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Guide to All Regenerative and Vampiric Items of LORE

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12/15/2011 9:54:33   

Guide to All Regenerative and Vampiric Items of LORE

Introduction [IDT]
Welcome to the Guide to All Regenerative and Vampiric Items of Lore! This guide will cover not only regenerative items but will also include vampiric items as well.

Table of Contents [TOC]
----Introduction [IDT]
----Table of Contents [TOC]
----Opening Notes [OPN]
----Health Regenerative Items [RGH]
----Mana Regenerative Items [RGM]
----Health & Mana Regenerative Items [RGH&M]
----Skill Point Regenerative Items [RGSP]
----Vampiric Health Regenerative Items [VHP]
----Vampiric Mana Regenerative Items [VMP]
----Vampiric Health & Mana Regenerative Items [VH&M]
----In-Depth Details [IDD]
----Ending Words [EDW]

Please use the 'CTRL + F' function by typing the words in ['here'].

Opening Notes [OPN]
For the purpose of this guide there will be distinction between normal regeneration and vampiric regeneration, in this case "vampiric" will consist of anything that either needs to damage the monster or has the need for an attack vs the monster being made. Examples of vampiric are Celestial Mana Staff "when you perform a normal Player attack" or the Lycan Slasher "You heal HP and MP, each equal to 40% of the damage done".

Regenerative Items

Regenerative Items-- Health [RGH]

Health regenerative items are able to heal your health to survive longer

Weapon(s) (Melee)
Acolyte's Recognition (>60% MP)
Acolyte's Recognition Z (>60% MP)
Cleric's Reputation (>60% MP)
Communicant's Grandeur (>60% MP)
Hierophant's Glory (>60% MP)
Inquisitor's Renown (>60% MP)
Moglord Axe (>40% HP)(rare)
Moglord Axe Z (>40% HP) (rare)
Paladin's Fame (>60% MP)
Templar's Distinction (>60% MP)

Weapon(s) (Ranged)
Arcane Curve
Arcane Curve G
Arcane Curve Z
Guardian Harvest Reaver (rare)
Harvest Reaver (rare)
Moglord Bow (>40% HP) (rare)
Moglord Bow Z (>40% HP) (rare)

Weapon(s) (Magic)
Auspicious Bladehenge (rare)
AuZpicious Bladehenge (rare)
Bladehenge (rare)
Bone-Chilling Necromant Staff
Charmed Bladehenge (rare)
Felicitous Bladehenge (rare)
Fortuitous Bladehenge (rare)
Guardian Bladehenge (rare)
Guardian Harvest Staff (rare)
Harvest Staff (rare)
Harvest Staff Z (rare)
Horrifying Necromant Staff
Horrifying Necromant Staff Z
Lucky Bladehenge (rare)
Moglord Sceptre (>40% HP) (rare)
Moglord Sceptre Z (>40% HP) (rare)
Nightmarish Necromant Staff
Opportune Bladehenge (rare)
Phantasmic Necromant Staff
Prosperous Bladehenge (rare)
Staff of Moon Calling
Torturous Necromant Staff
Tribulation Necromant Staff

11th Day of Frostval (rare)
Alchemized Water of Immortality
Altered Water of Immortality
Borrow-heals monster
Borrow G-heals monster
Borrow Z-heals monster
Champions of Lore
Diminished Water of Immortality
Great Pumpkin Patch(rare)
Guardian Trail Mix
Heal Deep Wounds
Heal Extreme Wounds
Heal Mortal Wounds
Heal Scrapes
Heal Scratches
Heal Wounds
Healing Light
Kiss of the Amesha I (rare)
Kiss of the Amesha II (rare)
Kiss of the Amesha III (rare)
Kiss of the Amesha IV (rare)
Kiss of the Amesha V(rare)
Lick Wounds
Metamorphosed Water of Immortality
Pumpkin Patch (rare)
Repair Critical Systems
Repair Dents
Repair Nicks
Repair Scrapes
Repair Severe Dents
Repair Systems
Restful Night
Trail Mix
Trail Mix Z
Transformed Water of Immortality
Transmogrified Water of Immortality
Transmutated Water of Immortality
Twelve Days of Frostval --11th Day of Frostval

