely.

Lupin Verriton: Out of the way, runt.

Lupin Verriton: I'll bring you home after I deal with this rabble.

Lupin Verriton: Now, where were we, hero of the Beyondlings?

Lupin Verriton: I-impossible! Such power! Such skill!

Lupin Verriton: With such might, it's no wonder that you were able to brainwash Eulin.
Lupin Verriton: Such barbarity! Such indignity!
Lupin Verriton: What manner of torture, what manner of horrendous acts must I too now endure?

Lupin Verriton: Having been defeated, I cannot argue that my strategy was a mistake.
Lupin Verriton: But you know that father won't listen to you. His conquests have brought the Manufactory much glory.
Lupin Verriton: He'll see this as a challenge.

Lupin Verriton: I should like to spare his pride the fate that mine befell, but I guess that's up to the Beyondlings.
Lupin Verriton: Beyondlings! If your intent is to close the rift, you'd best hurry. Word of my defeat has surely spread. And if my father is on the way...

Lupin Verriton: ...
Lupin Verriton: I... don't suppose one of your allies would be willing to carry me as well?

Broken Circuit (Part 1)

Lupin Verriton: Indeed! Although, we should delay sending them home until the very last moment.
Lupin Verriton: A retreating army through the rift would be sure to spark intrigue, and draw more attention!

Lupin Verriton: ...Probably.

Lupin Verriton: I-It's... it's father! I thought we had more time!

Lupin Verriton: Hmph.

Lupin Verriton: We'll start sending our forces back home as well. You won't need to worry about anyone being left behind.

Other information
  • Also known as Prince Lupin Verriton.


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