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Kalanyr -> Ruthless Rust Reaver (6/1/2006 8:47:36)

Ruthless Rust Reaver

«0% Proc Earth Magic Sword. Triggers on Armor and Metallic»

Also see other Rust Reaver: Rough, «Normal», Robust, Refined, Raucous, Ruthless, Reliable, Righteous, Revered

Location: Ghost Rusters!
Level 	102	
PowLvl 	112 Z	
Price	8350	
<48h	7,515	
>48h	4175

Type: Magic
Element: Earth
Damage 	8-32	
BTH 	14


  • Against monster categories "Armor" or "Metallic": Deals 119.90% damage and element seeks from among the eight standard elements.
  • Against anything else: Deals 103.55% damage.

    Looks like this sword is not only not haunted, but also humming with magic! Heck, even the rust seems magical - this weapon'll deal extra damage and element seek against metallic or armoured enemies!

    (All proceeds go to Valencia's Rare Item Shop.)


    Numbers thanks to Ash. Images from LightningBlade, .*..*..*. , and Bu Kek Siansu.


  • Against monster categories "Armor" or "Metallic": Deals 110% damage.
  • Against anything else: Deals 95% damage.

  • Regardless of triggers, deals 109% damage due to lack of special.

    All this has ALREADY been factored into the numbers above.

    June 1, 2006: Weapon was released.

    June 7, 2012: Price and sellback updated. Values before the update:
    Price	500 
    <48h	450
    >48h	250

    September 19, 2013: Weapon was updated with new description, triggers, stats, location, and name. Old stats were:
    Rust Reaver
    Location: Z-Token Weapon Shop
    Level	20
    Price	800
    >48h	720
    <48h	400
    Damage	5-25
    BTH	3
    Trigger: Against enemies with metallic parts or with large amounts of metal armor: 150% Base, 125% Random, Element Seeks

    The Rust Reaver may look old and ruined, but this magic blade glows with special power (attacking their greatest weakness,with 50 percent extra base and 25 percent extra random damage) when you confront enemies who are dependant on metal!

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