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Suikoman444 -> Mysterious Bridge (2/5/2006 22:39:50)

Bridge Quest

Location: Travel > Travel Map > Sail East > Bridge
Mysterious Bridge
It is a long, old bridge

You find an old bridge that seems to connect the southern landmass to the northern landmass, across a narrow strait…

<originally -- Wind blows on the bridge (sound!)>

«You»: A creepy old worn-down bridge. It must stretch half a mile at least. I wonder what ‘s on the other side…
«You»: No better way than to find out than to try.
Mangy Mankee: Hoo. Hoohoo. EeeeEee!!
«You»: ???????


«You»: Finally got rid of those Mankees! Now to cross this bridge—

A sign falls which reads: Bridge out of order.
«You»: …………

  • Cross the Bridge
  • Later

    Entry thanks to Khat. Guardian requirement thanks to Archlist.

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