Blazing Solaris Shield
Brilliant Solaris Shield
Dazzling Solaris Shield
Illuminated Solaris Shield
Incandescent Solaris Shield
Luminous Solaris Shield
Radiant Solaris Shield

Ancestor's Valor (Focus)
Beast's Cunning (Focus)
Beast's Cunning Z (Focus)
Deft Armor of Awe
Dreaming Healing Pants
Epic Healing Pants
Grand Healing Pants
Grand Healing Pants Size Z
Healing Pants
Initiate's Tenacity (Focus)
Kindred's Valiance (Focus)
Mankind's Moxie (Focus)
Mighty Armor of Awe
NightHunter--Bloodsucker Strike
Paragon's Courage (Focus)
ShadowSlayer--Healing Light
Vibrant Living Armour (rare)

Aum Plant (rare)
Azamay Healing Runestone
Beleqwaya's Gift-- Diamond of the Body
Blazing Solaris Helm
Brilliant Solaris Helm
Dazzling Solaris Helm
Delicious Bora'jee
Divine Wasabi
Holy Wasabi
Illuminated Solaris Helm
Incandescent Solaris Helm
Juicy Bora'jee
Luminous Solaris Helm
Radiant Solaris Helm
Sanctified Wasabi
Scrumptious Bora'jee
Power Shard I/II/III/IV/V/VI: Logan's Claws
Teacup of Life

Acolyte's Word(armor & shield set bonus)
Acolyte's Word Z(armor & shield set bonus)
Adventurer Vampragons
Alpha Dracoglin
Avenger's Sentinel
Azamay Golem
Castigator's Champion
Cleric's Promise(armor & shield set bonus)
Communicant's Oath(armor & shield set bonus)
Elder Gweez
Fledgling Gweez
Guardian Gweez
Guardian Passenger Gweez
Guardian Vampragon
Hierophant's Pact(armor & shield set bonus)
High Communicant's Oath (armor & shield set bonus)
Inquisitor's Vow(armor & shield set bonus)
Juvenile Gweez
Moglord Warboar (rare)
Moglord Warboar Z (rare)
Nemesis' Guardian
Paladin's Pledge(armor & shield set bonus)
Punisher's Escort
Punisher's Escort Z
Templar's Contract(armor & shield set bonus)
Scourge's Defender
Vigilante's Shepherd
Vindicator's Attendant
Retro Twilly
Retro Twilly G
Retro Twilly Z
Sacred Chicken

Alvin and the Chipmunks (rare)
Angel Guard (on player death)
Banded Marus (Temporary)
Coraline's Mother(rare)
Gaiden I
Gaiden II Z
Gaiden III
Gaiden IV
Ghost Paladin
Guardian Angel
Guardian Gaiden V

Health Potion

Regenerative Items-- Mana [RGM]

Mana regenerative items are able to heal your Mana points. Some costs you to sacrifice health points.

Weapon(s) (Melee)

Weapon(s) (Ranged)

Weapon(s) (Magic)
Glacial Short Staff
Lightning Rod
Light Spirit Staff
Naga's Staff/ Sila's Staff
Paladin's Gift / Paladin's Memento / Paladin's Artifact / Paladin's Tradition / Paladin's Heirloom / Paladin's Estate / Paladin's Bequest / Paladin's Legacy
Staff of Moon Calling
Water Spirit Staff

Mana Regeneration
Mana Restoration (temp)


Cloth Robes/ Cloth Robes
Female Asgir Armor
Guardian Robes/ Guardian Robes
Insightful Armor of Awe/ Ultraguardian Plate
Male Asgir Armor
Necromancer Cloak-- Necro Heal!/ Obsidian Cloak-- Necro Heal!
Necromancer Form(rare)
Generalist's/ Pyromancer's/ Hydromancer's/ Aeromancer's/ Cryomancer's/ Geomancer's/ Dynamancer's/ Lumenomancer's/ Tenebromancer's Robes--Dharana

Loco's Gift/ Favor/ Boon/ Blessing(rare)



Mana Potion

Health & Mana Regenerative Items [RGH&M]

These items heal both Health & Mana.

