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Location: Patroclus, the Stygian, Never Apart, Patroclus Appears!

Level: As player
Damage: Scaled
Damage Type: Magic
Element: Evil

HP: Scaled
MP: Scaled

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

STR: Level*5/8
DEX: Level*5/8
INT: Level*5/2
CHA: 200
LUK: 0
END: Level*5/2
WIS: 0

Avoidance and Defense
Melee: 30 * Level/90
Pierce: 30 * Level/90
Magic: 30 * Level/90
Block: 50 * Level/90
Parry: 50 * Level/90
Dodge: 50 * Level/90

Crit: 10
Bonus: 15 + Level/5
Boost: 0%

All: 20
Shrink: 300
Immobility: 300

Attack Types
Attack Type 1 - Empowers itself and charges its target for 2 hits of 100% Magic Evil damage, amounting to 200% damage; applies 'Continuation' to itself for 4 turns; while affected by 'Continuation', upon getting hit, Patroclus will apply 'Continuation Shield' (+15X All Resist, -15X Health Resist, where X is the number of times Patroclus was hit, capping at 7 hits for a maximum of +100 All Resist) to itself for the current turn. (Pop-up: Patroclus: 'This armor I bear.')
Attack Type 2 - Casts dark lightning at its target for 4 hits of 75% Evil Magic damage, amounting to 300% damage.
  • If this attack is used for the first time and if at least 1 hit lands, applies 'Calibration' (+100 Bonus) to itself for 5 turns inclusive. (Pop-up: Patroclus: 'There you are.')
Attack Type 3 - Casts a burst of doom energy for 1 hit of 400% Magic Evil damage; if the hit lands, applies 'Decimation' (+100 Melee/Pierce/Magic Avoidance) to itself for 4 turns. (Pop-up: Patroclus: 'Let's cloud the skies.')
Attack Type 4 - Summons a portal for 9 hits of 55.5% Magic Evil damage, amounting to 500% damage; if at least 1 hit lands and the player has a pet equipped, removes your pet and applies 'Consumption' (+50% Boost) to itself for 4 turns inclusive. (Pop-ups: Patroclus: 'A peek behind the veil.' / Your pet has been scared away by the summoned tentacles!)
Attack Type 5 - Charges its target for 2 hits of 300% Magic Evil damage, amounting to 600% damage, with +400 Crit. If at least 1 hit connects, applies 'Termination' (see other information) to itself for 4 turns. (Pop-up: Patroclus: 'All will end, in time.')
Attack Type 6 - Charges its target for 2 hits of 400% Magic Evil damage, amounting to 800% damage, with +300 Bonus and +600 Crit; heals Patroclus for 17% of its maximum HP. (Pop-up: Patroclus spots an opening as you try to strengthen yourself!)

Other information
  • While affected by 'Termination', Patroclus will check if the target has certain effects active. (Pop-up: Patroclus is watching you carefully.)
    • If the player has a status effect that increases their Avoidance (Melee/Pierce/Magic), Defense (Block/Parry/Dodge), Resistances (excluding Health Resist), Stats, Crit (including Crit Modifier), Bonus, Boost, or Damage Reduction, Patroclus will remove 'Termination' and use Attack Type 6.
    • Patroclus will ignore HoTs, DoTs, Stuffed, class passives, debuffs from Achilles, etc.
    • If Achilles was defeated in Never Apart, 'Termination' will not be removed upon using Attack Type 6.
  • Patroclus follows the skill rotation; Attack Type 1 -> Attack Type 2 -> Attack Type 3 -> Attack Type 2 -> Attack Type 4 -> Attack Type 5 -> Repeat, and will pause its rotation to use Attack Type 6 once if the player has a positive status effect while affected by 'Termination'.
  • If Achilles was defeated in Never Apart, Patroclus will be enraged and applies 'Termination' to itself for 99 turns; additionally 'Termination' gains +100% Boost. (Pop-up: Patroclus: 'Achilles! No!')
  • Patroclus' 'Termination' no longer detects DeathKnight's 'Relic Barrier' and Underworld/Virtuoso Epoch's 'Underworld's Call'/'Underworld's Song' status effects on March 18th, 2022 and August 26th, 2022 respectively.


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