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Weaponsmith's Apprentice, The

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8/14/2013 11:24:19   
Voodoo Master

The Weaponsmith's Apprentice

Location: Falconreach -> Right -> Cysero -> Quest! -> Cysero's Apprentice
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: August 2nd, 2013

Objective: Are you sure?
Objective completed: Maybe Mayor Landis needs an apprentice... being Cysero's... is not all it's cracked up to be.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(7) Cranky Weapon
(X) Dirty Sockmonkey
(2) Morphing Weapon
(1) Lord Asparagus, (1) Nikemorya, (1) Maestro911 - Boss
(1) Agitated Orb - Boss
(1) Stomach Ache Splashy - Boss

Cysero's Orb
Lord Asparagus


Access to Rebel Shop, Stonefish Cape, Fish Cape, and Splashy Shell (Shop).

Cysero: Oh, good you're here. Here's the key and a list of instructions. I gotta go.

*Cysero hands the character a list of instructions and the keys that look like fish*

1. Don't touch. Anything.
2. Don't feed the Splashy. Anything.
3. Seriously, don't touch.
4. Greet customers with a smile. Remind them not to touch stuff.
5. Careful with the weapons.
8. Really. Everything. No touch.

<Character>: Wait... instructions? I thought you needed an apprentice? And these are not keys....
<Character>: Hey... FREEZE, MISTER!

*Cysero, who was about to leave the screen, freezes with one leg up*

<Character>: What is going on? I wanted to train to become a weaponsmith!

*Cysero is silent, and still doesn't move*

Click the screen 5 times.

<Character>: ...

Click the screen 5 times again.

<Character>: Sigh.
<Character>: Unfreeze.
Cysero: Oh... uh... Lesson 1: Following orders on lists!

*Cysero leaves the scene*

<Character>: Great.

You may explore the magical shop as much as you'd like. In your wanderings, you will need to fight some of Cysero's out-of-control weapons and may interact with some of the objects in the shop.

Three unidentified potions (First frame):

<Character>: I always wanted to know what these did....
<Character>: Hmm, let's see... one is labelled... "noisolpxe", one is "ffrwydrad" and one is "Battleon".
<Character>: I have no idea what those mean.
<Character>: Why on earth is one labelled Battleon... is it... is it something for Yulgar, maybe? Or just water?
<Character>: Who am I kidding . It's Cysero. It's probably something crazy.
<Character>: Ok... which one do I want to try first?

  • noisolpxe

    It's water! You're kinda surprised.

    You gain Mysterious Liquid in your Temp Inventory.

  • ffrwydrad

    *The whole world explodes. The quest is done*

  • Battleon

    *Battleon explodes. Only a crater is left where it was only a minute ago*

    <Character>: Huh... The Battleon one must be a dud. Nothing happened.

  • Rest A Bit

    Fully heals you.

  • Eh... None.

    Mini Cysero's Shop (First frame):

    *The character finds a miniature Cysero's Shop, as it looked in 2006, on the shelf. The four heroes from the Cysero Rebellion are standing there. Cysero's Orb is lying shattered on the floor.*

    Note - You may, at any point during this conversation, open the Rebel Shop.

    Lord Asparagus: It's a customer! Viva La Revolucion! Welcome to... A GIANT! COMING OUT OF THE FLOOR!

    *The heroes hide behind the desk*

    Cysero's Orb: Wel... to Cysero's... I ma... sell... *Static* FINEST... magical weapons... cheap...
    Nikemorya: Um... who cares if it's a giant.... even if it knows magic!
    Rimblade: I... kinda care.
    Nikemorya: We haven't seen anyone in like... it feels like decades!
    Maestro911: Yeah... Plus, a giant? That's magical?! It could totally help us with the Rebellion!
    Lord Asparagus: Think he could take Cysero?
    Maestro911: Totally... and if not, look at the dumb look on its face, they wouldn't give us away even if Cysero takes them down!
    <Character>: Hey!
    Rimblade: Shhhh! It heard you!
    Cysero's Orb: *Buzzz...* *Buzzzz...*
    Nikemorya: Is it still there?
    Lord Asparagus: Um.... Yes. Why are we hiding? This is a rebellion!! We should recruit them!
    <Character>: ... What are you guys doing?

    *They stop hiding*

    Maestro911: A rebellion! So that I can proclaim myself 'The New Mad Weaponsmith of Dragon Fable'!
    Rimblade: We've been here long enough, you really should have just learned weaponsmithing already....
    Lord Asparagus: ... He kinda has a point. Haven't you read a manual or something while we've been sitting around in here?
    Nikemorya: I really don't think Cysero is coming back....
    Rimblade: Hey, at least he left that huge supply of candied corn and coffee. It is seriously boring here though... kinda hope he does come back.
    Nikemorya: Do not get your hopes up Rimblade, it is NEVER going to happen.
    Maestro911: NEVER....
    Lord Asparagus: EVER...
    Lord Asparagus: BECAUSE WE WON! We are the new Mad Weaponsmiths! Seriously... did you find a book about Mad Weaponsmithing?
    <Character>: I... don't think you did.
    Maestro911: Lies! We took over Cysero's Shop and he never came back! Finder's Keepers!
    <Character>: Well... you are in Cysero's Shop... technically, I guess.
    <Character>: Did you guys never think to... look outside though?
    Maestro911: Pssh. Have you never been in a rebellion before?! As long as we stay, we're winning!
    <Character>: You're in a tiny shop inside of Cysero's Super Store. I'm not a giant, you're all... all... shrunk!
    Cysero's Orb: *Buzzz...* *Buzzzz...*
    Maestro911: I don't believe you.
    Nikemorya: But... it's been years... we would have noticed!
    Rimblade: Well... there aren't any windows... and no one has looked out the door....
    Lord Asparagus: The giant has to be an agent of Cysero's! Trying to get us to leave!
    Rimblade: But... what if they're telling the truth and it really just is a giant store out there?!
    Maestro911: It's all lies! Lies and Magic! Who's ever heard of a giant that can walk through floors! It's a trick!
    <Character>: It's not a trick...
    Lord Asparagus: It's an illusion!
    Rimblade: I'll... keep guarding....
    Lord Asparagus: C'mon guys, get the best armor you can find in here and let's take down this giant liar!

  • Fight!

    Fight Lord Asparagus, Nikemorya and Maestro911. After you win, a chest appears by the shelf. Clicking on it opens the Stonefish Cape shop.

  • I... gotta go.

    Cysero's Orb (First Screen -> 2 Left):

  • Touch
    Fight an Agitated Orb boss. After you win, a chest appears on the ground. Clicking on it opens the Fish Cape shop.

  • Don't Touch

    Green Bowl (First Screen -> 3 Left):

  • Touch

    The continent blows up. The quest is over.

  • Don't Touch

    Splashy (First Screen -> 2 Right):

    Splashy: **Looks at you with huge, mournful eyes.**

  • Feed
    Fight Stomach Ache Splashy. After you win, a chest appears on the ground. Clicking on it opens the Splashy Shell (Shop).

  • Don't Feed
    Splashy: **An inexplicable tear rolls down Splashy's cheek.**

    1. The left corridor is endless. Therefore, you can keep entering the same room and fighting the same Dirty Sockmonkey as much as you want.
    2. While fighting the Dirty Sockmonkey, you can click the aquarium in the background and it will load your Falconreach fishing mini-game Aquarium.

    Thanks to
    -- Niki for Note 2.
    -- necro emperor for additional dialogue.

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