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Calgary -> Planning to switch to beastwarrrior/beastmage. help? (8/11/2021 7:34:29)

Been running pure warrior for a couple years at this point and i wanna switch it up. Is beastmage still something that I should be considering over beastwarrior with how everyone uses SP for everything nowadays (IIRC)? What should I be looking to get? will not spend any Z-token on anything and am limiting myself to up rare GGBs.

SapphireCatalyst2021 -> RE: Planning to switch to beastwarrrior/beastmage. help? (8/11/2021 12:40:35)

I transitioned to beastmage a while back. I was pure mage for a long time.

I would decide if you want to be 250 DEX or 250 LUCK. Moving from pure to a beast variant, you'll lose one of them.

Things to consider:

Beast Builds-
1. Less accurate-Preference obviously, but I think you will find it's not a big deal
2. Less Blocking-Same as above
3. Longer turns, as pets and guests have to go. Probably not the best "warring" build
4. I havn't done the math, but probably more overall damage with the right playstyle
5. MANY of the best Beast build specific items are locked in seasonal releases. Just know you'll be needing a full year of buying what you need to get optimal setup if you dont already have them.
6. Beast builds are great for status infliction, and changing that up through toggles can change up your playstyle without changing your entire build. There's more versatility.
7. You're going to find out how utterly crazy powerful Sol Neko is. It's FD but not really. The combined damage of attack + boosted guest damage + boosted pet damage + 25% burn + 25% bleed (pets inflict both, and they stack) is probably out-damaging everything else on a consistent basis.
8. Lucky Variant can take better advantage of arms of dragonguard/dragonguard invocation, as pet lucky strikes get TWO rounds of lucky strikes
9. Once you obtain all the seasonal rares and things to optimize your character, in Sol Neko, good luck to any monster...
10. You can still be in FO armors if you want "Annihilator Beast build"

1. Probably want to keep Dexterity. This will allow you to sit in a FD armor and use bows. Lucky beast variants likely are more plentiful for Mages compared to warriors.
2. Maintains better accuracy than lucky variant.
3. Must only use SP guests, you wont have enough MP to use MP guests
4. Most miscs, shield toggles, and other things also use SP. Your SP usage will skyrocket. Poca De Gracia- If you can buy it, I would
5. Sol Neko has passive pet/guests bth increaser, and with charisma boosts accuracy isn't an issue.

1. Lucky Variant more tolerable. This is what I am. Much better damage with lucky strike strategies (dragonguard spells;shieldcake)
2. Strawberry Shieldcake-better utilized with mage variant...and lucky variant
3. Charisma weapons- Beast warriors wouldnt use these, as they are magic...thus lower base/random. Charisma weapons are lower damage, usually 20-33% less, but often have effects well worth the decrease. Ancient mother's staff and independence daygur = the two most powerful beastmage weapons by far...and arguably in the entire game if you know what to do and what to use with stacking ele vuln from all sources. - Let me know and I can shoot you a PM on how these work and how crazy powerful they really are. Also, charisma weapons override things such as Werepyre armor's Hybrid attack and Tempest Armor's locked Melee damage. In other words, you get stats from charisma and still get hybrid attack boost for magic weapons and still hit melee damage in Tempest. A BeastMage using charisma weapons is the only Mage that can use Tempest armor.
4. More versatile-Can use MP or SP Guests and miscs. Having that MP bar is handy
5. Can still cast normal spells if need be, or be a "Tome Mage" to free up spell slots. MP regen turns, you still get good damage from pets/guests.
6. Lucky Variant using charisma weapons- If you have a +50 Charisma misc, shield, Neko's +50 Toggle, and the +105 from Poca De Gracia, you're over 500 total Charisma and that damage and accuracy is going to your attack, your guests attack, and your pets attack. So for accuracy, who need dexterity in this scenario?
7. Sol Neko has passive pet/guests bth increaser, and with charisma boosts accuracy isn't an issue.
8. Shadowfeeder for celerity, cast arms of dragonguard, then invoke Cataclysm from the Neko armor, and then attack. Your guests and pets will be doing incredible damage.

In time, I really think you will think Sol Neko is the game's most powerful subrace. Everyone has their own opinions, though.

Primate Murder -> RE: Planning to switch to beastwarrrior/beastmage. help? (8/12/2021 0:45:06)

Beastmage is still very much a viable build. It gives you better survivability, as well as a chance to mess around with tomes and pets/guests.


Darkness seems as good a no-drop element as any, since it doesn't have any outstanding shields for beastmages, though you'll obviously want to shift to staff of awe.