Weapon(s) (Melee)
Acolyte's Recognition Z/ Acolyte's Recognition/ Cleric's Reputation/ Paladin's Fame/ Templar's Distinction/ Inquisitor's Renown/ Hierophant's Glory/ Communicant's Grandeur (<60% MP)

Weapon(s) (Ranged)

Weapon(s) (Magic)
Zombie Bane Staff (Ztaff,11, Z) / (45)/ (60)/ (70)/ (90)/ (105)/ (120)/ (135)/ (150,G)


Beast's Persistence Z/ Beast's Persistence/ Ancestor's Deference/ Initiate's Fealty/ Mankind's Determination/ Paragon's Dedication/ Kindred's Devotion

Holy Armor-- Lay on Hands/ Golden Holy Armor-- Lay on Hands
Holy Armor-- Resurrect Yourself / Golden Holy Armor-- Resurrect Yourself


Fairy Godmother (10)/ G (10)/ G (30)/ Z(30)/ G (50)/ (50)/ G (70)/ Z(83)/ G (90)/ (110)/ G (110)/ Z (123)/ G (130)
Vampragon : Adventurer versions ( Fire/ Water/ Wind/ Ice/ Earth/ Energy/ Light/ Darkness); Guardian versions ( Inferno/ Tsunami/ Cyclone/ Blizzard/ Gaia/ Voltaic/ Radiant/ Cimmerian)

Dragonslayer Twilly
Guardian Angel Elder (temp)/ (15)/ (35)/ (55)/ (75)/ (95)/ (115)/ (135)

Skill Point Regenerative Items [RGSP]

These items heal Skill Points.

Weapon(s) (Melee)
Xi Quan/ Shui Quan/ Bing Quan/ Feng Quan/ Chen Quan/ Dian Quan/ Lian Quan/ Hei Quan/ Fist of Legend

Weapon(s) (Ranged)

Weapon(s) (Magic)


Horo-Show Void Vindicator (8)/ (17)/ (28)/ (48)/ (68)/ (88)/ (108)/ (128,G)/ (133)/ (148,G)
UltraGuardian Shield

NightHunter--Combat Training
ShadowSlayer--Combat Training

Shadowfeeder Pendant

Nightmaregon (1,G)/ (11,G)/ (31,G)/ (51,G)/ (71,G)/ (91,G)/ (111,G)/ (131,G)/ (141,G) SP Below 40%


Vampiric Items

Vampiric Health RegainVHP

Health regeneration via "drain" or need for damage to be done.

Weapon(s) (Melee)
Anxiety/ Dismay/ Menace/ Fear/ Dread/ Horror/ Despair/ Grim/ Terror Eater--Fear(can also type switch to magic)
Beam Sword/ Bright Z/ Guardian Bright/ Bright/ Gleaming Z/ Gleaming/ Guardian Radiant/ Brilliant Beam Sword--Dagger
Blade of Awe (Guardian)/ Blade of Awe!!! --Health Vampire
Blood Blade/ FireBlood Blade
Dagger of Awe/ Dagger of Awe!!! --Health Vampire
Executioner of Doldrums/ Lethargy / Futility/ Depression/ Despair--Good
Golden Axe of Legacy(rare)
Headache Club / Cluster Headache Club/ Migraine Club(rare)
Scurvy Blade
Vampiric Axe

Weapon(s) (Ranged)
Blue Ebil Scythe/ Pallid Ebil Scythe/ Ghastly Ebil Scythe/ Ghoulish Ebil Scythe/ Calvarian Ebil Scythe
Fork of Symbolic Allegory / Literal Horns of the Dilemma / Crux of the Matter/ Fork in Life's True Path/ Divergence of Fate's Path --Good
Spear of Awe(guardian)/ Spear of Awe!!! --Health Vampire
Vampiric Scythe

