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Beshin Adin -> July 2022 (6/29/2022 18:28:57)

July 1

Darkon's Ultra Boss monster + Frostval in July returns
Wrath of Xan Upgrade Bonus pack
July Seasonal Set returns (Flameborn + Underworld Summer sets)
July National Day drops

July 4 Fireworks in Battleon + Freedom Gear for USA's Independence Day

July 8

Star Festival (Tanabata) returns with new quests and rewards
Blacksmithing Tradeskill update
Bido's birthday merge shop update

July 15 Attack of the Titans: Defense of Battleon

July 22 Attack of the Titans: Mega Boss Battle

July 29 Shadows of War finale, Part I

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (6/30/2022 13:43:39)

Looks like anyone at a certain level will take on Darkon in an Ultra Boss battle.

We got a two part release revolving around Titans. I can't say if it will be different Titans or the rest of the Elemental Titans being awoken. That will be for the AQW Team to decide.

The end of this month looks like there will be a final showdown with Malgor.

dragoonanime -> RE: July 2022 (6/30/2022 14:33:32)

I hope that when Malgor is defeated the queen of monsters is brought back as the main villain.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (6/30/2022 14:45:56)

About time we finished Malgor.......

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/1/2022 10:50:53)

The only way the Queen of Monsters would return is if one of the remnants of her forces retrieves her head and does something to reattach it to her body. For all we know during Malgor's rise to power the day we stormed the Queen of Monsters' lair, the remnants of the Queen of Monsters' forces went into hiding. Chamat and Drayko were last seen still alive and we don't know if the Faust that she spoke to is the same Faust from Mythsong Canyon.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/1/2022 17:17:47)

Ultra Darkon is impossible............

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/2/2022 12:18:54)

Darkon the Conductor's map is for anyone at or above Level 80.

mds2006 -> RE: July 2022 (7/2/2022 18:44:46)

Jeez, This boss is lunacy...
They have to give Ultra Darkon lots of immense nerfs, or at least have a more reasonable way to get the rewards...

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/3/2022 13:19:09)

Tanabata returns this Friday.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/4/2022 13:38:59)

Yay! The 4th of July shop is one of my favorites

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/7/2022 14:24:36)

Tanabata begins tomorrow

mds2006 -> RE: July 2022 (7/7/2022 18:34:05)

uuugh... Got to about like 1mil HP left in phase 3 exactly one time but then he ohko'd everyone...

Never got even close to that since.

This boss is purely awful and absolutely unfun. Yet I want the Flux house and an Activated Ring and maybe I'll want the weapon combo reward? So I can't just ignore Ultra Darkon entirely unless they make an alternate, reasonable way to get those.

And even if they make it easier in any way(s) tomorrow, I'll have already missed out on at least one week that I'll never be able to make up for even if I do beat him eventually...

And that's not even how unreliable and slow doing Alchemy is and how absurdly, arbitrarily expensive the potions are to buy. :|

These bosses need to be toned down. Both in difficulty and in frequency of release.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/8/2022 12:11:30)

Just get ready to enjoy Tanabata........

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/8/2022 13:30:56)

Tanabata begins tonight.

mds2006 -> RE: July 2022 (7/9/2022 4:39:20)

They didn't nerf him....

or make the potions reasonably priced...


...*sigh*... anyone know if Valiance or Smite would be preferrable over Health Vamp against him, whether in general or for any specific class(es)

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/9/2022 12:48:32)

Welp, this Tanabata will take a while.......

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/9/2022 13:56:07)

What do you mean?

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/9/2022 14:13:53)

I mean that the quests are so tedious, I might put them off until next year

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/10/2022 11:34:26)

You just described the Celestial Emissary's quests as being too long, slow, or dull. That is what tedious means.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/10/2022 12:00:09)

To cite an example: The quest "A Child's Wish" can require multiple runs of the Vordred battles, which I HATE doing........

Cyrenius -> RE: July 2022 (7/10/2022 17:34:09)

The Valiance and Smite weapon enhancements would be phenomenal...if I knew whether the enhancements worked properly, which I am not sure for a fact whether or not they do, since my PUGs the other day had difficulty with Ultra Drago and, if my healing had anything to do with it as an Archpaladin, I was using both Valiance and Absolution, and I have healed before as an Archpaladin in that challenge and more difficult challenges as an Archpaladin with BoA enhancements and us have less difficulties. The Lacerate and Arcana's Concerto, meh. The Lacerate I can understand it being mediocre, it's only level 40 and the unlock for the quest only requires Greenguard West. The Arcana's Concerto I think should be buffed or at least be 100% to fire instead of 50% since it requires Ultra Darkon. If I finish that quest it will be for the sake of finishing said quest, not for the actual enhancement, although I am not sure if I desire to at that point, Ultra Darkon is such a royal pain in the ass and has no rewards worth the effort at this point IMHO.

I am getting the cape enhancements, again, mostly to collect them, except for Absolution, I can indubitably see how it shines for Archpaladin and Lightcaster. I understand the need for balance, although the penalty is a bit heavy for Valingory and Avarice, they just don't seem that worth it to me. They both seem to not just cancel out and make Absolution completely worthless to a challenge group, they seem to make players with it an outright liability! Perhaps I'm calculating it wrong. I'll have to study them further.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/11/2022 14:43:33)

Hmm, the weekly calendar suggests Chaos, but the armor Twitter showed suggests the AoT anime.....

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/12/2022 11:51:47)

The as-yet-unidentified Titans will attack this Friday.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/16/2022 17:50:50)

Does anyone want the basic story of the AoT anime?

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/16/2022 18:03:46)

Last night's release took part in an alternate reality where Drakath persuaded the Queen of Monsters to teach him how to make a bigger army that involved making his own Titans. That release is a parody of "Attack on Titan".

As for the final cutscene, all the Titans making their way to Battleon are more Titanic Vindicators, Titanic Paladins, and Titanic Doomknights. The mega boss is scheduled for this upcoming Friday. The identity of this opponent is unknown even if that ends up being a Titan version of Drakath.

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