Sila's Staff is an omni-elemental spell booster, so make sure to equip it when casting D-Burst.

Spacefarer's Frost Cannon (toggled to Freeze infliction) is an amazing weapon to pair up with Frost Effigy when setting up a D-Burst.

For the rest of the elements, the best option would be to pick up tomes, as that frees up your spell slots for guest calls and summons:

- Healing Branch is a water tome that can attack, heal hp/mp and cure DoTs.

- Winds of Time is a wind tome.

- Lightning Rod is an energy tome.

- Loremaster's Tome is the only compression tome in the game. It has an earth spell, a light spell and a harm spell.

For utility purposes, Nightbane Clawstaff summons an earth guest (toggles to lifesteal), which frees up a spell slot, at least until Mogloween. At that point you'll want to pick up Sugar Gobbler guest and replace the Clawstaff with Havarti Blade.


Not much in the way of diversity here, tbh.

You'll want to switch your no-drop to Insightful Armor of Awe for a small (but qc) Mana Shield, just in case.

Sol Neko is the best subrace for FD beastmasters, and they cover every element in just 3 armors.

Paladin (Arcanist variant) has several light guests to offer, as well as a number of useful skills including resurrection, burn toggle and a lvl 17 skill that reduces damage taken and increases the damage of your pet/guest.


Samukematsuri Buckler provides a bit of sp to help with guest upkeep.

Celtic Wheel remains the best shield for mages.

Haunted Dragonlord's Will has a qc skill that grants a stackable Barrier. Has incredible synergy with Gandolphin, Purple Rain and Essence Orb, though you'll only need that much protection against the strongest of bosses.

Pies and Mother's Growth Shield have Cha drives, making them perfect for beastmasters.

Umazen Aspis gives Paralysis potence - great synergy with Fruitcake Zard and Mutant Egg pet once you can get your hands on them.

Scarab Shell has a toggle to lower monster MRM, increasing the accuracy of all your attacks (including spells and beasts).


Keep Purple Rain. You likely won't need it against anything except the strongest bosses, but it's a nice safety net.

Gandolphin fulfills much the same role. It's a qc mana shield that has op synergy with HDL's Will barrier skill and EO/Purple Rain. You can effectively become invincible.

Destruction Burst seeks between fire and darkness and deals +50% damage for an hp cost.

Sizzler 'Splosion autohits, which can come in really useful against high-MRM wind mobs.

Fruitcake Zard returns to the Void in a few months. Paralysis toggle - great synergy with Umazen Aspis shield and Frostgale's Remorse misc. Until then, Abyssal Undead Hydra (Daze toggle) or Gaiden (heal toggle) should fill the niche.

Katabar seeks between wind/ice.

Mogdin, the best energy guest, should return to the Void today. Make sure to pick it up, since we have a severe shortage of non-rare, non-token good energy guests.

Grimlord of Nulgath does double damage for a small hp cost.


Underwyrmling remains the only pet in the game that can harm monster sp.

When Grenwog comes around, make sure to pick up Mutant Egg pet for synergy with Fruitcake Zard, Umazen Aspis and Frostgale's Remorse. Until then, use either Adept Protean (toggles to inflict EleVuln) or a second Abyssal Undead Hydra (daze toggle).

Wind is rather lacking in good pets, so just use Bun-Banneret.

Frost Effigy has a toggle to Freeze the monster and a Freeze potence, giving it great synergy with Frost Cannon and D-Burst.

Woolzard (returns to the Void in a few months) toggles between inflicting EleVuln and inflicting Sleep. Both modes can be further enhanced for an sp cost. Until then, you can use a Protean pet for EleVuln.

PikaZard has a nice synergy with Mogdin. When Grenwog rolls around, switch it for another Mutant Egg for a slightly stronger effect.

Keep Fairy Godmother for light - her healing can come in handy in a pinch.

Model 294 toggles to inflict EleVuln.


Essence Orb remains useful for any build, and Love Potion / SFP can come in handy as well.

Rejuvenating Necklace restores mp based on damage dealt. Can be useful for an extra cast or guest upkeep.

Goggernaut Helm gives +10 bth to every attack on the field. This includes your pet and guest and doesn't have the usual /2 for spells.

Grakma Warhorn summons a fire guest that can inflict EleVuln. It also can inflict you with Berserk, which boosts your damage (without /2 for spells), though at the expense of accuracy - one of the strongest spell-boosting miscs in the game.

Clever Disguise is a beastmaster misc that sacrifices your turn and some sp to give guaranteed celerity to your pet and guest.

Frostgale's Remorse toggles between giving +20 bonus to inflicting Freeze and Paralysis.