Weapon(s) (Magic)
Big 100K
Black Bones
Nibbling/ Guardian/ Fangsword/ Fangsword Z/ Gnawing/ Chomping Fangsword
Necrostaff (70)/ (90)/ (110)/ (130)/ (150,G)
Raynar's Blade/ Raynar's Superior Blade/ Raynar's Ultimate Blade
Razor's Edge of Purity/ Clarity/ Lucidity/ Brilliance/ Radiance--Good
Skull Club/ Rotten Skull Club/ Lumpy Skull Club/ Cracked Skull Club / Calavera Club,G
Staff of Awe Staff of Awe!!! --Health Vampire



Algern's Carapace / Algern's Versatile Carapace
Dracopyre of Night / Lesser--Bite
DragonSlayer/ Elite DragonSlayer/ Golden DragonSlayer/ Golden DragonSlayer Eclipse -- Dragon's Blood Graceful Dracopyre / Lesser --Bite
Lich-- Drain
Lycan Armor
Necromancer Cloak-- Zombie Hands! / Obsidian Cloak-- Zombie Hands!
NightBane's Form --Att 2
Nightmare Wyvern Rider (10)/ (30)/ (50)/ (70)/ (90)/ (110)/ (130)--poison via Poison Sting(skill)
Raydius Dragon Form--Att 1
Vamp Armor
Vampire Form(rare)
Vampire Slayer/ NightHunter Vampire Slayer--Vampire's Blood
Werepyre Form--Att 1
Zombie Form (rare)

Crystal of Restless Shadows (Z,17)/ (37)/ (57)/ (77)/ (G,97)/ (117)/ (G,137)
Water Sign(rare)

Undead Fire Giant


Vampiric Mana Regain VMP

Mana regeneration via "drain" or need for damage to be done.

Weapon(s) (Melee)
Blade of Awe/ Blade of Awe!!! --Mana Vampire
Dagger of Awe/ Dagger of Awe!!! --Mana Vampire

Weapon(s) (Ranged)
Spear of Awe/ Spear of Awe!!! --Mana Vampire

Weapon(s) (Magic)
Bright Beam Staff Z/ Beam Staff/ Guardian Bright Beam Staff/ Bright Beam Staff/ Gleaming Beam Staff Z/ Gleaming Beam Staff/ Guardian Radiant Beam Staff/ Brilliant Beam Staff
Big 100K(Triggered)
Dacra I/ Dacra II/ Dacra III/ Dacra IV/ Dacra V
Grand/ Splendid/ Splendid Z/ Sensational/ Stellar/ Celestial/ Celestial Z Mana Staff
Mana Scepter(rare)
Spider Leg
Staff of Awe/ Staff of Awe!!! --Mana Vampire
Winged Lightning Leader Z/ Static/ Streamer Z/ Leader/ Streamer/ Stroke Z/ Stroke/ Streak/ Ribbon/ Bolt --if player has less than 25% MP




Beleqwaya's Gift-- Ring of Magic
Legendary Shadow Crystal V1 (naga):
Rejuvenating Necklace (101)/ (106,Z)/ (116)/ (131)/ (146,G)

Flying Eyeball (also a guest version)


Vampiric Health & Mana RegainVH&M

Health & Mana regeneration via "drain" or need for damage to be done.

Weapon(s) (Melee)
DuaLight Sword/ Fearsome Dualight/ King's DuaLight
Lycan Slasher

Weapon(s) (Ranged)

Weapon(s) (Magic)
Lycan Magic Slasher
Poseidon Edge
Requiem, Dies Irae, Libera Te, Requiem Aeternam



IceFall--(absorption) (rare)


Baby Vampragon
Least VampraCon/ Lesser VampraCon/ VampraCon/ Greater VampraCon/ Greatest VampraCon/ FireLight Vampragon


In-Depth Details [IDD] Rare items will not be included.

Healing spells
Great Pumpkin Patch, heal Wounds etc. are a near must for any inventory providing a much needed extra source of HP healing at the cost of your MP(note: the healing is stronger then the current slandered). (The Water of Immortality series costing SP(on standard heal))

Alpha Dracoglin
Comparable to Retro Twilly but can toggle between healing and damage. While a token pet if compression of earth/healing is needed there is no better pet.

Retro Twilly
One of the few dedicated healing pets in game.

