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The Mayoral Menagerie

Location: Amityvale (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Enter house on right -> Verlyrus -> Quests -> The Mayoral Menagerie
Requirements: Completion of Efficient Housework
Release Date: August 19th, 2022

Objective: Despite your best efforts, Verlyrus has yet another mission for you.
Objective completed: Like a gently simmering gravy, the plot thickens. The Mayor is most certainly connected to all of this somehow... And what's this Moth you have to worry about now too?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Bear
(2) Boardrake
(2) Flatasaurus
(1) Gorillaphant
(4) Snapperdilla
(1) Thug
(3) Tog
(1) The Oddtog - Boss

Fish Lord
The Oddtog

Dynamic Helmet of Tog-Control
Helmet of Tog-Control (I-VII)

Access to TMM Loot for DCs.


*Back on Verlyrus' house in Amityvale, Verlyrus and the Fish Lord issue a new mission for you.*

Verlyrus: Meow miau!
Fish Lord: Greetings, <Character>!
<Character>: ...Hello, Verlyrus, Fish Lord.
<Character>: I assume you have another task for me? That seems to be the only reason I ever come around to visit.
Verlyrus: Purr miu!
Verlyrus: Nya?
<Character>: No, the decor's fine. The Fish Lord's bowl really does liven the place up.
<Character>: But I can't just tell my friends I'm heading over to Amityvale to chat with a cat and a fish in an abandoned house full of boxes.
<Character>: ...When I say it like that, I sound insane.
Fish Lord: Nay, thou must not doubt thine senses!
Fish Lord: Verily—
Verlyrus: Meow?
Fish Lord: No, not ye!
Fish Lord: Verily, I say, thou art here to bring safety to this accursed hamlet!
<Character>: Okay, sure. I'll bite. What do you need my help with this time?
Verlyrus: Mew meow miao. Nya mjau!
<Character>: I see. The crystal mines are booming, but the town seems the same as it's always been.
<Character>: Which begs the question of where the money's all going.
Fish Lord: If thoust rememberest, the mayor had a veritable—
Verlyrus: Meow?
Fish Lord: No, I did not say your name!
Fish Lord: —a veritable hoard of treasures and artifacts in his home.
Fish Lord: My suspicions would begin with him.
<Character>: Right. I thought something seemed off about him.
Verlyrus: Miao mew meow meooooow.
<Character>: ...He has an entire menagerie of creatures in a private zoo behind his mansion?
<Character>: That seems incredibly suspicious.
Fish Lord: Indeed!
<Character>: And I'm supposed to investigate it and find any evidence of wrongdoing, am I?
Fish Lord: Indeed!
Verlyrus: Nya!
<Character>: And I'm not bringing back any more roommates for you, got it?
Verlyrus: Blep.

*You fight your way through various creatures in the mayor's garden, which is used as a private zoo, before reaching what is seem a massive, mind controlled Tog; after defeating The Oddtog...*

<Character>: What an odd tog.

*You turn around and get ready to leave as there was no evidence of the mayor's wrongdoing.*

<Character>: Hmm. No evidence of any wrongdoing, besides maybe a gross misappropriation of the town's funds.
The Oddtog: *gasp*

*You turn around to face The Oddtog as it made a barking sound.*

<Character>: You better not speak.
<Character>: I've had enough talking animals for—
The Oddtog: My time... grows short...
<Character>: By. The. Avatars.
The Oddtog: Freedom... from the...
The Oddtog: ...infernal machine... at last...
The Oddtog: You must... *gasp*...
The Oddtog: You must warn... warn the scions...
The Oddtog: The prisoner's shackles... the reflections are fading...
The Oddtog: The barrier... it grows perilously... thin...
<Character>: I thought you said your time was growing short.
The Oddtog: *gasp*
The Oddtog: You must... warn them...
The Oddtog: The mayor... knows not...
The Oddtog: ...knows not where... his ambition...
The Oddtog: ...leads...
<Character>: I don't suppose you'll let me know what we're supposed to watch out for before you breathe your last, will you?

*The Oddtog pauses before collapsing.*

The Oddtog: *gasp*

*You act unfazed upon The Oddtog's "death".*

<Character>: Yeah, that seems about right.
<Character>: Guess I'll head back to the house and let them—
The Oddtog: *gasp*

*The Oddtog made a barking sound as you turn around to face it.*

<Character>: ...You were saying?
The Oddtog: The pupa... stirs...
The Oddtog: The Moth awakens...
The Oddtog: *gasp*

*The Oddtog barks before collapsing again.*

<Character>: The Moth. Okay. That's a lead.
<Character>: That's a lead!

*You turn around as you get ready to leave; before you leave, you try to ask for help to The Oddtog.*

<Character>: ...Do you want me to get you some help or something?
The Oddtog: *gasp*
The Oddtog: No, I'll be fine, thank you.
<Character>: Right. See you around!

*You leave the mayor's garden; scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens TMM Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • A HP/MP healing pad acts an healing source throughout the quest.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Well, isn't this fancy? The animals don't seem too friendly though...
  • What a fancy healing pad! This must have been quite expensive...
  • Is that party thug a guest... or an occupant?
  • What a beautiful tree! It doesn't seem native to Doomwood. How could it have gotten here?
  • Something about that massive tog seems... odd.

  • Next Up: De-Bugging

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