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roibup -> Twilly (3/16/2006 15:16:02)

It's Twilly!
(No DA Required)

Location: A Hero is Bored -> Offer to Help!, A Hero Is Thawed -> Offer to Help!, Falconreach -> Twilly -> Invite Twilly -> Yes, Night of the Ebil Dread -> To the War! -> Invite Twilly
Price: N/A
Sellback: N/A

Level: As player
Damage: Scaled, rounded normally
  • Min: 1.9*[SQRT(Level)]
  • Max: 6 + 1.9*[SQRT(Level)]
Element: Nature
Bonuses: Crit +5, Bonus +[10 + Level/2]
Resists: None

Rarity: 1

Attack Type 1 - Approaches target, jumps, and crashes into the ground, sending a cloud of tan dust toward the target for 1 hit of 100% Melee Nature damage. (Rate: 70%)
Attack Type 2 - Summons a runic circle to recover 8% of player's max HP. (Rate: 30%)

Other information
  • Falconreach access points require player to be level 3 or higher to invite Twilly.


    Thanks to
  • Silver for image and rate information.
  • Jay for attack type images and corrections.
  • Ash for damage and bonus formulas and updated Attack Type 2 information.
  • PaperClip OF DOOM for initial entry rewrite.
  • t}{e great warior for element information.
  • ILmaster13 and MajorSamus for information.
  • Stephen Nix for correction.

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