Fairy Godmother
Not only an affective means of HP & MP restoration it can also hold its own as a damage pet.(attack must be actively picked)

Azamay Golems/Healing Glyphs
Do the combination of requiring a pet and a misc Azamay becomes the strongest pet in game be it damage or healing. If you have the room for dedicated misc items it will be something to look at.

Naga/Sila's/Glacial Short Staves
All 3 being go options when unlimited MP regeneration is need. Best used in accompaniment with a healing spell, to create a heal loop; heal spell, heal MP, heal MP, heal spell, repeat as needed.

Horo-Show Void Vindicator
Top tier ice shield that both damages enemies and restores SP. It should not be taken lightly.

UltraGuardian Shield
Be if for a misc item or a skill SP regeneration is a plus.

Shadowfeeder Pendant Restores SP for the cost of MP. While not a high demand it is a way to restore SP when you do not have enough for other misc times. Works best for warrior that do not commonly have a use for MP outside of healing spells.

Decent damage plus SP regeneration, it is a common sight in all inventory in the SP heavy environment. If SP regain is needed without taking up a shield or misc slot this is the pet to get.

Algern's Carapace
Was and still is considered one of the best armors in game. Its damage is bar none the best in game, this is combo-ed with a strong, cheap & reliable HP draining skill. The source of the armors power is also it biggest weakness, being locked to darkness damage only. If this can be worked around the armor will not fail to impress.

Ending Words [EDW]
Please do let me know if I have missed any item or if you disagree with their classification but please do proved links or reasoning where it applies. I am sure some are debatable and I know a few are. I also will NOT be including the severely bugged Pure Heart shield series, this is not up for debate. The reason is I don't wish to encourage the abuse of bugs.

Also, please direct any item or character questions not directly related to the guide to AQ Questions/Answers, thank you.

Thanks to:
Previous owners: icydarkstary, Dark Tyreal & Trans.
As well as Z for permission to take over the guide.
& xXx83xXx for item suggestion(s), as well as any future contributors.

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12/22/2011 11:30:47   
Fiat Lux


Table of Contents: The "Health & Mana Regenerative Items" section needs to have a search code. "CTL" should be "CTRL", as that is what Control is abbreviated as on most keyboards.

Opening Notes: Perhaps a couple of examples can be given to illustrate the difference between "regenerative" and "vampiric". You could use the two examples you used in the PM to me.

- The Bora'jee links don't lead to the entries.
- "In-Depth", not "In-Dept".
- Guardian Angel: Instead of saying "on a ratio of 1:40", just say the rate is 2.5%.
- Consider labelling rare items as Rare, as most readers of the guide would want to know about items that can actually be obtained in the game.

- Consider using a larger font size for sections and a normal font size for sub-sections. Example:
Vampiric Items
Vampiric Health Regain
Weapons (Melee)
- There is a "Vampiric Items" heading but not a corresponding "Regenerative Items" heading.
- You should put a line break (a blank line) between any two sub-headings (e.g. "Spells" and "Shield"), even if the section is empty, to make the guide look better.
- Formatting consistency in the In-Depth Details section: some of the analyses are italicised and some are not, and some lines follow the name of the items and some do not.
- There are a few minor issues with capitalisation and misspelt words; consider running the guide through a word check.

Approved 25Dec11.

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2/1/2012 1:30:01   


working on updates

GA: done
GAE: done
Arcane Curve: done
shadowslayer/nighthunter: done
In-Depth Details:
General reformatting and tidying up: ............

< Message edited by afterlifex -- 7/15/2012 23:19:03 >
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6/21/2012 16:33:38   
Bu Kek Siansu

afterlifex: You may want to add the Staff of Moon Calling.

