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Obsidian Cloak

Level: 50
Price: 7000 2,690
Sellback: 1750 3500 1,345
Location: Edge of Extinction / Necromancer Class Shop
Element: Neutral

Melee: 25
Ranged: 20
Magic: 35

Fire: 95%
Water: 102%
Wind: 102%
Ice: 102%
Earth: 102%
Energy: 95%
Light: 105%
Darkness: 95%

If you want to practice the dark arts of the undead, you need one of these. This special cloak for Guardians gives you a double attack!

Hits: 2
Type: Melee, Magic
Element: «As Weapon»
Damage: 150% Base and Random; 75% Base and 100% Random
Stats: 0%, 100%
BTH: +5%, +0%


Level 1: Undead Giant
Call forth an Undead Giant that to inflict over 5 times the damage single devasting attack at the cost of receiving no stat bonus!
    Hits: 1
    Type: Melee
    Element: «As Weapon»
    Damage: 540% Base and Random
    Stats: No
    BTH: +20%
    Cost: 30 MP
Level 2: Resistance Bonus
Increased elemental resistance!
    Fire: 95%
    Water: 105%
    Wind: 105%
    Ice: 110%
    Earth: 105%
    Energy: 95%
    Light: 80%
    Darkness: 80%
Level 3: Necro Heal!
Sacrifice 10 percent of your total HP to regain 10% of your total MP.
    You lose 10% of your maximum HP, and gain 10% of your total MP.
Level 4: Death Dog!
Summon your familiar creature, a ferocious Death Dog. With each level you can summon a different version of the Death Dog.
    Summon one of the following as a guest. You can choose a lower-level version if you want. See the Death Dog entry for details.
    Cost: 80 MP

    Level 4: Death Dog
    Level 5: Death Dog - Tail
    Level 6: Death Dog - Spines
    Level 7: Death Dog - Horns
    Level 8: Death Dog - Wings
    Level 9: Doom Wolf
Level 5: Skull Swarm!
Summon a swarm of flying skulls to assail your enemy with a double-hit ranged darkness attack!
    Hits: 2
    Type: Ranged
    Element: Darkness
    Damage: 300% Base and 200% Random each
    Stats: Yes
    BTH: +20% each
    Cost: 60 MP
Level 6: Zombie Hands!
Zombie hands strike you enemy from the ground, dealing 5 hits and restoring 10% of your total HP (for 10% MP) at the same time!
    Hits: 5
    Type: Magic
    Element: Darkness
    Damage: 50% Base and 25% Random each
    Stats: 100% each
    BTH: +5% each
    Effect: For each hit that connects, you lose 2% of your maximum MP and heal 2% of your maximum HP.
    Cost: 30 MP
Level 7: Fear!
Strike terror into your opponent and reduce all of their defenses-- ranged, melee, and magic!
    Hits: 1
    Type: Magic
    Element: Darkness
    Damage: 0% Base and Random
    Stats: 100%
    BTH: +1000% <--Not a typo
    Effect: Reduces the monster's Combat Defences by 3 each.
    Cost: 60 MP
Level 8: Defense Bonus
Increased defense!
    Melee: 30
    Ranged: 25
    Magic: 40
Level 9: Undead Mutant!
Summon a savage undead mutant to deal five melee attack each of which do up to twice the damage of a normal attack at the cost of receiving no stat bonuses!
    Hits: 5
    Type: Melee
    Element: «As Weapon»
    Damage: 200% Base and Random each
    Stats: No
    BTH: +30% each
    Cost: 125 MP

    Effect: When you perform a Normal Attack, there is a 10% chance of doing this instead of a Normal Attack, at no MP cost.
Level 10: Become a Lich!
You now have a chance to become a powerful Lich when you die-- an undead master of other undead! Increased power and several attacks.
    When you die, if the effect is fully charged, you can choose to gain the Lich temporary armour. This does NOT let you continue the current battle. See the Lich Armor entry for details.
Element from Legasee. Thanks to Teuvi and Sora Aeragorn for the skill tree picture. Clean-up from Ryashi. Correction from 5king wolf, Shamanking100, dudeguy860, and Kamui.

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