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Stew It Yourself

Location: Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 15 -> Ruby -> Stew It Yourself
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 26th, 2021

Objective: You have volunteered to visit Gaelan's village in order to acquire a special ingredient!
Objective completed: Happy Thankstaking!!!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(5) Capustak - Boss


Young Capustak

Sweet Capustak

Access to Cabbage Loot for DCs.

Gretel: That's preposterous, little lady!!
Gretel: You first roast the turducken, and THEN you stuff it!
Ruby: WHAT?! Are you out of your mind!?
Ruby: Everyone knows that you have to stuff the turducken first and then roast it!
Ruby: Oh, and pleeeease do call me a "little lady" again, witch. We still need a soup, and you look perfect for the brot—

*You approach Gretel and Ruby, who are arguing near Falconreach's Thankstaking dinner table.*

<Character>: Whoa there!
<Character>: What's up with all the shouting?
Gretel: Ah, <Character>.
Gretel: We were just...
Ruby: ...Comparing recipes!

Ruby: Enthusiastically!

*You glare at Gretel and Ruby.*

<Character>: Uh huh...

*You continue to glare at Gretel and Ruby.*

<Character>: Well, anyway, since I'm already here, how are things going for this year's Thankstaking?
<Character>: ...Do you need anything?
Gretel: Things are looking good! Very good. We'll have a real smorgasbord!
Ruby: Well, actually, we do still lack an extra special dish that'll blow everyone's taste buds away.
Gretel: And if only we could decide on how to prepare the turducken...
Ruby: Oh, I know! Why doesn't <Character> decide for us?
Ruby: You're good at picking the clearly CORRECT option, aren't you?
<Character>: Uhhh...

  • Stuffing first
  • Roasting first

    *No matter your selection, Gaelan cuts you off before you can answer Gretel and Ruby.*

    <Character>: I'd go with–
    Gaelan: Pardon me, I didn't mean to eavesdrop...
    Gaelan: ...(and by that I meant I had no other choice, everyone in Falconreach could hear you)...
    Gaelan: ...but did you say that you needed an "extra special dish that'll blow everyone's taste buds away"?
    Ruby: Hi Gaelan! Why yes, that's exactly what I said, we need an extra special dish that'll blow everyone's taste buds away!
    Gaelan: Well, then, umm... I may be of help!
    Gaelan: Back home, in Azaveyr, we had this special stew that I think would compliment your Thankstaking feast quite well.
    Gaelan: I do believe I could find most of the ingredients, or their substitutes, here, but...
    Gaelan: Someone would have to acquire one very specific ingredient, that's only raised and bred in my village.
    Ruby: Oooh, exotic! Just what I like!
    Gretel: Someone will have to get them. I'm far too busy.
    Gaelan: And, sadly, I cannot return to Azaveyr, so... maybe Ruby—
    Ruby: <Character> said that s/he'll go, so we have that covered!

    *Momentary silence follows Ruby's volunteering of you for the task.*

    <Character>: ...Really, Ruby?
    <Character>: Again?
    Ruby: What? You'll have to speak up. Only one ear, you know.
    <Character>: *Sigh* Nevermind.
    <Character>: Alright Gaelan, where do I go and what should I get?
    Gaelan: The village I grew up in is the only one that specializes in breeding these cabbages, it's near the Bald Mountains up north, I'll mark it on your—
    <Character>: Wait wait wait, hold on...
    <Character>: You...
    <Character>: You breed cabbages...?
    Gaelan: Yes?

    *You take a moment to process the unusual custom.*

    <Character>: Okay.
    Gaelan: Right, so, I'll mark it on your map! When you get there, tell whoever is in charge of the farm that "Gaelan sent you".
    Gaelan: Let's see, I think I will need... five Capustaks!
    <Character>: Pardon?
    Gaelan: Capustak! That's what they are called. Capustaks!
    Ruby: I love it! The more you think you know of the world, the more it surprises you!
    Gaelan: Oh, and if you can, sour them a bit!
    Ruby: Off you go, <Character>! Time's a wasting!
    <Character>: ...


    *After sailing to Azaveyr, you arrive at the Capustak farm, and take a look around.*

    <Character>: Well, would you look at that.
    <Character>: Cabbages.
    <Character>: Prancing about.

    <Character>: In their pens.
    <Character>: I swear, the things I see on a daily basis...
    Farmer: Ah. Can I help you with something, stranger?
    <Character>: Oh, yes.
    <Character>: Umm.
    <Character>: "Gaelan sent me"?

    *The farmer appears shocked at the mention of Gaelan's name.*

    Farmer: He... he lives?

    *The farmer glances down and smiles to himself.*

    Farmer: He lives...

    *The farmer closes his eyes, still smiling, seemingly at peace with the knowledge of Gaelan's survival.*

    Farmer: Thank you. Thank you so much.
    <Character>: Umm, you're welcome!
    <Character>: Do you... want me to pass on something for him? A message, or maybe some words?
    Farmer: No, it's... it's alright. It's best not to.

    *The farmer appears to care for Gaelan very much.*

    Farmer: Now, what can I do for you, my friend?
    <Character>: I would like five... Capustaks?
    Farmer: Certainly! Please, enter the pen, fight and take as many as you like!
    <Character>: Oh, just the five will do–
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Fight?
    Farmer: Well, of course! You do need them sour, no?
    <Character>: ...Oh.

  • Battle! - begins battle with 5 Capustak.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Thankstaking Storybook.

    *After your victory in battle, you return to Falconreach to give the Capustaks to Gaelan.*

    Gaelan: These are perfect, <Character>! Thank you!
    Gaelan: I'll get to work right away!
    Ruby: Good news <Character>! While you were away, we reached a consensus!
    Gretel: We're not going to have a Turducken this year!
    Ruby: Instead, through some of my and Gretel's magic, we've managed to, wait for it...
    Ruby: ... to separate the being into two base components!!!
    Gretel: We're calling one a "turkey"...
    Ruby: ... and the other one a "duck"!
    Gretel: I'm stuffing my part before roasting.
    Ruby: And I stuff mine after!

    *You glare at Gretel and Ruby, unimpressed by their "revolutionary" idea.*

    <Character>: But that's... isn't that... I... we already had... umm...
    Ruby: See! I told you s/he'd be speechless!
    Gretel: Time to make a Thankstaking Feast!
    <Character>: I... but I thought...

    <Character>: turkey... duck... I...

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens Cabbage Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Players battle a quintet of Capustaks all at once, similarly to various quartet and octet battles released prior.
  • Young Capustak has a 5% drop rate from this quest.

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