Regenerative Items

Regenerative Items-- Health

Weapon(s) (Magic)
Staff of Moon Calling (5) / (30) / (55) / (80) / (105) / (130)
Code: Staff of Moon Calling [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=688684](5)[/link] / [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=20341938](30)[/link] / [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=20341939](55)[/link] / [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=20341941](80)[/link] / [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=20341942](105)[/link] / [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=20341943](130)[/link] 

Vampiric Items

Vampiric Health Regain HP

Weapon(s) (Magic)
Staff of Moon Calling (5) / (30) / (55) / (80) / (105) / (130)
Code: Staff of Moon Calling [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=688684](5)[/link] / [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=20341938](30)[/link] / [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=20341939](55)[/link] / [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=20341941](80)[/link] / [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=20341942](105)[/link] / [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=20341943](130)[/link] 

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7/15/2012 22:58:27   

Thanks for the catch, it will be under "Regenerative" in this case. Also thx for the code

I also will be adding: Overlord's Reincarnation series and adding Mana Restoration along with the stuff above if they have made it into the pedia.

....guess I will get to work now..thx

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9/7/2012 14:38:48   

Summon Angel Guard - The damage you deal gets a multiplier and stored in a pool until you go below 0 health - when if your pool total is larger than your health - which is 0 or under 0 depending on how much damage he took- she heals you. Link to Summon Spell is here, and actual guest is here. Not sure if you will want to use this - but I think it fits under Regenerative Items. make that Vampiric, damage needs to be dealt. Add the new Golden Axe and Super Saiyan Daimyo.

< Message edited by Skillervamp -- 9/9/2012 15:43:55 >
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9/9/2012 1:23:24   

Hmm...wonder why I forgot about that

I have a few updates to do so I will try to get them done sometime this week. Thx


updates in progression

Angel Guard-check
Golden Axe-check
Super Saiyan Daimyo-check
Sacred Chicken-check
Retro Twilly-check
(Horo-Show) Void Vindicator-check
Rejuvenating Necklace-check
Twillmare -check
Harvest Reaver-check
Zombie Bane Staff-check
Harvest Staff-check
Champions of Lore-check
Moglord Axe-check
Moglord Sceptre-check
Moglord Bow-check
Moglord Warboar-check
Skull Club -check
Necrostaff -check
Paladin Tome-check
Bladehenge -semi- check
Quog -semi- check
Legendary Shadow Crystal-semi- check
Poseidon Edge -semi- check
Alpha Dracoglin-semi- check
Azamay Golem/Azamay Healing Runestone-semi- check
Healing Light -semi- check
Restful Night -semi- check
Father Time ??? (may not add)
Requiem Aeternam (big100k)-semi- check
Vampiric Scythe -semi- check
Awe!!! already exist
Vibrant Living Armour -semi- check
Soluna-semi- check
Scurvy Blade -semi- check
Shadowfeeder Pendant -semi- check

edit: haven't forgot about it I am just lazy. That said 5 items added S.chicken thru T.mare and counting so far today.
Once done with the links I will work on redoing the overview section. I will just say "soon".

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11/10/2013 16:15:03   

1- The Dacra weapons need a rare tag

2- Regenerative Items-- Mana

The Soluna pet which is rare also can regenerate your mp.
AQ DF  Post #: 8
11/10/2013 16:17:27   

I am going through it as we speak.

edit: my post above should now have most if not all things I am missing, I will start working on that now.

< Message edited by afterlifex -- 11/10/2013 16:26:30 >
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11/15/2013 3:29:57   
Nightmare Dragon

Awesome guide and very useful, thanks for doing it! :)
I'd like to chip in Scurvy Blade ... it's a vampiric weapon (I believe) you're missing on the list.

- Nightmare Dragon Lord -
AQ  Post #: 10
11/18/2013 10:44:08   

will do thx

I will see about doing a few more updates today, I got distracted

edit: will likely wait on updating links now to see what happens in the pedia.
I will take a look at the rest of the guide instead.

edit: I am going to try to add the missing items in the next week or so but I will likley forgo links. The entire guide is going to be need re doing after the pedia updates finish. Most items on my above list semi-added, meaning no link but place holder are there. I will look later for newer items.


reformatting starting: (length of guide will change but should look a bit cleaner)

Regenerative Items-- Health - check
Regenerative Items-- Mana
Weapon(s) (Melee)
Weapon(s) (Ranged)
Weapon(s) (Magic)

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4/11/2014 22:15:12   
The Game
Pegasus Overlord

afterlife is relinquishing the guide. If anyone wants to take over, drop me a PM.
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