When Snugglefest comes around again, pick up Sunburst Amulet. It gives Cha, Dex, Luck, +20 Burn potence and a powerful Burn-inflicting skill - great synergy with lvl 8 Neko passive and lvl 7 toggle.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

SapphireCatalyst2021 -> RE: Planning to switch to beastwarrrior/beastmage. help? (8/12/2021 11:03:28)

I would like to point out as an add-on to Primate's Paladin suggestion.

The skill to reduce your own damage and increase pet/guest damage is actually stronger than how Neko affects pets and guests without Cataclysm. I bought the Plush Mort plushie for the best SP heal and ran extensive testing with various charisma boosters, pet damage boosters, in Neko, out of Neko, and in Paladin. The heal did the best with Paladin. I dont own foam finger. But the damage GREATLY increased. Having Paladin in your inventory is a must, even for beastmasters.

If you decide to go with the Luck variant Beast build, especially the Lucky Beastmage, there is an overpowered usage of the dragonlord shields, both darkness and wind.

1. Spell boosters increase the HP shield. So generalists robes with imbue etc increase the damage buffer.
2. The click/buff gets lucky strikes. If you give yourself gauranteed crit with the dragonguard spells, you can click one shield, switch to the other, click. With generalists, thats probably 3-4k HP buffer. With purple rain, and the essence orb loop, you can lucky strike click, heal SP, and repeat and get 8k, 9k, 10k HP buffer and purple rain back to the start if you really wanted to.

3. Also, until foam finger is available again, the Fresh Asteraceau weapon gives 15% pet/guest damage boost.

4. Also, if you don't wish to use tomes, using Wands is not bad. You can use the Luna-Neko in addition to Sol-Neko and get all the boosts. Your Neko alignment only affects your no drop version. The Luna Neko boosts Wands.

5. Also, if you wish to use wands, WEREPYRE armors while all the skills arnt available, "Hybrid Attacks still is" This toggled on will boost your wands by 33%, though your stat damage from INT won't be as strong, and thus, INT increasers will be less affective. The net result is still increased wand damage, anyway.

Beast builds are probably the most diverse playstyle, and I personally have the most fun with it.

Calgary -> RE: Planning to switch to beastwarrrior/beastmage. help? (8/13/2021 9:12:12)

Sounds great, I'll be going with Lucky Beastmage and taking into account all of your suggestions :) Should I be getting calls or summons?

J9408 -> RE: Planning to switch to beastwarrrior/beastmage. help? (8/13/2021 9:33:04)

If possible, you should choose Summon spells over Call.

That way your SP can be reserved for misc and SP attacks.

Veleqwii_Fox -> RE: Planning to switch to beastwarrrior/beastmage. help? (8/14/2021 9:49:34)

I noticed you have Your Bologna in your weapons slot. You could swap it out for Big Dictionary in the Item Upgrader. It's a really nice Wind tome with a +30 MRM spell for 5 turns. It can work well with Bun-Bannerets and if you can, you could grab the Ghost Costume this coming Mogloween. It has 76 base MRM, with a shield you could reach 90+ MRM. Good if you also want a dodge sub-theme for your Beast Mage.

Legion Cryo Cannoneer is also still available in the Rare GGBs. I really recommend you get it, it does +50% more damage for extra HP cost. For Wind you could try Skeeter guest. It costs only 16 HP (I think?) per turn, which is basically nothing, so you can use your SP/MP for other things. Or just Bun-Banneret if you're going with dodge.

Also since you have CHA, you could try the Geocastellum Robes stacking with the help of Healing Seeds (which may or may not get fixed in the future) to make you practically invincible. You can get 99% resistance to damage for an indefinite amount of time. It's not useful for most fights but if you're going for challenge fights it might come in handy

Lastly, you could also consider getting Book of Burns tome from the Arena of Enthusiasts vs Staff Challenge Gauntlet in the Guardian Tower. It's the Kindred of tomes, as it allows you to one-turn kill challenging monsters with enough stored charges

Calgary -> RE: Planning to switch to beastwarrrior/beastmage. help? (8/14/2021 10:56:44)

I think I'm gonna go ahead and try all of those too

SapphireCatalyst2021 -> RE: Planning to switch to beastwarrrior/beastmage. help? (8/15/2021 17:59:38)

Summons are better for Lucky beastmages, but a few Calls sprinkled here and there isnt a bad deal. The grakma guest from the misc is crazy good and uses SP. The Ele-Vuln mode is fantastic on it. The only downside is it wont attack 1/3 the time, but the other 2/3 are stronger to make up for it.

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