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Patch, the Barber

Location: Patch's Barber Shop, Xan Bossfight, Going East

Quests given

Shops owned

Patch's Barber Shop

Patch, the Barber: Patch is the name, cut'n hair is mah game. Used to shear sheep.. but this is close 'nuff! Have a seat!

  • Haircut

    You can change your Hair Style, Hair Color and Skin Color for free.

  • Talk

    Patch, the Barber: Listen 'ere, get bold wit yer hair laddy! Dunn be one of dem hair sissies... show the whole wurld the inner ewe!
    Patch, the Barber: Now, I'm new te town and te cuttin hair... but how hard can it be? Besides, if I get it wrong ye can always grow some more!

  • Done

    Xan Bossfight

    Patch: Are ye kiddin'? Ye saved all of us, hero! You were the only one who was able to stand up ta' Xan. We'd be dead if not fer you.

    Patch: Here here!

    Going East

    Patch: What?! Why?


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