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Location: Cysero's Shop during The Cysero Rebellion of 2006!, The Weaponsmith's Apprentice

Quests given

Shops owned
Cysero's Shop

The Cysero Rebellion of 2006

Rimblade: Shhh, I think someone is coming.

Rimblade: I thought we just wanted to be mentioned in the design notes?

Rimblade: Yeah, it would be so cool to be in a game.

The Weaponsmith's Apprentice

Rimblade: I... kinda care.

Rimblade: Shhhh! It heard you!

Rimblade: We've been here long enough, you really should have just learned weaponsmithing already....

Rimblade: Hey, at least he left that huge supply of candied corn and coffee. It is seriously boring here though... kinda hope he does come back.

Rimblade: Well... there aren't any windows... and no one has looked out the door....

Rimblade: But... what if they're telling the truth and it really just is a giant store out there?!

Rimblade: I'll... keep guarding....


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