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Warren. -> MP Regen Items (8/11/2021 23:33:42)

What are some MP regen items that heal MP from spell damage besides rejuvenating necklace?

and what are some weapons/pets that heal MP based on any damage

Thank You

SapphireCatalyst2021 -> RE: MP Regen Items (8/12/2021 0:28:05)

Based on spell damage? None?

Best MP regen in the game is Essence of Carnage guest, toggled to that mode. Heals hugely based on your *weapon* attack. Charisma boosts it

The Siphon spell can be good if it's boosted from generalists robes.

All fairy godmother pets
Meteiod/cometoid jelly pet is good

Theres a handful of other pets

If you're asking due to Lich Form, all HP heals convert to MP heals.

Best HP heal guest might be Nightbane guest, from nightbane claw staff.

Maybe Twilly? The twilly wand is another HP heal source

arcanum37 -> RE: MP Regen Items (8/21/2021 6:52:43)

Don't bother with HP heals in Lich form. The heals don't get multiplied by 1.5 due to the HP to MP conversion rates

PD -> RE: MP Regen Items (8/21/2021 15:38:26)

A few items that do this:

Haunted/Eclipsed Dragonlord's Insight does this.
Dreamweaver's Insight also does this, but is a 100-proc so you might not like that. This is a seasonal item from Decorate the Tree so if you want this you'll have to wait until December.
Star Saber of Wisdom heals 7.5% of damage you do. It is in the Rare GGB shop. The Twisted version does the same thing.
Mana Staff heals a fixed ranged of MP after a normal attack.
Far Northern Wit if you have it heals MP on a special proc
Infinitia staff in magic mode heals 47.5% of the damage dealt to MP heal.
Retro 100k heals MP on a special
Hunger (UR GGB) heals MP in Magic Mode

There's a guide that has a lot of these interactions, although this is somewhat outdated.

SapphireCatalyst2021 -> RE: MP Regen Items (8/21/2021 19:01:49)

New-> Necromancer skill level 11 has a consume FEAR option, that heals HP. The consume BLEED option heals MP. The heal amount is a lot, and crazy if you're able to get guaranteed lucky strikes. The more fear and bleed, the stronger the heal.

Insane good skill. It's FREE I guess because it's removing the status.

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